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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi Laayla. What on earth has sexual harassement got to do with shaking hands??????
  2. I doubt such groups exist. Not within Christianity either. I was speaking about secular Muslims. Or maybe you prefer to call them cultural or ethnic Muslims.
  3. In september we will elect our govenrment politicians. Lets see how many hundred votes Nazis will recieve. And sharia, I dont think there is a Shariaparty running for parliament in Sweden. Not even sure they exist.
  4. They can, if they recieve enough support from the voters. There is no sign they will. 100 votes give no influence. You need at least 4% of all votes in Sweden to enter parliament. Try google "democrasy".
  5. Muslim come here in hope of a better life. Economically or/and for political freedom. Many escaping war. Of course there are some that wish Sharia, we are all diffetent, but most prefer Swedish law and democrasy. There are also Swedes that are anti-democrats. The Nazi party has a few hundred members. Nazism or Sharia will never come to power. Having meals with Muslims is no problem for me or the Muslims I know. There may be for some Muslims, but I think they are few. I have heard of Muslims that refuses to shake hand with the opposite sex, very impolite in Sweden, they are few thou.
  6. I am very much aware that Muslims generally will follow old traditional belief. However there are always people that dont. The history of the Quran is not very well documented which opens up for theories that differ from the official ones.
  7. So what you are saying is that the lower text is a result of scribal errors. Read your link again. Experts say it is not likely to be svribal errors. ( Awaiting your answer to my question)
  8. You are far out now. The Sanaa lower text is not identical to Uthmans canon. Uthmans Quran may very well also be older than when it was made Canon You still have not anwered if you agree with the wikipedia site you linked to. If you do not answer this third time I now ask, I will be certain you do not dare to answer and I will not ask again.
  9. I find it very likely that both Sanaa and Birmingham Qurans are prior to Uthmans. After Uthman no other versions than his were allowed. Is there any information that the experts give according your wikipedialink that you disagree with? You did not answer this
  10. ??? Where did I say it was conspiracy?? Possibly dfferent Qurans circulated until Uthman forbade them all, except the one of his choise. No conspiracy.
  11. I have no reason to question anything that the link you refer to is wrong. Do you?
  12. Wikipedia on Sanaa Quran "The upper text largely conforms to the standard 'Uthmanic' Quran in text and in the standard order of suras; whereas the lower text contains many variations from the standard text, and the sequence of its suras corresponds to no known quranic order" This is not a copy of Uthmans Quran. It is a slightly different version. There is nothing sensational different versions occured. The revelations occured over a long period of time and could easily have developed minor differences. Maybe Muhammed himself did not use exactly the same language when retelling the fi
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