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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This is not a valid argument. In present days, Kabah is in the custody of Yazeedis. They opting the black cloth for Kabaa in no manner validates Black dresses. Most probable, Imam Mehdi (عليه السلام) will change the color of Kaba's cloth. It is because our Aimma(عليه السلام) despised black dresses rather their favorite color was white. There are Ahadith in condemnation of Black dresses but not a single one that encourages black dresses
  2. Random women are no Hujjah on us. Only the words of Aimah (عليه السلام) are binding. There are Ahadith on condemnation of Black dresses but not a single one that encourages Black dresses.
  3. Is the following Hadith talking about electing a Divine leader or any leader? @Cake @Ibn Al-Ja'abi Imam Mahdi ((عليه السلام).), when Sa’d b. ‘Abdillah al-Qummi asked him the reason why people cannot elect an Imam for themselves, replied, ‘Would he be a righteous man or a corrupt man?’ I said, ‘Righteous.’ He said, ‘Is it possible that the selected individual be actually corrupt, for no one really knows what passes through another’s mind, in terms of their righteousness or corruption?’ I said, ‘Yes’. He said, ‘That is the reason why.’[Nur al-Thaqalayn, v. 2, p. 76, no. 283]
  4. Brother what is your take on the OP ?
  5. They don't argue in support of this by this logic. They vindicate it using verse of Shura in Qur'an
  6. Are we allowed to opt the lesser of the two evils according to the teachings of Ahlul Bait (عليه السلام) ?
  7. Shaykh Tusi wrote: "With regard to the implementation of border penalties (Hudud), its implementation is not allowed except the God-appointed rulers of the time or that which the Imam to appointed to carry it out." [An -Nihayah, page 300 ] قال شيخ الطائفة الطوسي رضي الله عنه: فأما إقامة الحدود, فليس يجوز لأحد إقامتها إلا لسلطان الزمان المنصوب من قبل الله تعالى أو من نصبه الإمام لإقامتها
  8. No system can be purely Islamic in the absence of an Infallible Imam be it democracy , autocracy or monarchy . Let us suppose I live in India . So can I vote for Congress in order to stop BJP from coming into power because they are oppressive toward Muslim community provided the fact that the policies of Congress itself are also not Islamic ?
  9. I agree completely with whatever you are saying but I am seeking the context and understanding of the Ahadith which say that fallibles are not allowed to form any government. Some Akhbari people say if we fallible people will form any government then we are no different than Abu bakar and Umar who were the first to deny infallible rulership and were the first to lay the foundation of fallible leadership through vote of masses.
  10. I understand but the point is they adduce some Ahadith which say that Fallible has no right to form government. How to understand those Ahadith?
  11. He is right in a sense. Only an infallible Imam can implement Hadd/punishment. Therefore, killing of apostates in present era is haram
  12. I have come across a debate between some Shias recently. Most of them were usooli. However, there were some who belonged to Akhbari school of thought. Akhbari community claimed that voting in a democratic system is tantamount to shirk. Usooli community didn't concur with this narrative. Nevertheless, usooli community failed to defend their stance in my opinion. I believe they could have adduced better arguments but they couldn't and many arguments of the Akhbari community were left unanswered. Equating voting to shirk is something very very odd to me. I believe it is a very regressive approach. No rational person will agree with this stance in my opinion. To this reason, I am putting forward the main arguments of Akhbari community that were left unanswered. I hope knowledgeable brothers and sisters will clarify this issue in detail. Following are the main points of their arguments. 1- Voting in a democratic country and allowing a person to rule over you is shirk. It is because according to Shia school of thought only God has the right to choose a leader and a leader is Divinely appointed. People have no right to choose a leader for them. Role of an Imam and a President is same I.e. to rule over people. Only the titles are different. How it is different from the incident of saqifah where people denied rulership of a Divinely Appointed Imam and selected a fallible leader for themselves by themselves. 2- l-Fudail reported that Imam As-Sadiq (a.) said, "He who claims leadership even though he is not one of its owners is an infidel." [Al-Kafi of Al-Kulaini, Volume 1 Page 372 Hadith 2] 3-Sawrah Ibn Kulaib reported that he asked Imam Al-Baqir (a.) about the verse: "And on the Day of Resurrection you see the faces of those who lied against God turning black. Is there not in hell a abode for the arrogant?" (39:60) He said: "He who says, "I am an Imam". And he is not an Imam." I said: "Even if he is a descendant of Ali (a.)". He said: "Even if he is a descendant of Ali (a.)". I said: "Even if he is a son of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.)". He said: "Even if he is." [Al-Kafi of Al-Kulaini, volume 1 page 372 Hadith 1] 4- In Wasail ul Shia there are traditions which say that Government is only for a Divinely Appointed Imam. Therefore, by voting you and electing a fallible leadership you are going against the teaching of Imams. 5- A Shia should only vote if government of the area uses oppression and forces people to vote otherwise it is shirk. 6- No Hadith or Verse of Qur'an says that we are obligated to obey the Laws of Land. @Qa'im @SoRoUsH @Ibn al-Hussain
  13. Many thanks to all brothers . I am convinced .
  14. Copied , This is the answer I was looking for.
  15. You may assume whatever you want but I am not going to respond you from now onward. No offence brother , but this isn't helping. May Ali (as) bless you .
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