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  1. it is natural beauty.....just be original guys
  2. brbrkrr


    i dont support any of these monkey faces if they have the opportunity to make things right and they dont make things right then they r a bunch of monkeys being supported by monkeys...............i have heard it is a saying that " whoever participates in sin in any way is equally responsible" so you people keep on supporting these murderers and they will keep on killing poor people
  3. brbrkrr


    no jobs no money no benefits what have these politicians given us so y do i be a part of this corrupt system
  4. brbrkrr


    its all the same everytime Pakis want to fell in the same ditch again and again.....this time they want to me pushed by a new person
  5. brbrkrr


    today the funniest thing on my mind is that its election day for pakistan and everyone is running and being patriot like crazy ............. as if anyone cares about this country
  6. i am weird because i do what ever i like to do.........like sometimes i ride my bike with my shirt off....and people r like they havent seen someone with no shirt in their life
  7. simply dont get married u will stay more happy and satisfied
  8. actually these days most people do all the work of their wife.......the roles are reversed
  9. first of all umer abubakar and uthman were man made kalifas.....they were just humans..........Mola Ali (A.S) is the kaliph made by Allah and His Holy Prophet (SAWW)..............uthman was one of those who snatched the place of Mola Ali (A.S)....... this reason is enough to hate him despite there are many other reasons too
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