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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam to all honorable members of the forum. I have seen many narrations and sermon of Nahjul balagha in condemnation of women. Obviously those narrations don't mean women in general are to be condemned. Those narrations condemn women like Aisha. Nevertheless, please post reports of imams especially imam ali praising women because I have been searching a lot but failed to find any narration of imam Ali praising women. Therefore, kindly post such narrations here. Thank you. May Allah give you Ajar. @Qa'im @Cake
  2. Avicenna states: "The knower seeks the First Truth not for anything other than itself, and prefers nothing other than knowledge and worship of it alone.This is because the First Truth merits worship and because worship is a noble relation to it and not because of desire or fear. If desire or fear were present, the desired object or the feared object would be the motive, and the object of the search.The Truth then would not be the end, but a means to something other than it, this something being the end and the object of the search, to the exclusion of the Truth"[Isharat wal tanbihat,namat#9,ba
  3. This series of articles will highlight and elaborate the sundry points of concurrence shared by Dharmic wisdom and Islamic wisdom. In Qur’an we read: “For every nation/community there has been a guide” {Qur’an 13:7} “And verily, We have sent among every community a messenger” {Qur’an 16:36} The two verses substantiate that the Primordial Divine Guidance has been present in each and every epoch. When metaphysical elements found in the corpus of Hinduism are objectively analyzed then it is not abstruse for any objective reader to decipher that Dharmic wisdom is the derivativ
  4. we do know. After giving it much thought, I have concluded there is another way we can tackle this question. Every soul was tested first in Alam Al-Dhar. Our Hadith say our Prophet was the first one to acknowledge and recognize God in Alam Al-Dhar. Therefore, we can deduce that the reason why he was bestowed with the rank of Imamah and Prophethood is the very fact that he (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) was the first one to recognize his Lord. Muhammad Bin Yahya, from Muhammad Bin Al Husayn, from Ali Bin Ismail, from Muhammad Bin Ismail, from Sa’dan Bin Muslim, from Salih Bin Sahl, (It ha
  5. Ahsant Akhi! The example of Salman Farsi comes into mind. Salman is an epitome of a spiritual adept who transcended to his true nature I.e. attaining theosis by bathing himself in the love of Ahlay bait (عليه السلام). This is the reason Imam (عليه السلام) said "Salman is from us". The example Salman is worth contemplating upon for every person who has the will to transform spiritually
  6. Let me elaborate his stance 1- The wisdom behind the immaculate nature of prophethood and imamate is not under question. The question is why certain people were conferred upon the honor of being an Imam and Prophet. why there was no test carried out to assess which soul is eligible for being a Prophet or an Imam? 2- why God bestows greatness upon some people without their test and bestows greatness upon other people after testing them (spritual greatness such as infallibility)? 3- Let us contemplate on a hypothetical example, there are two persons , one is born with a silver spoon in
  7. This is what I am trying to decipher I.e. the wisdom behind this. Your point is very logical and it clicks to the mind. Agreed, this point also sounds rational but there is one thing point which has not been addressed yet why an individual in present times cannot become an Imam or Prophet by his spiritual struggle ?
  8. This answer creates more problems then it actually solves. God is acquainted with the actions of each and every soul since the beginning then why was it necessary to create the spatio-temporal material world and test people? why He didn't throw them into hell and heaven without taking their test or creating this material world? Atheist will use the same logic and will argue that it defeats the purpose of the creation of this universe. weren't they infallible since their birth? is not a Prophet or Imam a Divine Guide since his birth? why deprive other person from this ran
  9. Aslamoalaykum to all the venerable brothers and sisters. It has been quite a time since I have benefited from the wisdom of this forum. Venerable fellows, today an atheist adduced some questions and I was not able to articulate my answers to those questions effectively. Therefore, if any brother or sister can provide a bit comprehensive answer to his question then I shall be very grateful. " How God is not an unjust? As He has appointed and elevated certain individuals over rest of the creations according to His own will. why He did not test those individuals prior to making them Ima
  10. This is not a valid argument. In present days, Kabah is in the custody of Yazeedis. They opting the black cloth for Kabaa in no manner validates Black dresses. Most probable, Imam Mehdi (عليه السلام) will change the color of Kaba's cloth. It is because our Aimma(عليه السلام) despised black dresses rather their favorite color was white. There are Ahadith in condemnation of Black dresses but not a single one that encourages black dresses
  11. Random women are no Hujjah on us. Only the words of Aimah (عليه السلام) are binding. There are Ahadith on condemnation of Black dresses but not a single one that encourages Black dresses.
  12. Is the following Hadith talking about electing a Divine leader or any leader? @Cake @Ibn Al-Ja'abi Imam Mahdi ((عليه السلام).), when Sa’d b. ‘Abdillah al-Qummi asked him the reason why people cannot elect an Imam for themselves, replied, ‘Would he be a righteous man or a corrupt man?’ I said, ‘Righteous.’ He said, ‘Is it possible that the selected individual be actually corrupt, for no one really knows what passes through another’s mind, in terms of their righteousness or corruption?’ I said, ‘Yes’. He said, ‘That is the reason why.’[Nur al-Thaqalayn, v. 2, p. 76, no. 283]
  13. Brother what is your take on the OP ?
  14. They don't argue in support of this by this logic. They vindicate it using verse of Shura in Qur'an
  15. Are we allowed to opt the lesser of the two evils according to the teachings of Ahlul Bait (عليه السلام) ?
  16. Shaykh Tusi wrote: "With regard to the implementation of border penalties (Hudud), its implementation is not allowed except the God-appointed rulers of the time or that which the Imam to appointed to carry it out." [An -Nihayah, page 300 ] قال شيخ الطائفة الطوسي رضي الله عنه: فأما إقامة الحدود, فليس يجوز لأحد إقامتها إلا لسلطان الزمان المنصوب من قبل الله تعالى أو من نصبه الإمام لإقامتها
  17. No system can be purely Islamic in the absence of an Infallible Imam be it democracy , autocracy or monarchy . Let us suppose I live in India . So can I vote for Congress in order to stop BJP from coming into power because they are oppressive toward Muslim community provided the fact that the policies of Congress itself are also not Islamic ?
  18. I agree completely with whatever you are saying but I am seeking the context and understanding of the Ahadith which say that fallibles are not allowed to form any government. Some Akhbari people say if we fallible people will form any government then we are no different than Abu bakar and Umar who were the first to deny infallible rulership and were the first to lay the foundation of fallible leadership through vote of masses.
  19. I understand but the point is they adduce some Ahadith which say that Fallible has no right to form government. How to understand those Ahadith?
  20. He is right in a sense. Only an infallible Imam can implement Hadd/punishment. Therefore, killing of apostates in present era is haram
  21. I have come across a debate between some Shias recently. Most of them were usooli. However, there were some who belonged to Akhbari school of thought. Akhbari community claimed that voting in a democratic system is tantamount to shirk. Usooli community didn't concur with this narrative. Nevertheless, usooli community failed to defend their stance in my opinion. I believe they could have adduced better arguments but they couldn't and many arguments of the Akhbari community were left unanswered. Equating voting to shirk is something very very odd to me. I believe it is a very regressive approac
  22. Many thanks to all brothers . I am convinced .
  23. Copied , This is the answer I was looking for.
  24. You may assume whatever you want but I am not going to respond you from now onward. No offence brother , but this isn't helping. May Ali (as) bless you .
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