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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Many thanks to all brothers . I am convinced .
  2. Copied , This is the answer I was looking for.
  3. You may assume whatever you want but I am not going to respond you from now onward. No offence brother , but this isn't helping. May Ali (as) bless you .
  4. That is none of your business. If you have nothing constructive to contribute toward the thread then simply don't engage in this discussion.
  5. This is nothing but a mere assumption rather a judgmental assumption which has been criticized by Imams (as). There is also a Hindu doctor who has been treating patients free of cost since decades but again you will blame her for some ulterior motives.
  6. No this is not flawed because we have plethora of such examples from our daily life for instance Sir Ganga Ram who was a Hindu Mushrik ; he built colleges , schools and hospitals. Thousands of Muslims are treated in his hospital gratis even to this day but guess what? Sir Ganga Ram will be eternally damned for being a Mushrik while a Monotheist who blows himself up in public has a better chance of salvation since he is not a mushriq.
  7. Every vile deed is a crime against your soul. Just like a physical action has its reward in naturalistic realm likewise an action has its reward in metaphysical realm. Every vile deed earns us a Divine Wrath upon our souls , concomitantly our souls are polluted. So, shirk is no exception. Hence , this argument is also invalid.
  8. Every sin is ultimately against Allah. This very dichotomy of sinning against Allah and sinning against His creation is sham. When we sin against Allah's creations then we are violating His commandments. So , eventually it is a sin against Allah too . Hence , the argument is invalid.
  9. Salam to all honorable members. I have asked this question on sundry forums but I have never received any satisfactory response or you can say an eloquent response. The question is , what is the wisdom or philosophy behind shirk being the worst crime imaginable? I mean there are several other heinous crimes which appear far more grotesque than shirk but still according to Islam shirk is the worst crime in the eyes of Allah. Why it is that so? Let us consider a hypothetical scenario, there is a person who believes in an anthropomorphic deity but at the same time he is a great philanthropist. Now there is another person whose concept of tawheed is immaculately aligned with the teachings of tashayyu but at the same time he is a murderer. Now , according to Islamic principles it is the former person who is the worst criminal in the court of Allah not the latter one. I am unable to decipher the wisdom behind this scenario. I will appreciate inputs from members. Thanking you in advance. I hope I will receive the best answer from this forum as it has never disappointed me ever. Jazak Allah. @Qa'im @Intellectual Resistance @SoRoUsH
  10. I am interested in knowing that do our imams have knowledge in sequence or did they know everything since the beginning of their creation? Secondly how this knowledge is transferred from one imam to another? is imamate acquired or is it intrinsic ? For example we see that Ibrahim (as) was later transformed into an Imam and he was not imam since his birth? is it the same in Ahlul bait case? or they are imams by birth? Why this difference? If any brother and sister has Ahadith on these points then kindly post it , I will be very thankful. @Salsabeel @Qa'im @Ibn al-Hussain @Sumerian
  11. Exorcist and Sinister (2012)
  12. @Salsabeel Two questions 1- How do you understand Quran 42:52? 2- Why Prophet (saw) commenced his prophetic mission at the age of 40 years if prophets are prophet by birth? what is the reason of this procrastination? While Jesus (as) commenced his journey at a very early age. Why this contrast between the two ?
  13. Well said brother. but what is the evidence that Prophet are born with this disposition ? what evidence do we have that they are born with this disposition? Can we give an example of Prophet Isa (as) in this context ?
  14. It is a Shia belief in contrast to Sunni belief that a prophet is prophet by birth but I find this hard to believe . Let us see following verse : And that We have inspired you [Muhammad] with a Spirit (rūḥ) from Our Command. You did not know what was the Book (kitāb) and what was the Faith. But We have made it a Light (nūr) by which We guide those of our Servants as We will. And verily, you guide to a Straight Path. – Holy Qur’ān 42:52 And even our tafsir say the same Muhammad Bin Yahya, from Imran Bin Musa, from Musa Bin Ja’far, from Ali Bin Asbat, from Muhammad Bin Al Fuzayl, from Abu Hamza who said, ‘I asked Abu Abdullah (asws) about the knowledge, ‘Is it a knowledge which the knowledgeable one learns from the mouths of the men, or is it in the Book with you (Imam) which you are reading from, so you are learning from it?’ He(as) said: ‘The matter is greater than that and more necessary. Have you not heard the Words of Allah Mighty and Majestic: And like that We Sent down a Spirit unto you from Our Command. You did not know what the Book was, nor the Eman?’ Then he(as) said: ‘Which thing are your companions saying regarding this Verse? Are they reading it that he(saw) was in a state of not knowing what the Book (Quran) nor the Eman was?’ So I said, ‘I don’t know, may I be sacrificed for you, what they are saying’. So he(as) said to me: ‘Yes. He(saw) was in a state where he(saw) did not know what the Book was nor the Eman until Allah the Exalted Sent the Spirit Now how can we claim that prophets are prophet by birth ? Any explanation will be appreciated. @Qa'im @SoRoUsH
  15. This makes pretty much sense . I was thinking the same . That I know brother but I was looking for a way to reconcile the two apparently contradicting verses. Brother @SoRoUsH is making very much sense here , would you like to add something to his input ?
  16. Venerable brothers and Sisters , I came across some Ahadith yesterday. According to shia Hadith , Holy Spirit and Gabreal are distinct. Holy Spirit is a creature that is higher or more powerful than Gabreal and all the prophets or messengers have access to it. Now since our Ahadith make a distinction between the two then this gives rise to an apparent contradiction in Qur'an . Quran in one verse says that it is Gabreal who brought down Qur'an upon Prophet (saw) while in other verse it says it is Holy Spirit that brings down Quran upon Prophet (saw). Sunnis say Holy Spirit and Gabreal are same but our Ahadith don't , so how do we reconcile this contradiction ? Any explanation would be appreciated . Jazak Allah “Whoever is an enemy to Jibreel (Gabriel) , for indeed he has brought it (this Qur’aan) down to your heart” [al-Baqarah 2:97] “Say (O Muhammad) Rooh ul Qudus/Holy Spirit has brought it (the Qur’aan) down from your Lord with truth, that it may make firm and strengthen (the Faith of) those who believe, and as a guidance and glad tidings to those who have submitted (to Allaah as Muslims)” [al-Nahl 16:102] @Qa'im
  17. Is the following Hadith Sahih in terms of Transmission ? Then Jibra'eel met the Messenger of Allah, and he stoped himand lifted his (pbuh) shirt. The Prophet (pbuh) said to him (Jibra'eel), 'What are you intending to do, O my brother Jibra'eel?' Jibra'eel said: 'There is no problem upon you, and he took his win and split the chest of the Prophet, and he (Jibra'eel) entered his wing in his (pbuh) chest, and penetrating his (pbuh) heart, split it and turned it (?) and it revealed a black spot, so he (Jibra'eel) took it and washed it, and Mika'eel was pouring water on it, then a call from a caller in the heavens says: 'O Jibra'eel, do not peel the heart of Muhammad (pbuh), for it pains him,but wash it with your fluffy (feathers), the fluffy (feathers) is the feather which is under the wing. So Jibra'eel took the fluffy (feathers) and he washed with it the heart of Muhammad, then returned turn (?) to the heart and the earth to the chest Source: Ibn Shaadhaan al-Qummi, Fadaa'il (Qum: Radi Publications, 1405), pg. 34 al-Majlisi, Bihaar al-Anwar, vol. 15, ch. 4, hadith # 13, pg. 356 @Qa'im
  18. One of my christian friend has been researching on shia Islam. At the moment , he is a bit disappointed by the stance of shia Islam on slavery. He says how having sex with a married woman captured in a war is not injustice ? How do you justify this to someone who doesn't believe Mohammad (saw) was a prophet? Here is a quotation from Sheikh al-Tusi in his book of jurisprudence *al-Nihayah*. " يستباح وطؤ الاماء بثلاثة أشياء: أحدها العقد عليهن بإذن أهلهن، وقد قدمنا ذكر ذلك. والثاني بتحليل مالكهن الرجل من وطيهن وإباحته له، وإن لم يكن هناك عقد. والثالث بأن يملكهن فيستبيح وطأهن بملك الايمان له." Translation: " It is permissible to have intercourse with slave girls in one of three conditions: 1_The first one is to do a Nikah contract with them by the permission of her owner, and we have already mentioned that. 2_The second one is by the permission of their owner to have intercourse with them, even without a contract. 3_The third one is by possessing them as his own slave girls so that it can be lawful for him to have intercourse with them by making them his Mulk Yameen (Whom his right hand possess)." from Zurara, (It has been narrated) from one of the two (5th or 6th Imamasws), said, ‘I asked himasws about the owned slaves, ‘How many that he marry?’ Heasws said: ‘Two free ones, or four slave girls’. And heasws said: ‘There is no problem if there was wealth in his hands, and he was permitted for it regarding the business, if he keeps concubines whatever he so desires to from the slave girls, and go to them’ - Al Kafi – V 5 – The Book of Marriage Ch 116 H 3 So how do we respond to his objections ? @Qa'im
  19. many thanks akhi . what a beautiful hadith it is. Masha Allah . God bless you
  20. According to our belief Prophet Mohammad (saw) was both Prophet and an Imam. Nevertheless , I do need a Hadith that explicitly calls him an Imam . I had read such Ahadith in the past but I don't have them with me now . Therefore , if any brother or sister has the hadith on this matter then kindly post it here , I need it as I am in a discussion with a brother who says that there are no such Ahadith. Thanking you in Advance . @Qa'im , @Islamic Salvation, @Cake
  21. It doesn't answer much brother. Especially the bolded part
  22. A shia brother has been befuddled by some Christian websites. He has now begun to doubt the infallibility of Prophet Mohammad (saw). He claims that Quran presents quite an opposite image in contrast to the stance of Tashayyu according to which Prophet is protected from every sin and mistakes. There are numerous verses in Qur'an which show that Prophet can doubt , commit mistakes and can commit sins. For example Quran 9:43 , 17:74 , 80:1-3. Furthermore the brother claims that Shias say that in these verses Allah is not addressing Prophet rather Allah is addressing other group of people through prophet hence it doesn't refute infallibility of Prophet but the point is that this argument is pretty much weak and is not convincing. Why would Allah need to address people through prophet when there are numerous other verses where He has addressed people directly by saying " O you people who believe" . Beside this , Qur'an says that it is a clear book and fully explained then doesn't this make Quran an ambigious book when Allah addresses the Prophet in verses but in fact is not addressing him rather other group of People ? How do you justify this that " When Allah is addressing Prophet in many verses then in fact it is not addressing prophet but other people" . What is the basis of such a rule ? How does that make Quran a clear book ? I will be really thankful if anyone can help in providing a satisfactory answer to the brother Question. Thank you
  23. Aima (as) used to answer their companions in accordance with their sapiential level. This Hadith is idoneous for laity. There are reports from Aima(As) where they have explained this issue by calling Qur'an a Mohdath. Therefore , the position of shia school is that it is a Mohdath. Qur'an itself encourages its readers to contemplate over it on sundry places. Nevertheless , I believe this issue was important and worthy of academic discussion. This is starkly germane to " Shirk " ; a term that is often blurted out by sunnis. Sunni standard stance of Quran being uncreated and eternal is shirk in its quintessence . It is because they believe in two eternal beings 1- Their Anthropomorphic God 2- Uncreated Quran. So , they do idolatry of two things.
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