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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No one has responded to my previous topic either. Please could someone respond and advise Salam
  2. Asalamo Alaiykum Could anyone please tell me if there will be any day time Majalis in London this Muharram InshaAllah? I know that most are during the evening but I would love to know if there are any during the day or even late afternoon (3/4ish) Thank you!
  3. Asalamo Alaiykum I am looking for genuine Yemen Aqeeq stones in London. Anywhere in London is fine but ofcourse I would need to get it from a reliable source. I do not want an actual ring but just a stone, I want to have the ring made myself Please could someone help me out with this query. I need to get it as soon as possible. Thank you very much
  4. Thank you so much for your extensive explanation of the various meanings. It really does help. However could you please write the transliterations for the above words too as I unfortunately can not read Farsi text. Sorry, I realise this may be a bit long winded for you to write out. I don't necessarily need phrases but rather the specific words on their own Thank you once again and yes I do mean the 'inner strength' to be able to face adversities. The word for that kind of strength
  5. Salam Thank you for your response. Would you be translating Bash literally in to strong/strength? Also could Nirou ever be applied in a way to say 'strong faith' or to relate to inner strength? نيرو توانايي What do these translate in to? Does one refer to inner non-physical strength? قدرت قوی/ قدرتمند / نیرومند
  6. Ok I see what you are saying. So having 'inner strength' doesn't have a specific type of word? What would the sentence then be for - 'have strength in you' or 'be strong in yourself' Is Nirou for physical strength? How would it be used in a sentence ? Thank you again, I really appreciate the help I get very confused with the various uses/words
  7. thank you for your response I do see what you mean. That has definitely cleared up the bavar/eteghad difference. When I say strong I mean inner strength. Not a 'strong' feeling for something. Something like Telling someone who is down or upset to 'have strength'. Does this make sense? Also for both bavar and eteghad do you know the actual farsi spelling for both of these in Farsi text? Thank you once again Also would Nirou apply to any of this??
  8. Salam brothers and sisters Please can someone who speaks farsi help me. I needed to know the correct English to Farsi translations and also transliterations. What is the correct actual farsi word for Strength? Not as in physical strength, but inner strength or strength in Faith? Also what is the correct farsi word for Faith as in spiritual faith? Is it bavar or eteghad? What is difference between the two words? An explanation for each would be very helpful and also the correct word in Farsi with the correct text. Also if there is more than one word for the same meaning please list them. Thank you very much
  9. They are all very sweet. Is there anything more like agha joon? No use of 'baba'. Wanted something different Thank you all for your replies though!
  10. Yes, do People really use that in farsi? I don't think I've heard of it. It's sweet
  11. Salam all I wanted to ask what people use for their grandad in farsi? Are there any endearing or sweet words that you use instead of 'pedar bozorg'. That indeed is a very long sort of word to use. Do you have any shorter words that you use personally or cute sounding words that are endearing. Please do share what you all use. It would be really nice to get some ideas. Thank you
  12. Asalam u Laiykum I am in need of the proper Dua for Marg e Mafajat Thank you
  13. Salam, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what one should do if they suspect black magic has been used to curse a family they know? What should the family do ? Is there any special Du'ah ? Is there any person who specialises in this. It is taking a great toll on the family and they have been told twice that their bad luck is due to black magic. Thank you all
  14. Thank you for your replies. We are picking both type of names, a religious name aswell! Yes I love the Zh pronunciation, I don't think it's too hard, do you? What is everyone's opinion, Nazafarin or Zhaleh is better ? Any other Farsi name suggestions, ie liked a few but want some opinions perhaps Thank you again !
  15. Thank you sisters! I absolutely love this name as it fits perfectly with a few religious girls names too. How do people find the pronunciation? Is it too hard to pronounce for people? Also what do people think of Nazafarin ?
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