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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. First of all, I don't think we view him as a "divine" imam...the 12 imams are simply successors chosen by Allah (swt) and Rasulullah (saw) to preserve the message and protect Islam from any innovations. Second of all, If we ignore the event of ghadeer (that alone speaks for itself).. If we ignore how Rasulullah (saw) told Imam Ali (as) that Ali is to him as Haroon (as) was to Moussa (as) (when Allah (swt) tells us in the qur'an that Haroon was Moussa's minister during his absence APPOINTED by Allah (swt)....) Let's ignore the battle of khaibar and uhud...Let's also ignore the fact that Imam Ali (as) only gave bay'a to Abu Bakr 6 months later.. Well Allah (swt) tells us in the Qur'an: Only God, His Messenger, and the true believers who are steadfast in prayer and pay alms, while they kneel during prayer, are your guardians. (5:55) Allah (swt) is talking about Imam Ali in the qur'an and tells us he is our guardian (wali) after the Prophet (saw)..... just like how Rasulullah stood on Ghadeer Khum and told everyone that Imam Ali is the guardian (wali) of every believer after him (saw). Think about this.. Imam Ali (as) participated in the Siffin war to defend his khilaafa...thousands of MUSLIMS died from both sides for this purpose....defending Imam Ali (as) was considered jihad and before that Imam Ali (as) also defended his position..in the battle of the camel..against who? The Prophet's wife and 2 righteous companions, Talha and Zubair....... If he didn't know he was following Rasulullah's orders, that he was the wali of the believers after Rasulullah (saw) then I highly doubt he would've allowed those 2 wars to happen.. He would've allowed Talha or Zubair to take the khilaafa. Why let muslims get killed? After all, they were part of the 10 companions who were promised heaven, weren't they? So handing over the khilaafa to them shouldn't have been a problem.. Imam Ali (as) declared himself the rightful caliph numerous times in Nahjul Balagha, if you wanna question the accuracy of that book, well that's a different topic which deserves it's own thread, but you obviously won't find what you're looking for in Sahih Bukhari or Muslim. Narrations from Ahlul Bayt (as) are almost non-existent in those books. Which also raises a lot of doubt...IF Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) was sunni as some claim, we'd find his narrations all over Bukhari.
  2. I have a few questions which I am not able to find answers to and are seriously casting doubts in me... How do we know the ghulaat beliefs haven't infiltrated our ahadeeth? I was never aware of the ghulaat before but recently read about them and it seems like some aspects of christianity, sufism and "ghulaat" have had an influence. I just finished reading the book "A calm dialogue between sunnah & shia" and the author showed a lot of narrations from usul al kafi and bihar al anwar which seem contrary to what the Qur'an teaches.. Basically my question is, how authentic are our ahadeeth? Why do we reject ALL ahadeeth in sunni books..? Why is it that Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq cursed some shia narrators? How could Imam Abu Hanifa be a sunni while being a student of our imam and having deep respect and admiration for him? Was Abu Hanifa secretly a shi'i or were the teachings of Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq more closer to sunni islam than we think?
  3. It means they CAN sin but they don't sin. Technically, they are physically capable of grabbing a cup of alcohol and drinking it or lying for example but they would never commit such sins because they truly fear and love Allah (swt), believe in Him and are inspired by Him to stay away from ALL sins, minor and large. Only an infallible Imam merits the title "Prince of Believers" or Amir'ul Mu'mineen because the Imam represents the perfect example for all believers of his time... Allah intends only to remove from you the impurity [of sin], O people of the [Prophet's] household, and to purify you with [extensive] purification. [Qur'an 33:33]
  4. Remember these words: Shia Islam is true Islam and is expanding every day.
  5. Only the 12 Imams are infallible. Their siblings and sons/daughters are not infallible.
  6. The sheikh also kept insisting that Shi'as claim to follow AhlulBayt but in reality we don't, just like how Christians claim to follow Jesus (as) but they don't. In reality, it is the Sunnah who claim to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) but they are the ones who don't follow the true Sunnah. Few examples of the bid'a, taraweeh, washing their feet in wudhu', pointing their index finger upwards during tashahud. They but claim to follow the Sunnah, but they actually follow the Sunnah of the companions. They also CLAIM to love Ahlul Bayt, but history shows how these so called companions mis-treated AhlulBayt. You can visit abubakr.org just to get an interactive glimpse of how Fatima (as) was treated following the death of her beloved father, Rasulullah (saw). The Prophet said there will be 12 caliphs after me, 12 princes after me. So the sheikh in the video is saying that the Shi'a are a disgrace to the 12 Imams because we listened to the Prophet's last word? Because we listened when the Prophet (saw) said "I leave you 2 weighty things, the Qur'an and my AhlulBayt" ? Wow, we're so horrible aren't we. They will never have an answer to this and therefore, they always resort to trying to include the companions and the wives of the Prophet in the AhlulBayt. That is the only argument they can hold on to. The proof for this is that he concluded the video, all proud of himself, saying "Therefore, the Ahlul Sunnah are part of the Ahlul Bayt!"
  7. If we are to bring God's will into this then I could easily tell you that God willed the strongest religion in the world to associate a son with Him (astaghfirullah) or that God willed the persecution of the early companions. I watched the video but he doesn't make sense in a lot of things he says. First of all to claim that the Shi'as beliefs are baseless, he's obviously in denial. Second of all, he keeps saying that Imam Ali (as)'s daughters married from Ahlul Sunnah. Ahlul Sunnah didn't even exist as a term back then, not until hundreds of years later. When they later formed the 4 schools of thought (Hanafi, Shaafi'i, Maliki, Hanbali), their followers named themselves Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jama'a. Abu Bakr and Umar never called themselves Sunnis. The companions who hated Ali (as) never called themselves from the Ahlul Sunnah. During Othman's time, we had Shi'at Ali and Shi'at Othman. Later on it became Shi'at Ali and Shi'at Mu'awiya. The arguments brought forth in the video are so illogical. He said that Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as)'s mom is the descendant of Abu Bakr. Her name is Umm Farwa. What does that prove? She adhered to the teachings of AhlulBayt (as), she was his mom and married to Imam Mohammed Al Baqir (as). Just because she is related to Abu Bakr, it doesn't make her a duplicate of Abu Bakr. She's never even met Abu Bakr! Does he know that Abu Bakr's son Muhammad was adopted by Ali (as) because he loved him so much and that Muhammad (ra), the son of Abu Bakr fought alongside Imam Ali (as)? Does he know that, actually Umm Farwa is the grand-daughter of Muhammad, the adopted son of Ali (as)? He said that Imam Hassan (as) married from Ahlul Sunnah (which wasn't even a term back then). Wasn't it Imam Hassan (as)'s wife who poisoned him as instructed by Mu'awiya? I feel the love. It's also really pathetic of the sheikh in the video to claim that AhlulBayt want nothing to do with Shi'as. Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) is the one who codified the Shia school of thought and protected the true teachings of our Prophet (saw). That is why we are considered Ja'faris, just like how some Sunnis consider themselves Hanafis or Malikis. Shi'as LOVE Sahaba too, just not the ones who were hypocrites. It is a well known FACT that Imam Ali (as) refused to pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr until at least 6 months later. I don't care how you look at it, it is obvious that the statement he was sending out was "I do not approve of your caliphate". And for the sheikh in the video to keep claiming that so and so married from the Sahaba doesn't prove anything. Not ALL Sahaba were bad. Many Sahaba sided with Imam Ali (as) such as Abu Dharr, Miqdad, Bilal, Ammar Ibn Yassir, Salman Al Farisi etc.. These companions are not considered Shi'a by the Sunni school of thought, they are still considered one of the most beloved Sahaba to them. Of course they won't mention how Abu Dharr (ra) died, at the hands of Othman. Wait, I can't say that! Can I? I forgot, both Othman and Abu Dharr loved each other very much and admired each other, that's why Othman exiled him.
  8. Wa Alaykom As-Salam, I know you must be in a lot of pain right now. Very sorry to hear that. There is nothing in Islam that would prohibit the both of you from getting married and her father's preference of having both parents sayyids is unfortunately ignorant. There is no superiority between sayyids and non-sayyids in Islam. Nonetheless, it seems like you just need to get her on board in allowing you to come forward and propose. The problem seems to lie here, that she doesn't want you to even try asking for her hand. Do you think it would be a big problem if you went and proposed anyway? Regardless of her not wanting you to? At least you would have felt that you tried? If not, you have to try getting her on board with the idea of you proposing. I'm sorry to say this but it seems like she is trying to move on and if you constantly call or text her, it will just push her away even more. You need to give her a lot of space to think and realize that she misses you and wants to fight for you guys. Calling her a lot will not help your situation at all, it will just damage it even more. You need to give her space...a few days...You need to see if she will reach out to you if you don't reach out to her in a week or two...After 2 weeks, try to reach out to her one more time or try to propose (if you think that would be ok). If she doesn't respond, then she genuinely wants to move on and wants you to move on as well. In that case, focus on your last semester and then ask your mom to help you find a better girl. I know you might be thinking in your head that "there are no better girls than her", but with time you'll see that there are a lot of other girls similar to the one you fell in love with.
  9. I don't understand why everyone is attacking SeekingTruth153. Brother, I'm very sorry SC gave you a wrong impression of Shi'as. However, there must be another reason why you are leaning towards the Sunni sect. It is very illogical and irrational to judge a sect by an internet forum. I am sort of new to SC but it seems to be a pretty laid back online forum. Nothing really wrong with that. Judge a sect by its 'aqeeda, not by peoples' behaviors. I am Shia and have lived around Shias my whole life and have never ever heard anyone curse Allah (swt) nor Rasulullah (saw). I was completely shocked when you mentioned that. I think it's pretty clear that anyone who does that is no where near the folds of Islam and cannot even be considered Shi'a. If you really read the history of Islam with an open heart, it is quite clear that the right path is to follow AhlulBayt (as) and not fallible caliphs who have left Islam open to corruption. If you see a Shi'i behaving badly, just ask yourself "What would Rasulullah (saw) do?" or "What would AhlulBayt say about this?" Don't associate those few people to a sect. It is quite clear that music is haram and any Prophet (as) or Imam (as) would forbid music. I'm surrounded by many many Sunnis and they all listen to music. I've never heard a Sunni say that music is haram, I've only heard this from Shi'as. Does that mean that the Sunni sect is wrong just because Sunnis listen to music? NO Look at it from a different angle. Why do Sunnis pray Taraweeh religiously every Ramadan when Rasulullah (saw) never did so? Why do they wash their feet during wudhu' when the QUR'AN says to rub them. Why do they fold their arms during Salat when Rasulullah (saw) never did? Why do they praise the Sahaba and Aisha like no tomorrow yet are ready to call out Fatima-az-zahraa (as) as "an ordinary woman who followed her desires when asking for her inheritance" when Allah (swt) clearly says in the Qur'an "Declare [O' Muhammad]: I ask you of no recompense for my toil except the love for my kin (family)." Why do the Sunnis give the Sahaba higher ranking than AhlulBayt? I've been asked by a Sunni once "What did Ali do so great during his lifetime? Look at Umar's great achievements, you can't compare the two." Even worse, I've seen people take Mu'awiya's side when talking about the Siffin War...................Really? :wacko: :sick: Why is it shirk for Shi'as to pray on mud when that's all the Prophet (saw) ever prayed on? Besides the Khumra of course. Shi'a Islam is the sect that follows the true Sunnah of the Prophet (saw). As a Shia, I am very selective of the lectures I listen to. Hajj Hassanain Rajabali gives a very good impression of what true Shia Islam really is. I avoid cultural rituals and that doesn't stop me from considering myself as a follower of AhlulBayt (as). I've never heard a Shi'i call a Sunni kafir. I can only say the opposite about Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jama'a, they even go as far to say that it is haram to eat meat from Shi'a restaurants. I've heard it all, we are a cancer apparently, we're jews, we're najiss, we're mushrikeen. After considering all of that, are the Shi'as still the misguided ones just because someone added "Rock music" to their interests or uses bad language online?
  10. You should read Surat Al Ikhlas, Surat Al Falaq and Surat Al Nas each 3 times before going to sleep. Reciting those holy suwar should protect you from shaitan (la) entering your dreams inshaAllah. If you wake up feeling negative the rest of the day, it's a sign that the dream is from shaitan (la), as he enjoys our suffering in every way. I sense that you may still have some unresolved feelings/grudges with that person you fought with. As Yoda1 suggested, maybe have a talk with them to clear things out. Try to stay positive during the day, despite having dreamt that disturbing dream. Don't let the dream "win". If you are not currently active, join a gym or start an exercise routine, eat healthy, smile more frequently and don't forget to recite those suwar before bed.
  11. Do not post it as a Facebook status :no: . Tell your parents, aunts/uncles, cousins and close friends to be on the lookout for you. You don't need to ask every 'alim you know, maybe just one or two that you trust have good characters. May Allah (swt) help you.
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