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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Luqman72 illness is bad. Muhammed-mehdi Is it always bad ? How about the illness of a believer, which brings him closer to Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى or a test or purifies him / Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى gives him this instead of the (eternal) Hellfire ? And let's say a completely evil person get's ill. Is this illness or this happening of illness, or this having of illness a bad thing ? Just a brother trying to learn _____________________________________________________ ^^ Whys is illness bad? I am using "bad" as 1 "ontologically less preferable than health
  2. Salam IMO there are some things which are more certain, like health is good and illness is bad. As for all those social rules and conventions, they can be assessed on how they affect people or groups of people. But scientifically, comparing in such complex situations as war, the right or wrong side to take etc, its impossible to calculate except by using rules of thumb and general principles. There is a 3 body problem in physics and maths, they can barely calculate simple orbital systems which are chaotic or sensitive to minute influences. So wholescale computation of societies is impossible.
  3. Salam thanks for the video, I personally believe in peace. On the issue of disunity I would blame it no on the devil, rather than any particular person. More diplomatic. Also there is the issue of physical entropy - unusual and beautiful objects such as life itself are subject to decay and need energy to maintain them. Likewise with faith, its a wonderful religion, but over time things tend to branch out and fragment according to the laws of nature?? I hope you don't mind me posting, advice from my teachers is to try to associate with believers.
  4. I'm a sunni hope I can post here freely. My initial thought was "he thinks Sunnis are the "lower self""as nafs in some though is the lower aspect of the soul, or at most the human aspect rather than the divine "ruh". But it seems this is possibly wrong, thank God. After reading the thread if the teacher is being insightful and profound than we're like brothers, maybe he is saying that the "nafs" of the shia leads indirectly to sunnism, in the sense that as koran says a peoples condition wont change till a nation changes itself. That sound odd, but if nafs is to be overcome (https:/
  5. Hey thanks for the answers I have been away soooo long. Sorry for the late ty.
  6. As salamu alay cum. I am wondering what if Shia come to take Mecca one day? What would be their attitude towards Sunnis and other groups for example. I have read that non Shia can be treated as non believers, for example in some Shia books (like "essence of life" -/ "ayn al hayat") this seems to be indicated, but I am not sure of the legal weight of this or the interpretation I have. I am obviously not qualified. But then there are "less orthodox" the Sunnis (afaik) like the Ahmadis. I am wondering of the legal status of non Shia, especially for the rites of haj. For example I hea
  7. Salams, http://www.robocup2016.org/en/ As far as I know teams from Iran won at least two of the commpetitions... heres some youtube clippage from the small sized league final (theyre not remote contriolled but running from sensors and software installed).
  8. I think that most scientists are atheists for many reasons, some cuturally accidental and some related to focus (on the akhira) in Islam. So things like america having top universistes is related to conquest, enlightenment and the age of reason etc - all coming to click together to create the conditions. Another reason is that some of the ulema are suspicious of intellectuals. In fact sometimes anti intellectual (not mentioning sects or madhabs). The common Muslim may be taught to thank God (ultimate cause of boons and blessings) but not to understand or delve into the material con
  9. I have same issue as the OP. I think this is because I am quite warm and expected it from others. Now I try to mind my own business. I have low self esteem in some ways, and i read such people try to make up for it by pleasing others - being smiley etc. Maybe they dont apprecate this? Another source i go from for wisdom - tuhaf ul uqool - is a quote along the lines of "the deeds of these are lost: ...(and...) those who do not have intellect to deal with the people in a well mannerd way..." and another "What is worse that this? (a bad predicament mentioned).
  10. I read a hadith once where marrying the faithful is advised. So is that "breeding for faith"?
  11. My personal take on this is I used to try to learn and practice martial arts for self defence, but ended up trying to save myself from fitnas in by dodging and ducking punches etc at the last instance, last minute. The attraction of Islam for me is that of taqua - to protect and preserve oneself from troubles - via a life of faith and practice of the lifestyle rather than trying to be the next Bruce Lee, or Claude van Dame. I am a lot more healthy and safe at present than I ever was before. I live in a big city and appreciate how tough things can get for some people. I personally feel blessed
  12. I read in a shia book "methods of salat" that intentionally pointing the finger, or saying ameen, or crossing the hands (iirc) invalidates salat. What I want to know in a mere intention to point the finger enough, or does there have to be a "knowledgable intent" - i.e. to know it breaches rules and to intentionally breach them? I heard of "formed conscience" in the Catholic Church - they say they teach and you then know, just by reading or hearing. For me thats epistemological externalism, the basis and justifications for knowledge dont have to be known internally to the person.
  13. I live in a sunni area. I never seen so many muslims. Is this usual, millions suddenly appear from nowhere? I think they have to hold 2 seperate jumma (friday) prayers, and maybe 5 seperate eid prayers, yet at fajr normally theres maybe 20 people attend if that.
  14. OOps sorry this was posted in the wrong forum. Meant to be new converts...
  15. I think the outer world is created "bil haq" i.e in, of and via truth. http://corpus.quran.com/translation.jsp?chapter=14&verse=19 For me that is disclosure in this sense, the truth of phenomenal and noumenal being. (manifest appearance and hidden physical reality). As it was is and will be. You are right - i think - that inner nature (fitra) can be disclosed through piety, belief etc. But also the external objective truth can be disclosed also, we are "in the know" about the facts around us. This contrasts with the belief deaf, dumb and blind, and the being curtained
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