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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, there is no point or rather, wise; benefit to see jins or go to someone who knows the so called "bringing forth jin rites". Mostly, they are people who are not submissive to God through the way God wants from them to worship Him. A waste of, what is your opinion, what benefits can being in contact with them bring to us. All great scholars of our religion do no do such things and go after such things. Do not think so, because maybe than we see also angels a few years after, it is called the hidden (Ghayb) for a reason. To believe such things exist without seeing them; for it, we are here. What do you think! Salam dear sibling, do we need power to pass Gods tests[, or prove ourselves that we are not like satan] and living as normal individuals, or not. Is it necessary. Are/do we like to be as a marvel character[no offense]! For us to live; somethings are necessary to know and God made it available and some things not to know and again it is a bounty from God available for us. This knowledge wise, and from action perspective we have everything we need and Imams specially Imam Sadiq Peace upon Him has showed the way of research and invention but strangers got hold of it and practices upon the way, while majority muslim Ummah[countries] busy catching jins[again writing like this, hope you do not picture me as a boring member of here, but bitter truth lies in it]. I have got advised that i should pursue knowledge that helps me and brings me near God and not some fancy articles that do not add anything on my Marifah. Salam Alaikom, forget about the outer jin discussions catch the inner jins! Anyways as you know God created us to be forever in existence and never be eliminated from creation, is not it like this. Now this human being needs a place, and that place needs to have the same characteristics of human, that is being in existence forever. That place is called dar al akirat. Now we are in a place that will perish at Domesday; alam Zar, than this world and than Barzakh, all this is temporary sphere. Now Human being is not spirit or corpse, but made of these two things, the self, soul are you and this can be anywhere, before judgement day happens. Yes in dream you can see, and when awake and no jins involved, hope the answer without reference helps in gaining more Knowledge that you need to pass the right path. Maybe it is not like this, maybe there is different jins based on their level of piety. Okay, with all respect to all, i personally and there is others; are not so fond with such discussions on the issue of jins and 1000s of questions that will not make us go ahead in the right path[serat mostaqim]. And those saying seeing jins, or dreaming, should practice math or learn language so their minds can get trained well and get strong. رسول اللّه صلى الله عليه و آله: لا يَحزَنْ أحَدُكُم أن تُرفَعَ عَنهُ الرؤيا ، فإنّهُ إذا رَسَخَ في العِلمِ رُفِعَت عَنهُ الرُّؤيا تحف العقول: ص 50 ، بحارالأنوار: ج 77 ص 154 ح 124
  2. Salam, Definitely it is wajib, cause things gets wajib when some conditions are filled, example hajj becomes wajib when there is money and one is in oblivion if one postpones it just like that and not pays enough attention, and dies or doing it let after many years could make much barakat go from his/her life. And marriage gets wajib when the so called urge is there and one wants to simply marry and knows why he is marrying and wants the marriage, and the wajib will not get moved away but remain on you and Allah will hold you accountable for not doing the wajib as simple as it is. Hope you guys get the beautiful point here i tried to mention differently. So from when has it been, postponing wajibs a good thing to do? Why simply not speaking with your mother and father; and try to speak with them and things you learned here mention it and dialog with them, try to convince them. Believe me if you get them in your side everything will go smooth. In different days and time periods try to mention the subject, maybe by one mention the do not "wake up" and realize the crisis but after few times example 3 they will Allah Will come to themselves and help you find a girl. Tell them as final please accept and even if you "mother" accept it, it takes at least "one month" to introduce and find a girl for me, then few months preparation of marriage, then a year aqd, than actually a marriage ceremony it will all take near 25 years old.
  3. Salamon Alaikom, brother Salsabeel, the reason i skipped to answer/ or was thinkning what to answer; is that no Mofassir has done profound tafsir and directly said why al-Hayawan is used there from literally perspective and Hikmat and much less info around this verse. God will a new post maybe answer your wonders around the verse. مرگ اگر به معنى فنا و نیستى باشد، مخلوق نیست; چرا که خلقت به امور وجودى تعلق مى گیرد، ولى، مى دانیم: حقیقت مرگ، انتقال از جهانى به جهان دیگر است، و این قطعاً یک امر وجودى است، که مى تواند مخلوق باشد و اگر، مرگ در اینجا قبل از حیات ذکر شده، به خاطر تأثیر عمیقى است که توجه به مرگ، در حسن عمل دارد. گذشته از این که مرگ، قبل از زندگى بوده است "If by Death was meant inexistency and Fana, than its not creature; cause creation belongs to existential things. But we know: the Reality of Death, is transition-departure - from the world to another world. And this certainly is existential matter-affair -, that could be creature. And if, death is mentioned here before life, is cause of profound impact it has on doing good deeds. Aside from this, before life, death was there". A quote from Tafsir Makarem on the 2nd verse of Surah Mulk. Lets see if we can get a correct mindset around it, with phrase dunya; we mean, everything even barzakhbefore Qiyamat and resurrection of everything, that has tasted death and dar-akhirat is after Resurrection. Dunya is for test (بلا و بلوی) and akhirat for جزا/result-reward or punishment -. تذکر/Remember angels got tested in process of creation of Adam Peace upon Him and that, there is no need for barzakh when everyone is getting resurrected to go either paradise or hell. In this verse when al-hayat is mentioned and before it death and than saying it is to see who do better deeds through getting tested it refers to this worlds death and life, the other world there is no existence of death and to mention death in connection and directly to Akhirat is not possible. Through death this world becomes that world and than death has nothing to do with it, leaves it alone. الإمامُ عليٌّ عليه السلام: عَجِبتُ لعامِرِ الدنيا دارِ الفَناءِ و هو نازِلٌ دارَ البقاءِ امام على عليه السلام: در شگفتم از كسى كه دنيا، اين سراى فنا را آباد مى كند، در حالى كه در سراى بقا فرود مى آيد عنه عليه السلام: إنَّمَا الدُّنيا دارُ مَجازٍ وَالآخِرَةُ دارُ قَرارٍ، فَخُذوا مِن مَمَرِّكُم لِمَقَرِّكُم امام على عليه السلام: دنيا، در حقيقت، سراى گذر است و آخرت، سراى ماندن. پس، از گذرگاه خود، براى ماندْگاهتان توشه برداريد الإمامُ الهادي عليه السلام: إنَّ اللّهَ جَعَلَ الدُّنيا دارَ بَلوى، و الآخِرَةَ دارَ عُقبى، و جَعَلَ بَلوَى الدُّنيا لِثَوابِ الآخِرَةِ سَبَبا، و ثَوابَ الآخِرَةِ مِن بَلوَى الدُّنيا عِوَضا امام هادى عليه السلام: خداوند دنيا را سراى آزمايش قرار داده است و آخرت را سراى فرجام؛ آزمايش و بلاى دنيا را وسيله پاداش آخرت كرده است و پاداش آخرت را عوض بلا و آزمايش هاى دنيا
  4. Salam, just so you know when I say hit the minimum units of Prayer it is based on jurisprudence rules; that if you have doubt between minimum and maximum units of Qaza Prayer[that you have to perform] you take the minimum as surety and God accepts it from you. But if you are sure and previously calculated and recorded for example in a notebook the 'maximum'-selected units - of qaza Prayer than that is the standard and must be prayed to the end, hope this point got more understandable so you can take proper action. Excuse me.
  5. Alaikom as Salam, can we think around the question and say that what satan do, it does not matter for God in case that it does not affect God's perfection and all dominion is His. But if we put fire of satan Curse upon him against light of Ahl al Bayt Peace upon Them can it affect Them negative because ahl al Bayt is Allah creation after-all. For example Wilayat of Ahl al Bayt Peace upon Them changed from khalifat into kingdoms[PS. it could be because of people]. In these kind of cases a loss is upon Ahl al Bayt or not! Please mark God gives power to both but one use it for good of guidance and the other for good of misleading. Most of the society gets tricked and follows the devil with his 'obvious true promises' and make power for satan. Could this be the case? Kelqat noori Ahl al abyt Peace upon Them is maybe safe from satan hurting[affecting] them in that realm, but when they came to earth for the reason of guiding people and if people do not follow them then any loss in the material world is upon people and society because Ahl al Bayt Peace upon Them are The Infallible ones and not create trouble for themselves. What if one comes and say it is a lie and such thing has not happened; Amir al Muminin Peace upon Him lifting the gate of Khaybar!, can you than bring reference and take help from Islamic Scholars that have graduated History for example in Qom and Najaf.
  6. Salam, Insha Allah THEY ARE ACCEPTED. Doubt is not accepted as valid for doing more Qaza plus you prayed in between and i would recommend the above as pray double each day example when you prayed four rakat zuhr and asr pray again 4 rakat zuhr and asr as Qaza. Hit on the minimum year example maximum is 11 years and minimum could be 6 years. The Niyyat Intention has importance [Qorbatan Elallah seeking nearness to God, without it its not accepted, saw no one mentioning it, it is the foundation of intention] you have to know it, as you know the feeling of hunger-that is part of you - whilst saying takbir. No need to replace first with second 'fajr prayer' just recognize in your heart that your doing fajr Qorbatan ElAllah. 952. A person should offer prayers with the intention of Qurbat, that is, complying with the orders of the Almighty Allah. It is not, however, necessary that he should make the niyyat pass through his mind, or should, for example, utter: "I am offering four Rak'ats of Zuhr prayers Qurbatan ila-llah." SOURCE
  7. This article is in farsi but an english [bad english] summary exist on the issue. http://pwq.bou.ac.ir/article_15283_1523.html
  8. Salam Alaikom, can you please continue to explain the question more. We say; have an opinion of God and let that opinion be good, [Hosn Zahn], it would be a virtue [fazael ahklaqi] for the human being, and fruitful for the one practicing it. رسول اللّه صلى الله عليه و آله: السَّخِيُّ إنَّما يَجودُ مِن حُسنِ الظَّنِّ بِاللّهِ ، وَالبَخيلُ إنَّما يَبخَلُ مِن سوءِ الظَّنِّ بِاللّهِ پيامبر خدا صلى الله عليه و آله : سخاوتمند ، از آن رو مى بخشد كه به خداوند ، گمان نيك دارد؛ و بخيل ، بدان سبب بخل مى ورزد كه به خداوند ، بدگمان است دانشنامه قرآن و حديث جلد یازدهم / محمّد محمّدی ری شهری / صفحه 370
  9. Alaikom as Salam Yes, with high school finished; allowed!
  10. Salam, may i ask what kind of reference is this, and whose fatwa, were we talking Sayed Khamenei Peace upon Him; verdict, because for some time i was not online and did not saw your quote.
  11. Chess yes but snooker, can you give reference for snooker that it is permitted even in phone!
  12. Salam, Alaikom as Salam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakato There is momin jins also, but it could not be a momin jin because based on narration they have nothing to do with us even if we pray they have their own life's to take care of and do not care about us, even if they cared they would not be allowed to interact in any way with us based on laws set by God. And of course obviously bad jins have nothing to do with us also. Generally jins have nothing to do with us.
  13. Thank you, nice reply, great you have studied some theological books. Wondering something, let us say you study philosophy, I study philosophy, what do we expect the end goal to be, where are we going to arrive! I mean if you do a journey you recognize the destination and not alien to it, it is because of the destination you journey and because of where you are and know you can take the weight of the journey on your shoulders and be able to get through it. What difference has it made for your mind and self before you study those theological books and after you finish them, as days passed? Of course some may say as days pass our minds advance and we get more basirah and awareness and ghaflat weakens and excuse themselves from reading and pursuing knowledge based on their capability God has given them. WHILST IT IS THE CONTRARY IF THEY DO NOT STUDY.
  14. Alaikom as Salam wa Rahmatullah It is good that you think on studying it with someone else to save time and support you. But I have a question what are you after in studying philosophy and have you studied theology books, or even one book that may have some philosophical taste and notions in it?
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