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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What you can do depends on where you live. In Sweden forcing a daughter to marry is a punishable crime. Even if you kidnap her to be married in (for example Pakistan), you will be charged. Muslims in Swedish diaspora must follow Swedish rules, as Swedes in Pakistan also must follow the laws in Pakistan. Muslims that dont want to obey national laws should give up the diaspora and return home. If the daughter is 18, parents no longer can force her to follow. At 18 both boys and girls are independenr and have the same full rights.
  2. If the only possibility was a pro-forma conversion, it would be OK with me if my son had to do so.
  3. For Muslim women in western countries this discrimination is problematic. If their parents insists on it.
  4. This is also my impression, but there are also women with a very high sexual drive, and men that dont seem interested at all. Some of my female friends say they have a high drive when in the fertile period of their cyklus. Seems reasonable to me. If so, maybe women could feel just as frustrated as men in periods.
  5. Nobody knows for sure if the Quran was collected while Muhammed still lived. It is not at all certain when the Birmingham Quran was written. It could be during Muhammeds time, it could be later. Same with the Sanaa. Certain is that they are both early, and that they differ. Sanaa could be a practising scribe. But if so, what did he copy? Certainly not the Urhman Quran. More likely a Quran Uthman tried to extinguish. Could the Quran have borrowed material from before Muhammed? Difficult to say. I am not surprised some experts speculate. This is what experts do, they do not start by saying; "everything that goes against the Quran being the perfect word of God, or what Shia tradition say, must be wrong".
  6. By corruption I mean a Book where the meaning has changed. Sanaa Quran has different orders of the Suras, this does not change the meaning of the content. Sentences are also not always similar. This does not necessarily change the meaning either ( It can, if one like Trump "forgets" a negation). We read translations where sentences sound and look totally different, but the meaning still can be the same as in original Arabic. Muhammed himself could very well have used different wording when retelling the words if the Angel, which could have resulted in different versions. In the same way the Books of the Bible have not been corrupted. There may be additions, like the obvious last chapter of Johns Gospel that imformes us that the preceeding chapters were written by the "beloved desciple" or the ending of Mark, that may have been lost. As long ad these variations do not alter the content of the Gospels, corruption is much to strong a word to use.
  7. Only experts can read texts as old as the "fake" Quran properly. I do not think even they know why it differs from Uthmans. What seems certain however is that there were different editions, (quite natural as reveletions showed up during a long period) One was believed to be correct, the others destroied.
  8. It is obviously written during the Medina period while Muhammed still was alive. That is between 622-632AD, correct me if I am wrong. I notice that Jews are mentioned, Christians not. Seemingly they did not exist in Medina. There is however a convenant with Christians 1200 miles south of Medina. The Medina constitution must be earlier, before Muhammeds army had expanded that far, so in the earlier period of 622-632. There is no doubt that Muhammed was the sovereign ruler. In this respect a very different situation from that of Jesus. There seems to be no Arab written documents before Medina. The Arab culture developed explosively.
  9. Fantastic. Thank you. Are you aware of any other written document from Muhammeds region from before 632AD?
  10. Like I told you there is no way we can be certain this is so. I dont mind you disagree with me. Its OK.
  11. Where does the Quran say the quran is corrupted? Where does the Quran say the Bible is corrupted? Which of the questions can you answer with "nowhere"
  12. Not true because it differes from the Canon? According to Muslim tradition, the revelations Muhammed recieved from the Angel were from God. Unaltered throu a human chain we now find them in Uthmans Bible. For some reason we also find a different version in Sanaa. I find it very natural that there initially were different versions. I also find it very natural that Muslim leaders found it necessary to determine the Canon.
  13. We all know you think the Bible is corrupted, but this is not the topic. The topic is the headline question you find so difficult that you cant answer. Try to consider this: Where does the Quran say Muhammed is a false prophet? The simple answer is that the Quran never say so. Where does the Quran say the Bible is corrupted? The simple answer is that the Quran never say so. Got it??????
  14. Claiming Muhammed also was called Ahmed us easy. It could be interesting to know how long after Muhammed death this claim was recorded. Why would Muhsmmed say "Ahmed" if he meant "Muhammed" ? It is indeed very misleading. A perfect book does not mislead.
  15. The Sanaa Quran was an attempt to corrupt the Quran because there was something unique about the Quran????? How do we know that Uthmans Quran was not the corruption and Sanaa the original? Or that there different wordings of the revelations before the Sanaa and Uthman Qurans were written? Or that Muhammed himself used different wordings when he told about his revelations so that both Qurans were original? Fact is nobody today knows, but that Muslims believe Uthmams Quran is the correct version.
  16. Where can I find the text of the Medina constitution? Or is it lost? Are there any other texts known from Muhammeds society from before 632?
  17. There is a lot more text in thr Bible to consider, but you better discuss this with someone that believe in the trinity.
  18. Nobody knows who wrote the lower layer text of the Sanaa Quran. What makes you believe it was a deliberate attempt to corrupt the Quran?
  19. I am not sure I ever got a relevant answer from you. Concerning Ahmed I have nothing to say, never heard about that person.
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