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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well, from what i know ashura and the halacaust are pretty well documented. But you can be right. Any horrific event could probably go undocumented, and we may never know the full scale. Either way, on almost all accounts, the halacaust is more brutal.
  2. Maybe you should learn more. Have a look at this: http://www.auschwitz.dk/doctors.htm PRISONORS of the halacaust were subjected to HORROFIC medical experiments and torture. Sorry, i am not going to give you the sympathy here. Life is a gift. you breath, feel, see. You have potentiol to shape your destiny. So many people have DIED brutally and had NO choice. And you are here telling us you want to die ? Meditate, get some self control. What sins are you doing? sexual sins? = get married or perform mutah
  3. Hello brothers and sisters. Many of us say that The Imam is out there helping people, helping the needs of others ect. But what did he do about the Halacaust ? and other atrocities like stalin, and in palestine ? I personally don't believe he is helping me. The purpose of messengers or Imams are to reveal and preserve (imams preserve). can anyone please shed light on this ? don't give me a link , or a hadith where he helps people. Please adress the issue ahsant and peace:)
  4. I don't think it's right. You need to be prepared to hear of their death ect. Don't marry a millitary man lightly. Depending on which side they fight for, they can or can not be heroes. I thank God i don't have to be part of any war. Instead i will be a soldier on intelectual wars.
  5. I am a muslim , shia. I certianly know of the attrocities commited by Yazid , may Allah swt curse him if he wills. But having read of the halacaust..that truly is so much worse. Ashura happened on one day, in a 1 on 1 battle. They had a chance to fight back and die heroes, and now everyone remembers them. The aftermath was not as bad as ashura. Chains ect. In the halacaust...humans were starved for WEEKS. They saw their family die infront of them in disgrace (naked...not fighting back, humiliated). Women were raped and mutilated and then blown up. Sakina may God be pleased with her, had her ea
  6. I personally feel a lot of our culture from the east is outdated here in the west. In the east, people tend to get married earlier. Women tend to work less and men are more of the breadwinners. There is also a totally different life style , culture, and surroundings. Here in the west, you have education. Women AND men go to further education , and thus it is difficult for them to get married until they complete this education. Women are becoming more and more independent. It wouldn't be wierd to find a woman that earns more than a man these days. Now here is my issue: people are over 20 alrea
  7. You can do Mutah with anyone who is baligh, preferebly over sixteen. You don't need to ask the father if the women is divorced, or not a virgin look into this. You can ask her to ask her father or ask her father if you can date and perform an islamic ritiual that will let you date her daughter. Explain it to them You may perform mutah with a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim. To answer this thread. Sex is not a bad thing in Islam - it's a good thing. But masturbation turns into addiction and wanting more. I recommend meditation. Learn to master your emotions. Don't watch or look at dirty things, an
  8. GOMAD diet. google it. you drink a gallon of milk a day.
  9. I live in England and i am entitled to all of that. America spends too much on war.
  10. Good post, pathetic title. Don't refer to our muslim brothers like that. I'm a shia MUSLIM
  11. ^ does not mention hindu's but jews and christians.
  12. a non-muslim reading that would be put off by islam , you know? every single one of our words on these popular websites needs to be in mind of this. but i lol'd! you are a funny guy. SRS: hand the Dog over to a christian family or vets , who will look after it with the dignity and love it deserves. i'm a muslim who is TERRIFIED of Dogs. One touch and you must wash your entire clothes, have a full shower/bath ect.
  13. Let your child go to a good school. They need to learn social interaction with other people, don't deny them this. Just make sure they are mature and know what is right or wrong. As for the scarf... let me go even further back. I would only marry a women i know very well, and have seen her in her best and worst times. I.E temporary marrige or some sort to get to know her. You can't force a woman to wear a scarf. Just look for someone else. That will NOT end well.
  14. Why is showing your hair/body HARRAM? This is because it will cause attraction to males. I think islam is PERFECT in making women dress modestly. I disagree with a face veil - not even islamic and cultural. But women who wear make up beautify themselves. This goes against the need for a scarf in the first place. ANY KIND of make up btw. lipstick especially.
  15. > Imam Ali a.s. got married when he was 14. we have so much culture put into islam these days. You could go for Mutah i.e temporary marrige. Or best just be patient brah. I think in 20 years, the very strict non islamic cultures of the east in the west will be wiped out. The new generation growing including myself want to follow islam without the extra kilo's of uneeded culture.
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