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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why do we wash from the elbows to the hands when the Koran says in 5:6... "and your hands and arms up to the elbows" (M Asad) "and your hands (and arms) to the elbows" (Yusuf Ali) "and your hands up to the elbows" (Picktall) ??? I know what the verdict is but would like an explanation please - thanks in advance.
  2. So is God saying "with my two powers"? Seems odd.
  3. Maybe Allah is testing which one of us (Muslims) will fall pray to idolatry by believing that Allah has a face, hands, etc.
  4. Beautiful! Another question that we can raise is why didn't God use the phrase "with my potency and power" instead of "with my two hands"?
  5. A_Ali In whatever country you may live, joining its military is a noble cause. As long as you moderately satisfy the demands of your conscience and ego ideal, your spiritual status should be fine, God willing. In addition, be careful of developing PTSD.
  6. And you must be a zionist - only zionists keep their mustaches and shave their beards.
  7. You can inspect the survey for there is nothing unislamic about it. I would like Islam and politics to separate in Iran. Khamenei is a dictator since there is no elections to keep him in power. What is wrong with wishing freedom of religion to Bahais and other religious minorities in Iran? I don't consider you as a Muslim.
  8. I will not curse for I do not like to be cursed.
  9. Atheism does not consist of any beliefs so the burden of proof isn't upon them. On the other hand, when you claim that God exists, the burden of proof is upon you. The advocator of a belief needs to provide support.
  10. You should be ashamed for posting a profile picture of an attempted murderer. Now they build a shrine for him and say salawat after his name. Subhanallah! May Allah forgive Khomenei for attempting to take a life of one of Allah's servants (ex. Salman Rushdie).
  11. I have learned of this incident and still ask those questions today. In addition, the Kaaba experienced flooding at least once after the 7th century AD.
  12. Actually, Sikhism orginated from both Hindusim and Islam - borrowing heavily from both religions.
  13. Young's Literal Translation (YLT): the most literal translation but difficult for novices to understand Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB): allows a rabbinical jewish perspective Easy-to-Read Version (ERV): excellent for novices King James Version (KJV): utilizes olde english to make it more eloquent & it is the most reliable New King James Version (NKJV): same as KJV but utilizes modern english Complete Jewish Bible (CJB): utilized by Messianic Jews - less rabbinical influence etc...
  14. You should use periods in your paragraph - it is hard to read. Nevertheless, I understand your point.
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