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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. cant u add paging in category section, scrolling down n down is difficult as their are lot of category's. ty for the updates.
  2. Install bluestacks (google) on ur laptop and install the app.
  3. can u add paging option, also when i was reading a hadith n then browsed another app, the page of ur app got restarted and redirected me to home page. If u can add page numbers and add back button to hadith, it will be easy for the user to get back to where he was, it is difficult to scroll down again and again to check hadiths.
  4. Prophet solomon lived for 71253 yrs ? is this authentic ?
  5. Thanks, this app is very helpful and beneficial. May god bless you.
  6. Salam, I want to know the actual age of all the prophets that lived on this earth. If possible provide the references too.
  7. can u please enable the feature to copy the hadith, i am not getting option to copy hadith when i hold my finger on hadith it must display option to copy the hadith.
  8. salam, ty for the reply. Can u give reference from the rulings of aga sistani ?
  9. Salam, My office is next to a Gas station, the underground container which stores the petrol was having a leakage for quite some time and was detected and fixed later. The issue is that the underground water got mixed with our office ground water(bore water), and still the water withdrawn from borewell contains the smell of petrol, tastes like petrol and also the color of water has turned slight yellowish. My questions are, 1. can this contaminated water be used for performing wuzu, or used for making things clean (washing or for doing taharat/make this paak), can this water be considered paak ? We have been getting this water from past few years at our office and we have been using the same water daily for wuzu and taharat. 2. We have also been offering salat/namaz by doing wuzu with same water. So in this case, if the water is muzaf(contaminated) then the salat/namaz performed by us at office will it be Valid? or do we have to perform prayers again(ayadah for the same). It will be highly appreciated if you people provide me the reference for this issue as well. YAM
  10. i think none of us have complete knowledge, every one is having partial knowledge.
  11. salam, They take time to reply, u cannot expect a quick reply from them. if u have questions there is an app on playstore, "Ask those who know" u can ask ur questions there.
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