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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Alaikom, here an application free of charge. Farsi actor voices in a artistically manner presented and other sound effects in background based on verses, released few days ago in this Holy Month of Ramadhan. They are mentioning in the article that 30% of the Holy Quran are dialogues between individuals and 50% of the Holy verses holds sound effects. The dialogues of our Holy Prophet Peace upon him & His Household is about 70 pages most than any personality in the Holy Quran. 162 individuals are playing different personalities in this Farsi audio translation of the Holy Quran. Lastly
  2. Alaikom Salam, very, very essential question may Allah Bless you, for this core question of Islam. Every Prophet was not an Imam... There is Nabi and there is Rasoul. All Rasouls are Nabi but all Nabis are not Rasoul. The Position of Imamat is Higher than both so all Rasouls are not Imam and all Imams are not Rasoul because ex. Imam Ali was not Rasoul but was Imam. Question: why did Prophet Mosa Peace upon Him wanted Khidr has His teacher in His old age and failed and departed away from Prophet Khidr Peace upon Him? Did Prophet Mosa Peace upon Him wanted to learn knowledge quantity wise
  3. Alaikom as Salam True yes the same to me, am refering generally on the issues in topic and mentioning it for purpose of تذکر وتدبر. This 'hayawan' has been also discussed in one of the topics but not fully clear so the topic reaches its aim. What is the aim of this topic maybe not clear mean based on first post, a bit unclear presentation so no misunderstanding happens. Yes, exactly but we all know the Holy Quran is Hakim so do someone who is Hakim tell everything or even talk to us and consider us worthy so get guided further & more; we need to go and ask more precise and be
  4. Salam, the verses in this topic is mixed, this verse your referring is rijat based on tafasir visited. What has the thing to do with topic. Anyways visiting Ayatollah Makarem May Allah Prolong His Life Tafsir will answer greatly the question. But there is a great point that we need to fathom and ponder over and that is does it matter how many this or that and fix an amount. Look those few bad and good doing rijat will die again. Plus if with doing rijat there is martyrs among the excellent personalities than how are we going to artistically approach to make true the claim of our dear brot
  5. Salam, thanks for enthusiasm giving life to this topic specially at this month that we should pay attention for Holy Quran Tafsir and learn more. I may work on it, specially the verses you had in your post but before it we have to have and try to have an outlook and perception for both words in a way that we should understand that both being death and being alive is one in a way that both completes a greater picture and aim. The Holy Quran is Hakim and we need to be Hakim so the Hakim helps us and talk to us; being worthy and so on. If there was other way to understand our great scholars i wou
  6. Salam, please explain more. You mean recognizing Wilayat. Or knowledge of the unseen like seeing the spiritual aspect of an apple and not its body or actually having the balance and moderation and management of seeing the actual reality of apple, the whole apple and not one side be it spiritual or material. Whats in your mind share it with us.
  7. Salam, why are you so focused on the jinn issue; if you mentioned that from spirit perspective there is stronger connection than we could be able to discuss it and more believable and actual. In both Pakistan and Muslim Indians; should read more dua and who believe to alot of those jinn issues in those cultures would get fixed. Our ahl al Sunnah brothers that are mostly there should read authentic duas from the Holy Qur'an and Ahl al Bait Peace Upon Them.
  8. Salam, I do not clearly get what you are saying, am guessing you want the word fitra in hadith and say stay at home; this I do not think specifically exist and have searched also based on my capability maybe others find. The word fitra and ahadith on it is usually based on other kinds of atmospheres. But there is lots of ahadith that has to do with womens duties in the house and rewards. So if a woman unnecessarily do men duties she will not get the reward has gone against sharia and not grown in akhlaq perspective and has deficit aqaed that she should correct her aqaed and understand the wisd
  9. Salam; no words just sharing.
  10. Salam, sisters can try nano chador for picture protection if the like; new product. https://www.mashreghnews.ir/news/1038514/تولید-چادر-با-محصولات-نانو-اتفاقی-فوق-العاده-است-ویژگی-محصولات
  11. This simply isn't true... huge exaggeration. It sounds like you're trying too hard to justify the rulings of the maraji. No offense Salam, no exaggeration at all. How can it not be true. All acts goes under 3-5 categories and has spiritual value that includes even lifting a finger; and one will be questioned about it in judgement because you certainly had an intention when doing it. The spiritual world does not have one God and material world another everything is unitedly connnected and synced. Now casually said: In this world IT giants want cloud technology and inte
  12. Salam, I would tell her we don’t need more Muslims quantity wise if you want to be a Muslim be quality type and fulfill your duty towards Islam not part of it you like and wear proper hijab. She is a Muslim by saying shadah but many sisters here are momenin they can't be compared. She passed Iran also if am not wrong but still the police tried to help in the road trip and escorted her when she was going in desert road and she felt it was weird if am not wrong because she is from a culture that men do not care about their woman mostly and in majority. She was alien to our culture and did n
  13. First salam. No I was explaining the scenario started from there. Haven't seen swim suit of Muslim women if certain parts are tight or not. As I said I really do not care if the outer appearance is this or that, than I moved to the act and than if that act is suitable for women and Akhlaqi values. So I want to drag siblings attention to this categori also, so we discuss it from this perspective also[again]. This perspective has also been neglected in Farsi forums and talked little about. Have taken this subject lightly and somehow 'rite humoristically and tried not to put jokes out of respect
  14. Salam, Dear siblings we all know that making series and movies is a preparation and recognizing the taste and reaction of society and viewers and challenging their mindset to get more prepared for action against them. So much violence in series and movies that when we see daesh doing it; and posting we are not sad in days or shocked greatly; why because we seen worst in movies like the good guy in the movie kills someone with a carrot in on of the eyes and leaves coldly. All sorts of killings already imagined and realized in media and in turn an intro to the real world where its masadiq is bei
  15. Firstly hi, secondly why should it be a joke. Yes its a simple matter and we are discussing here so our siblings in faith understand the issue more profoundly and think on greater purposes. Simple issue but important for us specially sisters here. Belief has important role in this issue, lesser is the issue of outer appearance while 'cycling. Saying it from the start so no one blames me for only having distinguished visualized vitality... We belief that every act lifting a finger has a law for it; is it allowed and encouraged or forbidden and disliked or lastly in vain and absurd without
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