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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes, they will not apply perfume based on alcohol, just basic itr Btw, its not a sin to apply any najasah, but its an impediment for prayers, I.e. clothes and body must be free of any najasah.
  2. Yes, some other Maraje' consider all forms of alcohol to be Najis, such as Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid Muhammad Saeed al-Hakeem, so for them your Vodka perfumes will not be okay.
  3. Salamun alaykum Tattoos is not a sin in itself, but may be forbidden due to secondary reasons. But its against Islamic ethics, because: Excessive preoccupation with looks, choosing to adorn oneself with something permanent, like wearing a permanent necklace around your neck, or permanent lipstick. It is pure vanity. Spending money on it is Israf. Its foolish, as you will change physically and psychologically; the tattoo may not seem such a good idea in later life. It is naïve to assume that what you like is what you will like in 30 years. Taste and culture will change. Tattoos have been seen to be associated with bad culture, not a culture of enlightenment and education. It has been used largely in past by gangs, criminals and liberal people, or the disenfranchised and immature and rebellious youth. This cultures have been glorified in the media, which has led to increased tattooing, furthered by celebrities in pop culture. If it is a religious branding or motif, then the best branding is through action and conduct. On our path towards God, with iman and taqwa, the tattoo has no place.
  4. Salamun alaykum We cannot conjecture about the wisdom and hikmat and reasons behind certain rules. However, we find in Bihar al-Anwar an explanation that it the Sun and the Moon are amongst the great signs, so out of respect of them we should not face them. And another explanation is mentioned that it the Sun and Moon are the manifestations of the Noor of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى).
  5. Salam Alaykum Using Vodka in perfume is fine, according to Ayatullah Sistani. It is not najis according to him. The only alcohol that is Najis according to him is wine, and beer (or alcohol beverage from barley) as an obligatory precaution. Other forms of alcohol, whether usually drunk or not, is tahir. Of course, they are all haram for consumption.
  6. Salamun alaykum Simply because the Takbeerat are mustahabb does not mean that they can be recited wherever and whenever. The first mustahabb Takbeer for the first Sujood is when you are standing after Ruku'. Say Takbeer, then go down to Sujood. Then end the first Sujood with Takbeer which is recited after you sit up. Say "Astaghfirullah Rabbi wa Atoobu Ilaih" Then recite the Takbeer for the second Sujood while you are sitting and before you go down for the Sujood. Then sit up and say the Takbeer before Tashahhud or getting up for the next rak'ah. Sitting after the second Sujood is important, even if you are to get up for the next rak'ah without Tashahhud. "Sami'Allahu liman Hamidah" is to be recited when one is standing up straight after rukoo'. The only thing that is said while in motion is "Bihawlillahi..."
  7. Salam alaikum all due to respect to the sayyed, but much of his buhuth is sensationalism. he just wants to rock the boat for the sake of rocking the boat. i find nothing new, except pandering. sometimes we find that after making sweeping unequivocal novel statements, he winds down and qualifies those statements in a way that takes him back to square one. is this even a religious topic: who is better men or women? is this a topic that scholars of religion get into? because the scholars say that according to the quran the greatest in the eyes of God is the most pious, man or woman. why is he taking cultural misconceptions as a basis of any intellectual discussion? why is he using khitabiyyat as a basis of his argumentations? then the establishment of superiority is not based on that verse at all, its based on the other verse (49:13) 'the male is not like the female' is a mujmal or mubham statement: what is the point of similarity and distinction (وجه التشبيه أو عدم التشبيه)? its unclear if we go to a hadeeth that directly deals with this verse, we find a reliable tradition in al-Kafi (v.1, p.353) in which the Imam says, commenting on this part of the mentioned verse: "أي لا يكون البنت رسولا" (the girl doesn't become a prophet) in another hadith, the context of the whole verse is taken into consideration: the mother of maryam made a vow to give the new born as a vowed endowment to God, to serve in the masjid. but then a girl was born, and the imam expounds the mother's concerns saying: "إن الأنثى تحيض فتخرج من المسجد والمحرر لا يحرج من المسجد" (the female undergoes menstruation and leaves the masjid, and the consecrated offering (which the newborn was to be) does not leave the masjid.) so, really, where is the sayyed going with this verse? i havent listened to the sayyid on this series, but i am going by what others have mentioned about it in this thread, and by what i have heard in his other discussion. sometimes we need to step back and ask the question: is there a reason why other scholars have not mentioned this verse to prove this?
  8. from ayatullah sistani's website: ٣السؤال: هل يجوز وشم صور الحيوانات ؟ الجواب: يجوز ولكن الوشم في حد ذاته ليس امرا مستحسنا وهناك روايات في ذمه. Translation: It is permissible, but tattoos in themselves are not a liked act, and there are narrations which dispraise it.
  9. As soon as the sayyid mother or the sayyid host takes the sahm al-sadah of the khums, and they are indeed poor and mustahiqq of it, it becomes his/her property, and is no longer khums. They can then give from their property to whomever they please.
  10. 'per se' means: in and of itself, it is permissible. however, secondary considerations may deem it impermissible, such as if the risks to one's health are greater.
  11. wa alaikum salam i would go to the doctor but for it to be considered semen, certain characteristics have to be seen in it, associated with ejaculation. however, there is a discharge that is expelled in times of sexual excitement, prior to any real ejaculation (if any) called 'madhi'. This is not najis and does not cause janabah.
  12. wa alaikum salam yes, all types of prawns are halal
  13. It is recommended in the Shia faith to seek the intercession of the awliya of Allah - the Prophet and the Imams a.s. - in seeking anything from God Almighty. This intercession from them can be received simply by started the dua and/or ending it with the "salawat" - invocation of God's blessings on the Holy Prophet a.s. and his progeny.
  14. Salam alaykum Debating requires more than knowledge, it requires a lot of cunning, quick-action and power over words and rhetoric, and knowledge of whats in the opponent's books, rather, memorization of all that. So even a great alim may not have the prowess of a debate. Debates often result in those sides winning who are more cunning and hold more rhetorical power, than the one who speaks the truth. What the Shias need to worry about, rather than having career debaters who do not know how to uphold the etiquettes of the Aimmah a.s. "defend" our faith, is to ensure that we call those speakers who, when they mention things which are contravertial and anti-sunni they are accurate and their material is backed up with proper proof, not in the way sayyed ammar handled it. Khalid ibn waleed converted after conquest of makkah? really???? khalid was a hypocrite, but lets not provide his supporters ammo. you're walking right into it, if you are so cavalier with historical accuracy And really, most of sayyed ammar's lectures are like this, good oratory and loose with facts, and involvement in jurisprudential and theological affairs that are far from his reach
  15. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2285544/How-new-breathable-nail-polish-Muslim-women-flying-shelves--death-creator-means-live-success.html apparently water does permeate it, but in what way, by soaking nails in water or what? will a mere wash cause water to permeate it to the actual nail? unless this is confirmed then we cant really use it. also, nail polish has another issue, whereby it is not allowed to wear it in view of non mahram as it is a form of zeenah.
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