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  1. Many thanks to all brothers . I am convinced .
  2. Copied , This is the answer I was looking for.
  3. You may assume whatever you want but I am not going to respond you from now onward. No offence brother , but this isn't helping. May Ali (as) bless you .
  4. That is none of your business. If you have nothing constructive to contribute toward the thread then simply don't engage in this discussion.
  5. This is nothing but a mere assumption rather a judgmental assumption which has been criticized by Imams (as). There is also a Hindu doctor who has been treating patients free of cost since decades but again you will blame her for some ulterior motives.
  6. No this is not flawed because we have plethora of such examples from our daily life for instance Sir Ganga Ram who was a Hindu Mushrik ; he built colleges , schools and hospitals. Thousands of Muslims are treated in his hospital gratis even to this day but guess what? Sir Ganga Ram will be eternally damned for being a Mushrik while a Monotheist who blows himself up in public has a better chance of salvation since he is not a mushriq.
  7. Every vile deed is a crime against your soul. Just like a physical action has its reward in naturalistic realm likewise an action has its reward in metaphysical realm. Every vile deed earns us a Divine Wrath upon our souls , concomitantly our souls are polluted. So, shirk is no exception. Hence , this argument is also invalid.
  8. Every sin is ultimately against Allah. This very dichotomy of sinning against Allah and sinning against His creation is sham. When we sin against Allah's creations then we are violating His commandments. So , eventually it is a sin against Allah too . Hence , the argument is invalid.
  9. Salam to all honorable members. I have asked this question on sundry forums but I have never received any satisfactory response or you can say an eloquent response. The question is , what is the wisdom or philosophy behind shirk being the worst crime imaginable? I mean there are several other heinous crimes which appear far more grotesque than shirk but still according to Islam shirk is the worst crime in the eyes of Allah. Why it is that so? Let us consider a hypothetical scenario, there is a person who believes in an anthropomorphic deity but at the same time he is a great philanthropist. Now there is another person whose concept of tawheed is immaculately aligned with the teachings of tashayyu but at the same time he is a murderer. Now , according to Islamic principles it is the former person who is the worst criminal in the court of Allah not the latter one. I am unable to decipher the wisdom behind this scenario. I will appreciate inputs from members. Thanking you in advance. I hope I will receive the best answer from this forum as it has never disappointed me ever. Jazak Allah. @Qa'im @Intellectual Resistance @SoRoUsH
  10. I am interested in knowing that do our imams have knowledge in sequence or did they know everything since the beginning of their creation? Secondly how this knowledge is transferred from one imam to another? is imamate acquired or is it intrinsic ? For example we see that Ibrahim (as) was later transformed into an Imam and he was not imam since his birth? is it the same in Ahlul bait case? or they are imams by birth? Why this difference? If any brother and sister has Ahadith on these points then kindly post it , I will be very thankful. @Salsabeel @Qa'im @Ibn al-Hussain @Sumerian
  11. Exorcist and Sinister (2012)
  12. @Salsabeel Two questions 1- How do you understand Quran 42:52? 2- Why Prophet (saw) commenced his prophetic mission at the age of 40 years if prophets are prophet by birth? what is the reason of this procrastination? While Jesus (as) commenced his journey at a very early age. Why this contrast between the two ?
  13. Well said brother. but what is the evidence that Prophet are born with this disposition ? what evidence do we have that they are born with this disposition? Can we give an example of Prophet Isa (as) in this context ?
  14. It is a Shia belief in contrast to Sunni belief that a prophet is prophet by birth but I find this hard to believe . Let us see following verse : And that We have inspired you [Muhammad] with a Spirit (rūḥ) from Our Command. You did not know what was the Book (kitāb) and what was the Faith. But We have made it a Light (nūr) by which We guide those of our Servants as We will. And verily, you guide to a Straight Path. – Holy Qur’ān 42:52 And even our tafsir say the same Muhammad Bin Yahya, from Imran Bin Musa, from Musa Bin Ja’far, from Ali Bin Asbat, from Muhammad Bin Al Fuzayl, from Abu Hamza who said, ‘I asked Abu Abdullah (asws) about the knowledge, ‘Is it a knowledge which the knowledgeable one learns from the mouths of the men, or is it in the Book with you (Imam) which you are reading from, so you are learning from it?’ He(as) said: ‘The matter is greater than that and more necessary. Have you not heard the Words of Allah Mighty and Majestic: And like that We Sent down a Spirit unto you from Our Command. You did not know what the Book was, nor the Eman?’ Then he(as) said: ‘Which thing are your companions saying regarding this Verse? Are they reading it that he(saw) was in a state of not knowing what the Book (Quran) nor the Eman was?’ So I said, ‘I don’t know, may I be sacrificed for you, what they are saying’. So he(as) said to me: ‘Yes. He(saw) was in a state where he(saw) did not know what the Book was nor the Eman until Allah the Exalted Sent the Spirit Now how can we claim that prophets are prophet by birth ? Any explanation will be appreciated. @Qa'im @SoRoUsH
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