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  1. salaams so i know this mustve been tehre before, but im too much in a hurry to look through the archives so if someones started the forty day amaal of ziarat ashura and gets her period in between, do those days count and does she continue the amaal or does she take a break, and then starts when the period is over? thanks so much in advance and jazakAllah!
  2. that be true, but Ali(As) was still in Koofa when he died, so how does that fit? why did they move back to madina?!
  3. So the capital during the time of Imam Ali's caliphate was Koofa, right.. So why did Imam Hassan(as) move back with the family to Madina? Also, if Imam Ali(as) resided in Koofa, where he was martyred, why is he burried in Najaf? why not koofa? and lastly, syeda zainab (as) was married to hazrat abdullah bin jaffer (as) during the lifetime of Imam Ali (as). also, she resided with Imam Ali during his stay in Koofa. So was Abdullah present with her while she was in Koofa? Because all historic details highlight that Abdullah was always in Madinah. If someone could clarify these historic questions, it would be great! Jazak-Allah Khair
  4. hi dono if this has been asked before or not, and would really appreciate a quick answer so how much of Quran can a lady read during periods? i follow Aqaye Sistani in jurisdiction ? also, is it haram or makrooh? what of someone has done a niyyat to read a certain surah(s) for a specific number of days, and starts her period in between? should she break it apart or continue? will it have adverse effects? thanks much for the replies!
  5. soo lets say if a sis/bro wants to get married and has ahem come of age so any special duas as cited by masoomeen (as) or namaz that is to be prayed for it to happen umm say quickly? :wub:
  6. but even black shoes are makrooh from as far as i rmbr black clothes are makrooh during prayer/namaz offering, even as per sistani according to sistani, yu're ok if yu wear them on normal days and its not makrooh according to him- from the latest lectures that ive attended, ive learbned this so if anyone contests, thn if he has a valid reference or source, he may be right :/ hwoever, alot of clerics do blv and state that its makrooh to be worn on normal days
  7. fudge fudge fudge

  8. :wub: Ghadeer-e-Khum: cant stop smiling today, cant be enough thankful pictures realllyyyy great, thanks for sharing
  9. do we have the concept of karma in shia islam? and do you guys think its real? like it happens? thnks for replies
  10. umera ahmed: darbaar-e-dil ishq, eemaan aur muhabbat shahr-e-zaat mein ne khuabon ka shajar dekha peer-e-kaamil (must read!) there's also the famous drama novel humsafar by farhat ishtiaq, and i think 'wo jo qarz rakhtay hein' is also by farhat ishtiaq: both being really good reads oh and in case you dont find hard copies, this might come in handy: http://www.kitaabghar.com/ good luck! :)
  11. salaams all ok since most members are active here, it'd be nice to hear about a time, or times when yu dua-ed or prayed for something and it was granted? was it immediately? delayed? not granted- and later you understood it was for your own good? if members would like to share i.e. :) also, do you think there was anything you did that hastened the acceptance of the dua? :)
  12. thankyou so much :) and thanks for the live ziarah links aswell :)
  13. Salaams can anyone help? is there any dua that if recited, is guaranteed to immediately be answered? i know delays are for our own goods, but i want a dua whose effect is tremendous in having immediate acceptance, as dua is the only thing that can change what is already decreed and fated? thanks p.s. dont tell me to pray it with all my heart, im already doing that :)
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