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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Let me clear something up for you since you failed to understand the point the first time. Other than this post, I have never "indicated" i was from the west. Hence the reason for this post. That is why I ask questions because I am from OVER HERE. But let's be clear about what the 'west' is. It includes All of Latin America and Caribbean Islands. Perhaps you should open a book and learn about all the differents types of Latinos and Caribbean Islanders. Or perhaps the Indians in Suriname or the French Speaking Black Africans in French Guiana or all the Different types of Asians that Live in Guyana. But instead I'm sure you took the typical, ignorant view of a 'westerner'. Failing to remember all the hundreds of different countries in the west.
  2. The link is there in Turkish any Educated Person would know to check the link before talking...... I wonder have you seen any pictures or videos of groups other than Feminists, Communists, and Secularists. I brought something to the table followed by a source, hopefully you could contribute something more progressive than just 3 words of doubt in favor of Feminists, Alcoholics, Homsexuals, and Communists.
  3. I'm not pro Erdogan by any means but I for sure would never be caught dead with any of these animals. Here are some of those people involved in the 'healthy demonstrations for democracy'. More from the 'honorable people seeking democracy' after 65 years of sectarian rule LETS SUPPORT A REVOLUTION OVER ALCOHOL, HOMOSEXUALITY, AND SECULARISM!!!!! I Right, they're all righteous people with legitimate demands right?!!! Or has the hatred for our enemies lead us to corruption??? This is a mosque that was occupied by 'the revolutionaries'. and this is how the Mosque looked the day after. Here is the source. http://www.habervaktim.com/haber/328843/camiyi-bakin-ne-hale-getirdiler.html The Muslims should correct themselves and quit supporting Secular, Alcohol Friendly, and Immoral People. Especially when these People hate Islam.
  4. Admins please add this note to the Rules and Guidelines so future converts from North America don't ask questions about things they're not familiar with. Please add that you must know everything about EVERYTHING AND the region and you can't ask questions that seem counter THIS or you will crucified, ridiculed, insulted, and bombarded by the "MUSLIMS". :sick: Also, add that asking questions is sacrilegious and if you ask questions let it be known that you will be outcasted as a 'troll' lol. LMAO I never been more let down by people in whom I had faith lol thanks for bringing me back to reality and showing me just how screwed we all are. Much Appreciated "BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN ISLAM" lmao :lol:
  5. Google? Now I understand why stupidity is rampant. Thanks I thought so too, that's why I asked you know because I already knew the answer. The fact you guys get hot and bothered by a question raises tons of suspicion. If you weren't guilty of something you would give honest, straight answers, and quit acting so arrogantly. Or wait maybe this is the religion you follow, "hate hate hate" Called a troll for asking a question. ATTENTION ALL RESPONDING IDIOTS I AM NOT FROM THE REGION so maybe that is an indication as to why I don't know. I don't know though that is just my opinion. You guys talk really tough online but I know for a fact you wouldn't be so hardcore in real life all I hear is a pack of dogs yelping not even barking. Clearly I touched a tender nerve otherwise there wouldn't be so many people hot and bothered BY AN HONEST QUESTION. If I wanted to search on google I would search but I thought it was better to get answers from the source BUT AGAIN I DON'T KNOW THAT MUST JUST BE MY CRAZY OPINION.
  6. So asking questions is trolling? You people are beyond ridiculous and I am honestly fed up with how low you people are already. I'm completely baffled right now at how rude you all are. But you all will be the first to say how much you 'love ahlul bait' and 'follow ahlul bait'. I'm not from the region so naturally my knowledge isn't as good as people who are from there can the ignorant understand this? so the verse is wrong that's what you're arguing?! You're a filthy animal. how do you call yourself a muslim? The homosexual model preaching religion!! now i know i have seen it all
  7. Thank you to the two Muslims that answered in Respect and Honesty without sarcasm, rudeness, or name calling. Allah appreciates it when we behave like Muslims.
  8. LOL not shirk but definitely something no self respecting MAN would do.
  9. Thanks for the sarcasm i wonder why i didn't think of that?! Let's try to have conversation on the basis of intelligence ok? Are you capable of that? Let's reference events that are less that 7 years old and are more relevant to the crisis in Syria. If you're capable of that, i don't expect you to be able though so don't worry about letting me down. I have been called by you: 'abu sufyan' 'muawiya' 'yazeed' and 'salafi' do you know anything about wrongly accusing people in Islam? Do you know what the Prophet and the Quran says about False Accusations? Surah 6:159 Indeed, those who have divided their religion and become sects - you, [O Muhammad], are not [associated] with them in anything. Their affair is only to Allah ; then He will inform them about what they used to do.
  10. I recently overheard some youth discussing the war in Syria. I am guessing they were shia because of the tone they took towards the Sunnis and 'descendants of muawiya'. This along with things my sunni friends have been saying has had me wondering lately and prompted me to raise this issue in the forum: Are there 12er Shias out there pursuing a sectarian agenda in Syria? Is it true there have been 'fatwas' coming from Iranian Ayatollahs to kill all Sunnis?
  11. By which 'religious leaders' are you talking about? Syria is not a religious issue btw...
  12. "Salafi"? "Abu Sufyan"? lol that is a first. Extra Stuff means exactly what it says. Certainly since you put together half of a sentence last time you should be able comprehend these two words.
  13. salaam palabras Here are some great ideas for whom to follow. 1) Muhammad ibn Abdullah (saws) 2) Muhammad ibn Abdullah (saws) 3) Muhammad ibn Abdullah (saws) As a reverted Muslim myself, I suggest you read the quran front to back first. Learn the fundamentals of religion then worry about this 'extra' stuff. Your 5th Imam Al Baqir said in 'Diya al Amilin' "Your strong one should help your weak one. Your rich one should be kind to your poor one. The man should be loyal to his brother as he is loyal to himself. Keep our secrets. Do not force the people to follow us. Consider carefully our affair and what has been mentioned on our authority. If you find it in agreement with the Qur'an, then put it into effect. If you find it contrary to the Qur'an, then leave it." salaam.
  14. (salam) Thank you all for your responses. I will be mentioning everything you have told me to my wife.With what I learned from you all I will make my decision about where to take my Family for a vacation. Jazak Allah Kheir. (salam)
  15. Thanks for your answers. I have never read Psalms of Islam but i do have Najhol Balagha. I also did not know that Al Hussein (as) appointed his son to his position. There are many thing's I do not know and of course, as I have noticed. People who express interest in Shia Islam are bombarded by 'terrible' stories about the shia. I really want to visit your beautiful masjids, especially the Imam Ali Reza Shrine.
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