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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Alaikom, here an application free of charge. Farsi actor voices in a artistically manner presented and other sound effects in background based on verses, released few days ago in this Holy Month of Ramadhan. They are mentioning in the article that 30% of the Holy Quran are dialogues between individuals and 50% of the Holy verses holds sound effects. The dialogues of our Holy Prophet Peace upon him & His Household is about 70 pages most than any personality in the Holy Quran. 162 individuals are playing different personalities in this Farsi audio translation of the Holy Quran. Lastly 1980 different sound effects have been applied for different verses. http://hadith.net/post/69797/نرم-افزار-فاخر-طنین-وحی-به-صورت-رایگان-عرضه-شد/ Download App: http://www.taninevahy.com/
  2. Alaikom Salam, very, very essential question may Allah Bless you, for this core question of Islam. Every Prophet was not an Imam... There is Nabi and there is Rasoul. All Rasouls are Nabi but all Nabis are not Rasoul. The Position of Imamat is Higher than both so all Rasouls are not Imam and all Imams are not Rasoul because ex. Imam Ali was not Rasoul but was Imam. Question: why did Prophet Mosa Peace upon Him wanted Khidr has His teacher in His old age and failed and departed away from Prophet Khidr Peace upon Him? Did Prophet Mosa Peace upon Him wanted to learn knowledge quantity wise from him or the issue was quality wise! Prophet Mosa was Kalimullah but still went to Him! Prophet Ibrahim Peace upon Him got the position of Imamat in His old age, question here is, did Prophet Ismail Peace upon Him also become an Imam or not after all he was also involved in the test and was victorious. How about Prophet Isa Peace upon Him could he have reach the state of Imamat? If so how to artistically extract facts on this issue from the Holy Quran Verses or or ahadith sources. How about Prophet Adam and Idris and Elias Peace upon them.
  3. Alaikom as Salam True yes the same to me, am refering generally on the issues in topic and mentioning it for purpose of تذکر وتدبر. This 'hayawan' has been also discussed in one of the topics but not fully clear so the topic reaches its aim. What is the aim of this topic maybe not clear mean based on first post, a bit unclear presentation so no misunderstanding happens. Yes, exactly but we all know the Holy Quran is Hakim so do someone who is Hakim tell everything or even talk to us and consider us worthy so get guided further & more; we need to go and ask more precise and be with them more and more so we can be alike them. We cant understand properly our scholars and their delicit texts and writings and read them with hopefulness and soulfulness if we are not aware of Tawhid-Oneness - or better said Imamat & Wilayat. So day and night or death and alive are two or one that in turn proves the oneness of Allah or Imamat in this case. So my talk is not about many deaths and alives. But to view the Holy verses from the scope and perspective of Wilayat like an Hakim like our Ayatollahs; like they are Ayatollah because they understand the Ayat of Allah and Wilayat and Imamat. If an Hakim accepts position He becomes Marja, Faqih if he does not accept a position he becomes a Arif or Hakim or Ayatollah in general sense. So nothing personal and the aim is subject. Some tips see and imagine yourself in paradise and than view the Holy Verse from a different perspective, this is how believers are but unbelievers are opposite they see ex. Death and talk about from this world perspective. Now look these 2 verses the first is about some one on the way to paradise, this verse is in the first post of this topic, and you can read; see for what reason its put and if it makes common sense or not. And the 2nd verse is about the unbelievers in this world. So what is in their mind when saying it! One death and no mention of alive and life! And the rest is in farsi maybe for future trans.. Because its on topic. 34إِنَّ هؤُلاءِ لَیَقُولُونَ 35إِنْ هِىَ إِلاّ مَوْتَتُنَا الْأُولى وَ ما نَحْنُ بِمُنْشَرِینَ 36فَأْتُوا بِآبائِنا إِنْ کُنْتُمْ صادِقِینَ سوره دخان ایه 35 پرسش: حضرت استاد! آنجا که مخلَصين گزارش کردند در ضمن يک آيه همچنين در سوره «دخان» میفرمايد: ﴿لا يَذُوقُونَ فيهَا الْمَوْتَ إِلاَّ الْمَوْتَةَ الْأُولي﴾[10] اين سری آيات و آن آياتی که حضرتعالی ديروز تاکيد فرموديد که آنها دو مرگ را میبينند ... .پاسخ: آن را در سوره «غافر» اشاره كرديم که مي‌گويند: ﴿رَبَّنا أَمَتَّنَا اثْنَتَيْنِ وَ أَحْيَيْتَنَا اثْنَتَيْنِ﴾؛[11] اين دو مرگ يكي مرگ از دنيا به برزخ است و يكي مرگ از برزخ به آخرت است؛ ولي در صحنه آخرت اينها مرگ برزخ را در حقيقت مرگ به حساب نمي‌آورند و مي‌گويند همان مرگ از دنياست كه ما با آن وارد صحنه آخرت شديم؛ لذا در قرآن كريم وقتي از آخرت سخن به ميان مي‌آيد، منظور از مرگ به بعد است و برزخ را جزء آخرت حساب مي‌كنند، نه جزء دنيا. چون برزخ جزء آخرت است، بنابراين فقط ما يك مرگ داريم كه ﴿لا يَذُوقُونَ فيهَا الْمَوْتَ إِلاَّ الْمَوْتَةَ الْأُولي﴾.غرض اين است ملحدان مي‌گفتند: ﴿إِنْ هِيَ إِلاَّ مَوْتَتُنَا الْأُولي‏ وَ ما نَحْنُ بِمُنْشَرينَ﴾، اما موحّدان و مخلصان مي‌گويند: ﴿أَ فَما نَحْنُ بِمَيِّتينَ ٭ إِلاَّ مَوْتَتَنَا الْأُولي‏ وَ ما نَحْنُ بِمُعَذَّبينَ﴾ ما يك مرگ داشتيم و بعد از مرگ زندگي مرفّه ابد داريم، آنها مي‌گويند؛ ولی ما يك مرگ داشتيم و بعد نابوديِ محض ﴿وَ ما نَحْنُ بِمُنْشَرينَ﴾؛ يعني نشري در كار نيست. پرسش: مشرکين فقط موت دنيا به برزخ را قبوا دارند؟پاسخ: نه, وقتي وارد جهنم شدند ديگر مي‌بينند ﴿رَبَّنا أَبْصَرْنا وَ سَمِعْنا﴾،[13] الآن كه در دنيا هستند برزخ را هم قبول ندارند و وقتي وارد برزخ شدند، معاد را هم قبول ندارند؛ اما وقتي مي‌خواهند وارد صحنه قيامت شوند مي‌گويند: ﴿رَبَّنا أَمَتَّنَا اثْنَتَيْنِ وَ أَحْيَيْتَنَا اثْنَتَيْنِ فَاعْتَرَفْنا بِذُنُوبِنا فَهَلْ إِلي‏ خُرُوجٍ مِنْ سَبيلٍ﴾[14] آن روز وقتي جهنم كبرا را مي‌بينند مي‌گويند: ﴿رَبَّنا أَبْصَرْنا وَ سَمِعْنا﴾. قدم به قدم فرمود كشف غطاء مي‌شود، فرمود: ﴿فَكَشَفْنا عَنْكَ غِطاءَكَ فَبَصَرُكَ الْيَوْمَ حَديدٌ﴾؛[15] ما پرده‌ها را يكي پس از ديگري برمي‌داريم و بعد از اينكه وارد صحنه قيامت كبرا مي‌شوند، مي‌بينند که دو مرگ را پشت سر گذاشتند؛ يعني انتقال از دنيا به برزخ و انتقال از برزخ به ساهره قيامت.پرسش: استاد مرگی که در سوره «دخان» مطرح کردند در دنيا اين حرف را میزنند.پاسخ: در دنيا اين حرف را مي‌زنند، آن‌جا كه اين حرف را نمیزنند، در آن‌جا دارند عذاب مي‌چشند در دنيا مي‌گويند ما فقط يك بار مي‌ميريم ﴿وَ ما نَحْنُ بِمُعَذَّبينَ﴾، بعد خبري نيست؛ ولی «مخلَصين» مي‌گويند اين چه حرفي است که مي‌زنيد؟! ديديد اين حرف روشن نبود! ما فقط يك بار مُرديم و بعد از مرگ مرفّه دائم هستيم، ما هم بعداً نمي‌ميريم؛ منتها ما رفاه دائمي داريم، شما مي‌گفتيد ما مي‌ميريم و معدوم محض مي‌شويم ﴿وَ ما نَحْنُ بِمُنْشَرينَ﴾، لکن ما مي‌گوييم ﴿وَ ما نَحْنُ بِمُعَذَّبينَ﴾ هستيم و در رفاهيم؛ ميان اين دو خيلي فرق است. Notes: http://www.portal.esra.ir/Pages/Index.aspx?kind=2&lang=fa&id=NzQ1MQ%3d%3d-EfW9l1N4vDc%3d
  4. Salam, the verses in this topic is mixed, this verse your referring is rijat based on tafasir visited. What has the thing to do with topic. Anyways visiting Ayatollah Makarem May Allah Prolong His Life Tafsir will answer greatly the question. But there is a great point that we need to fathom and ponder over and that is does it matter how many this or that and fix an amount. Look those few bad and good doing rijat will die again. Plus if with doing rijat there is martyrs among the excellent personalities than how are we going to artistically approach to make true the claim of our dear brother Engineer73. Yes, there is also the issue of وجه الله but i think than we would go too far from the topic and the topic would be a cancer that if admins closed it; it would mean a great deal right to do so because if we dont manage and moderate and sirat al mostaqim the topic.. Is there better personalities than Our Infalliable Imams Peace upon Them who got martyred and before Qiyamah will get resurrected and rijat happen for them and die again; so i think even those with rijat 'dies' and lives more than 4 times!! AND THEY ARE وجه الله!!. Why so is death something bad or being in this world bad? So how about the bad individuals they are not martyres and getting sustainance but still coming and rijat happens. حکمت WOULD BE GREAT HELPER!
  5. Salam, thanks for enthusiasm giving life to this topic specially at this month that we should pay attention for Holy Quran Tafsir and learn more. I may work on it, specially the verses you had in your post but before it we have to have and try to have an outlook and perception for both words in a way that we should understand that both being death and being alive is one in a way that both completes a greater picture and aim. The Holy Quran is Hakim and we need to be Hakim so the Hakim helps us and talk to us; being worthy and so on. If there was other way to understand our great scholars i would have it certainly discovered and mentioned it. سوره ملک ایة ٢: الذی خلق الموت و الحیوة Alas the above verse quoted is not about rij'at. Because the verse is generally about all kufar and we cant prove rij'at for all kufar. Still discussion is possible.
  6. Salam, please explain more. You mean recognizing Wilayat. Or knowledge of the unseen like seeing the spiritual aspect of an apple and not its body or actually having the balance and moderation and management of seeing the actual reality of apple, the whole apple and not one side be it spiritual or material. Whats in your mind share it with us.
  7. Salam, why are you so focused on the jinn issue; if you mentioned that from spirit perspective there is stronger connection than we could be able to discuss it and more believable and actual. In both Pakistan and Muslim Indians; should read more dua and who believe to alot of those jinn issues in those cultures would get fixed. Our ahl al Sunnah brothers that are mostly there should read authentic duas from the Holy Qur'an and Ahl al Bait Peace Upon Them.
  8. Salam, I do not clearly get what you are saying, am guessing you want the word fitra in hadith and say stay at home; this I do not think specifically exist and have searched also based on my capability maybe others find. The word fitra and ahadith on it is usually based on other kinds of atmospheres. But there is lots of ahadith that has to do with womens duties in the house and rewards. So if a woman unnecessarily do men duties she will not get the reward has gone against sharia and not grown in akhlaq perspective and has deficit aqaed that she should correct her aqaed and understand the wisdom behind the Islamic laws so she can willing and better understand herself as a 'human woman' to be able to perfect and take care of herself spiritually and obey the sharia law. Ahadith on taking care of herself; husband and the house. Ahadith on taking care and nurturing and educating children and all the rewards in all this are mentioned. And moreover sunnah of Prophet Mohammed(S) & Imams Peace Upon Them. Their wives 'ever worked and so on and went out as much as todays women! A woman can never properly in calmness worship God and enjoy if she is out daily; may get lots of qaza or not being able to pray on time. A woman outside can not do honestly and rightly all the above if she is regularly on daily bases hours out. الإمامُ الصّادقُ عليه السلام: إنّما علَينا أنْ نُلْقيَ إلَيكُمُ الاُصولَ ، و علَيكُم أنْ تُفَرِّعوا امام صادق عليه السلام: ما وظيفه داريم اصول را براى شما بگوييم و شما موظفيد فروع را از آنها استخراج كنيد ميزان الحكمه جلد دوّم؛ محمّد محمّدی ری شهری، صفحه 524 Imam Sadiq(A); We have duty to say principals to you people and you people have duty to extract subsidiary; additional from... This hadith is for, to say beside Holy Qur'an & Ahadith there is aql also; in fiqh when a Marja extract laws its a kind of production of knowledge that we can use in our life; they are good in logic & Hikmat and Usul Fiqh. Dear brother any field of knowledge for their growth needs to be developed and born from scratch. And to make it grow there is principals or a seed for it. First batihiyat than theoritical and than practical/experimental science. Excuse these are out of subject of this topic just want to say aql is important and one needs to read about it. در احادیث، خدمت زن و مرد جهاد محسوب شده است با این تفاوت که امام علی (ع) فرمود: جهاد المرئة حسنُ التبعّل[1]؛ جهاد زن خوب شوهر داری کردن است كافى، ج 5، ص 9 امام صادق (ع) فرمود: الْکادُّ علی عیاله کالمجهاد فی سبیل اللّه تلاشگر برای خانواده همچون جهادگر در راه خداست كافى، ج 5، ص 88 Translation: In narrations duties of women & men are considered Jihad with this difference Imam Ali Peace Upon Him said; "The Jihad of woman is to take care of her husband well." Second hadith, Imam Sadiq Peace Upon Him said; "The one that endeavours in path of family, is like mujahid[the one doing jihad in path of God]". In these two narrations you see their jihad is in harmony with each other but if men go out in actual jihad the womens jihad respectively there is to be home and take care of that place and the husband in general(other hadith). So Jihad is wajib on both but based on their way of perfection different kind of jihad. We can’t say or women can’t say jihad is not wajib upon us we sit home and chill! So both gets reward and has proper means to get them. But here I have something else; surprise maybe for some so if this is the case than no excuse that naturally its recommended, women should be at home for the growth of a healthy society and respectively men outside. Is there greater case than this that women should be at home for even ibadah/worship of God I mean what is more important than this. Trying to come back on subject: So from essence/zatan the act of riding 'cycles around is questionable for a momena a Muslim Woman. So this and the reality of the act should be discussed first before we discuss what cloths there should be while doing the act. What sawab/reward there is for women in this act unless its truely necessary. صلاةُ الْمرأةِ وَحْدَها فی بَیْتِها کفَضْلِ صَلاتِها فیالْجَمْعِ خَمْسا وَ عشرین درجةً به تنهایی و درخانه نماز خواندن زن، مثل نماز در جمع است در حالی که 25 درجه فضیلت دارد وسائل الشیعه ج5، ص237، ح6435؛ بحارالانوار ج80، ص371، ح31 باز از آن حضرت است: إنَّ مَساجِدَ الِّنساء البیوتُ، وَ صلاةُ الْمَرأةِ فی بَیْتِها أفْضَلُ مِنْ صَلاتِها وَ صُفَّتها وَ صلاتُها فی صُفّتها أفْضَلُ مِنْ صَلاتِها فی صَحْنِ دارِها وَ صلاتُها فی صَحْنِ دارِها أفْضَلُ مِنْ صَلاتِها فی سَطْحِ بَیْتِها بهترین مسجد زنان خانه است؛ و نماز در خانه برتر از نماز او در ایوان است؛ و نماز او در ایوان برتر از نمازش در حیاط خانه اش است؛ و نماز او در حیاط خانه برتر از نمازش برپشت بام خانه است من لا یحضره الفقیه ج1، ص374، ح1088 امام صادق(ع) در این باره نیز فرمود: خَیْرُ مَساجِدِ نِسائِکُمْ الْبُیوتُ بهترین مساجد برای زنان شما خانه ها است وسائل الشیعه ج5، ص237، ح6432 و 6434؛ من لا یحضره الفقیه ج1، ص238، ح718؛ بحارالانوار ج80، ص371، ح32 همچنین امام صادق(ع) فرمود: صَلاة الْمَرأةِ فی مَخْدِعِهَا أفْضلُ مِنْ صَلاتِها فی بَیْتِها وَ صلاتُها فی بِیْتِها أفْضَلُ مِنْ صلاتِها فیالدّارِ نماز زن در اطاق عقبی(پستو) برتر از نماز او در اطاق جلویی است و نماز او در اطاق نشیمن برتر از نمازش در خانه اش است وسائل ج5، ص236، ح6431؛ من لا یحضره الفقیه ج1، ص397، ح1179 ام سلمه از قول رسول خدا(ص) می گوید: خَیْرُ مَساجِدِ النِّساءِ قَعْرُ بُیُوتِهِنَّ بهترین مساجد برای زنان اطاقهای عقب خانه های آنان است اعلام الساجد بأحکام المساجد، ص309 رسول خدا(ص) به حضرت علی(ع)فرمود: یا علیّ! لَیْسَ عَلَی النِّساءِ جُمْعَةٌ وَ لا جَماعَةٌ وَ لا أذانٌ وَ لا إقامةٌ ای علی! برای زنان نماز جمعه و جماعت و اذان و اقامه نیست بحارالانوار ج85، ص12 This hadith is also something for sure considerable to understand essentially men and women. ۵۷۴۴.الإمامُ عليٌّ عليه السلام : خِيارُ خِصالِ النِّساءِ شِرارُ خِصالِ الرِّجالِ : الزَّهوُ ، والجُبنُ ، والبُخلُ ؛ فإذا كانتِ المَرأةُ مَزهُوَّةً لَم تُمَكِّنْ مِن نَفسِها ، وإذا كانت بَخيلَةً حَفِظَت مالَها ومالَ بَعلِها ، وإذا كانت جَبانَةً فَرِقَت مِن كُلِّ شَي‏ءٍ يَعرِضُ لَها .۱ ۵۷۴۴.Imam Ali (عليه السلام) said, 'The good characteristics of women are the bad characteristics of men: pride, cowardice and stinginess. If a woman has pride she will not allow herself to be taken advantage of; if she is stingy she will guard her wealth and her spouse's wealth; and if she is cowardly she will be cautious of everything that confronts her.' ۲ NOTES: https://hawzah.net/fa/Magazine/View/3992/4040/22940/مسجد-زنان-و-آداب-حضور Hadith.net
  9. Salam; no words just sharing.
  10. Salam, sisters can try nano chador for picture protection if the like; new product. https://www.mashreghnews.ir/news/1038514/تولید-چادر-با-محصولات-نانو-اتفاقی-فوق-العاده-است-ویژگی-محصولات
  11. This simply isn't true... huge exaggeration. It sounds like you're trying too hard to justify the rulings of the maraji. No offense Salam, no exaggeration at all. How can it not be true. All acts goes under 3-5 categories and has spiritual value that includes even lifting a finger; and one will be questioned about it in judgement because you certainly had an intention when doing it. The spiritual world does not have one God and material world another everything is unitedly connnected and synced. Now casually said: In this world IT giants want cloud technology and interconnectional abilities, do you thing Allah creation is deficit. A creation ex. Human is in need of 1000s or unlimited of other creations of God that in turn are نعمة of God in turn are sign -اية- of God. So there is Hikmat [philosophy] behind it; that certainly you can get lot of clues in other topics. No, not at all specially if you get to know me more; it has to do with women 'cycling and does not affect me directly. I really don’t care but most people see these kind of threads a deadend, like there is nothing to discuss about and boring because we have maybe not much writing material in ahadith and so on; but not me, like to explore the topic capability and artistic imagination of siblings for solving it and maybe having a practical solution for future eras to come so future generation do not need to discuss it and put their time on it. [so best we discuss it like a baby now and pinpoint everything]. Sisters may think they have the house a few meters and we have the globe maybe its like this so am bringing forward and sharing my hypoteses or theoritical mindset and bringing forward explanation for new reflection patterns not the classic women 100% home and men 100% out on the globe. So we have to work on details that is in between. Talk about the issue of space and time and duties and perfection. I truely want us all think why in western societies all women think, going outside like men so much both days wise and hour wise okay. Is it akher zaman; how would the idea of men being inside the house more days and hours is it healthy pattern these situations for humans in general and Muslims in particular. We have fitra right; so woman based on fitra should be in the house more often and not feel weird or difficulty in this issue because her organic and natural existence is like this am I missing something here, am I saying something alien! Now these decisions affect akhlaq virtues and vices aql and jahl.. Lastly you know about that some boys act like girls and vs versa I don’t want to discuss the issue just bringing forward the historical background and certainly its more than just being based on akhlaq and may God help them and so no one thinks thats what am discussing here. Now healthy men specially Muslims are not allowed to wear women clothes or vs versa right, we have even jurisprudential laws; why men have to have beard, for how long are we going to take these natural/organic laws separated and act and not think greater. Now my question is, can men have female virtues in stronger shape and proportion in oneself, is it allowed; some may say oh this men is slightly genetical tendency while its not it. Oh maybe it is as Imam Ali had a son who was not brave in battlefield the Imam said to 'Abu hanifay' that this you have got from your mother; so there could genetic be but still he was normal guy so no misunderstanding occurs. So the same way some acts are for us brothers and some other acts for our sisters. If I do sister acts and sit home much, automatically I develop in myself women virtues. And so on so forth please criticize so I can explain better. @Ejaz
  12. Salam, I would tell her we don’t need more Muslims quantity wise if you want to be a Muslim be quality type and fulfill your duty towards Islam not part of it you like and wear proper hijab. She is a Muslim by saying shadah but many sisters here are momenin they can't be compared. She passed Iran also if am not wrong but still the police tried to help in the road trip and escorted her when she was going in desert road and she felt it was weird if am not wrong because she is from a culture that men do not care about their woman mostly and in majority. She was alien to our culture and did not know anything and just liked riding the thing! As you see in this picture arms are seen is it okay; her hair is seen and look back of her head; weird why go after so much unnecessary difficulty. Her jeans also by the way. [Where is her wali; father or husband; now all women in Islam have wali, do women accept it or not; this is absurd and unacceptable we should make a topic on this important subject!] Now the thing she is wearing its short but still close; some may not understand and open it and 'cycle in even Iran and try secular mindset not being a momena that has researced and understood her religion. In Iran a woman went and got motorcycle license just because there was no law the police gave her the license so easy; its basically not an issue but certainly that woman will not observe proper hijab for momenin its wajib to do amr be maruf and nahy an'l monkar. So far I havent seen a practical outfit for women riding bicycle.
  13. First salam. No I was explaining the scenario started from there. Haven't seen swim suit of Muslim women if certain parts are tight or not. As I said I really do not care if the outer appearance is this or that, than I moved to the act and than if that act is suitable for women and Akhlaqi values. So I want to drag siblings attention to this categori also, so we discuss it from this perspective also[again]. This perspective has also been neglected in Farsi forums and talked little about. Have taken this subject lightly and somehow 'rite humoristically and tried not to put jokes out of respect to sister discussers. Maybe women think men are outside and conquering the world and they are missing something. Are these means of yours necassary to do, there is taxis and buses and husband or father or brother around to drive and one can sit in the car and chill or herself drive if she has license so its not a big deal to just use bicycle. The overweight can also be solved through various means again bicycle is not the only solution. Here I would like to make a remembrance about عفة and the ahadith I put previously. The third is a very quality thing to do hearing the various sounds in nature with different melodies beats any classic music and after a quarter of Holy Qur'an would certainly create a healthy composition of worldly and heavenly sounds. I mean doing one of them is okay but interconnecting the material and spiritual pleasure that is in harmonious with each other; it feels one is alive and feel life, mostly we do not feel that we are alive and jumping around in life let alone see things around us having life and joy and is full of beauty. But isn't bicycle with speed compared to walking; know girls can do two things at the same time but still one may not be in a position to whole heartedly focus and concentrate on sounds specially birds but there is wind, movement of leafs and so on. Just want to say by creating a balance and moderation the nafs grows because in reality in needs to consume from both sides. What is our goal of different acts we do, what was the goal of Ahl al Bait Peace Upon Them. Based on certain field of knowledge I said that not randomly to prove something, happy that you read so in detail and anything that bothers you; you mention it, its nice challenge always keep it up. The 1000 thingy is based on Islamic Architecture as building cities based on Islamic models are different than west. I brought that for other purpose and vision not that you should cycle in apartments...!
  14. Salam, Dear siblings we all know that making series and movies is a preparation and recognizing the taste and reaction of society and viewers and challenging their mindset to get more prepared for action against them. So much violence in series and movies that when we see daesh doing it; and posting we are not sad in days or shocked greatly; why because we seen worst in movies like the good guy in the movie kills someone with a carrot in on of the eyes and leaves coldly. All sorts of killings already imagined and realized in media and in turn an intro to the real world where its masadiq is being realized. In this series with english speakers we see a so called 'english man' wants to do a bio attack at the time of haj with support of england! Why should they be allowed to do such series that 2nd season is also coming. Why playing with the feelings of One and a Half Billion Muslims! ARE THEY NOT HUMANS! DO THEY NOT KNOW THAT WE HAVE FEELINGS AND OUR HATRED TOWARDS THEM GROW GREATLY! CURSE UPON THEM. Most of hollywood directors and writers and financers are zion; it should be clear as day light for all. ITS NOT JUST ONLY FOR MONEY THERE IS OTHER PURPOSES; IF THEY WANT MONEY THEY CAN USE THEIR God GIVEN IMAGINATION AND DOES NOT NEED TO MAKE THESE DAMNED S'ITS. SO THEIR ENMITY IS VERY CLEAR AND WITH PURPOSE. THERE IS A LOT OF GOOD SCRIPTS AND WRITERS AND DIRECTORS THEY DON'T FINANCE. Dear ones if our imagination has an actor playing the main role and we dream in the head it is as psychologists say harmful behaviour now imagine this becomes movie and series we consume daily than its more harmful and can affect us more negative either we want it or not because we put us in its radar. The same way we avoid imagination more serious is to avoid the productions of hollywood. Hope I do not need more the inception am trying to realize in minds to get to the point. Example: let me make an easy example the issue is the same... in Islam we do not think on sin because its possible it becomes our acts as per Imam Ali Peace Upon Him words. Now in reality we avoid wine gathering and also do not think on wine drinking but we see alot wine on movies and series. Seeing it somehow it has been more realized in reality compared to our mind state if we thought about it. So being in actual situation with a background in your mind you may sit around the table if not use it and even feel your hopeless and can not resist to go away. It sure has no ugliness for you and not qabih-قبح because your heroes or stars sit around a table in various hues and you have unconsiously loved them. So all the people in america and world are not Muslims [if we say all Muslims are smart and can avoid this dajjal] to being able to avoid this epidemic.. So thinking over it, is actually inferior than actually seeing it. So if thinking can affect us of maybe going towards it and should not imagine it and seek Allah help; how can seeing it not affect us. Or oh my body is 18+ plus it can not affect me while my soul is baby.
  15. Firstly hi, secondly why should it be a joke. Yes its a simple matter and we are discussing here so our siblings in faith understand the issue more profoundly and think on greater purposes. Simple issue but important for us specially sisters here. Belief has important role in this issue, lesser is the issue of outer appearance while 'cycling. Saying it from the start so no one blames me for only having distinguished visualized vitality... We belief that every act lifting a finger has a law for it; is it allowed and encouraged or forbidden and disliked or lastly in vain and absurd without an actual result moving us forward in existence or backward. In the Islamic Ethical System everything we consume; be it food, act, thought and book has role in our spiritual and moral virtues and vices and its values. For both men and women the priority and degree of virtues is not the same. For ex. For men it is a priority and virtue to be brave but not for women. For women ex. Its a priority to have shyness as virtue while in society than for men to reach perfection. So actually it does not need braveness as much as men just minimum is enough. Now this act or that act; can it make me to have more stronger virtues or get weaker, its all based on what we believe and thought patterns with acts of limbs. A woman 'human' bicycling: The outer appearance if the outfit is not glued in the body and men sees it as a skin colored woman and considering not.. it.. cloths.. that is problem for her spiritual will being and her vitality. So these sporty cloths are more a problem for her than bicycling. Now lets say its good clothes; what happens at the end of the bicycling journey; has she got more shyness and chastity as virtue or she loses it or already has lost alot and not everything and feels like a men conquering the world not the house to manage the man that tries to conquer the actual world, by supporting him. The world is big but how many square meter is all the houses all together. Lets say thousand square meter for each woman that is married lets pick random number 2.8 billion woman. 2.8 × 1000m2! Now how much space is that compared to city spaces around the globe. For sure not little. The space for men outside is the same. A office, a factory he comes and goes. These two spaces differentiate from each other too but this issue being different from each other creates harmoniousity with each other at the same time. So I do not see the logic of western women being so much outside of the house each day and so many hours!? Its a behavioural joke. As seen they have to acquire different moral values so have to do different acts to gain perfection or preserve the perfection they had. Intention for nearness to God that has to do with belief; is also important by actually properly using your capabilities. Its more just unsuitable to 'cycle around for women but the main goal is to transport her to locations she want so they can invent a more proper transport vehicle.
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