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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Because in earlier days people were used to migrate to favourable climates/lands.
  2. Perhaps the odd/ disgusting climates, deserts................
  3. Sorry i wrote this, but its typical in muslim world to attribute/blame every teenage problem to masturbation. BTW harmonal levels cause you to msaturbate not vice versa.
  4. Stop m**************** if you do............
  5. It takes a long time to memorize the whole Quran, and there are high chances that if the wrongdoer stays so long in contacht with Quran he might change. This is education all about, carrot and stick. After coming to shiachat i have realized that prejudice can make a person deny the obvious.
  6. Brother nice effort but all religious people are very good at hypocrisy. They never do it in public, like embassy functions. Only a totally goof will do it. so i think its a made up story. If he was desperate he could have done it at home.
  7. Dear it takes 20 years for your "human resource " to just start feeding itself. From big corporations i mean companies like mcdonald, microsoft, nestle etc. The companies that are doing successful business abroad and gathering wealth for their countries.
  8. I think the thread starter has faced a rejection from brown/black girl .lol BTW I'm 20 years old and I just can't grow facial hair. Even if I don't shave for two weeks, the best I get is this patchiness on my jaw that looks terrible. So for me beard is not an option.
  9. Not every country is blessed with oil resources, neither they have corporations sucking wealth from all over the world. So for those countries its better to control population.
  10. Because humans dont want to live like animals, quailty of life matters to them. Not just population like animals.
  11. But i think it will be a very rare case when a muslim will be an open gay.
  12. That's why i said befriend a girl not marry. There are cases when gay people start liking a girl and they leave all those gay things
  13. Advise them to get marry, or to befriend a pretty girl. Thats what i can think of otherwise its very tempting for some of the guys. Tell them how dirty/unsafe it is.
  14. LOL you made a mistake, its 4+5+6=6 ( FOR SHIAS) 1+2+3=6 (FOR WAHABIS) 1+2+3+4+5+6= 21 (FOR SUNNIS)
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