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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, from what I know of, sometimes this facebook page updates his events: https://www.facebook.com/HassanainRajabali/
  2. innah lillah today marks the day of the martyr Sheik Al Nimr who has been just executed by the unjust savage tyrants
  3. innah lilliah my heart is beyond shattered. My Allah swt destroy these savages
  4. Supposedly a group of Iranians attacked another foreigner in Japan with metal bats and knives...please dont make Japan hate Muslims/MiddleEasterns/Persians ;-; Japanese get influenced easily... They were a gang of two cars, pulled in front of a car with one person in it and blocked his way out, then attacked him. There is probably more back story and info we dont know of, but unfortunately people will put the rubbish with the good. For all we know they could have been drug dealers hired by japanese thugs http://www.japantoday.com/category/crime/view/foreign-man-beaten-to-death-after-his-car-intercepted-by-gang-of-foreigners
  5. some of you may still not believe in the power of prayer but so far i have passed 4/5 of my classes thanks to your prayers! One more left, PLEASE PLEASE pray that I pass this super crazy hard class
  6. That you so much sister!! I deeply and sincerely appreciate it with all my heart. May God bless you and your family, thank you! It means alot!
  7. finals are done X_X please pray that we all pass our classes so much tears blood and sweat for a whole semester I HAVE TO PASS
  8. Last final exams today....I am not ready! I needed more time to study... Gather up all your prayer energy people and please help me out I have to pass at the very least. Dearly appreciated as always. Eltimas e dua! Remember, please dont oly pray for me, but I ask for all of us in the same shoes. Wasalam
  9. Most likely I didnt see them because Im busy with exams. I just come on here to post on thoughts and thats about it
  10. How has no one heard of the genocidal shooting against the Shias that happened like almost yesterday in Nigeria, Africa? The Nigerian army came to their procession of commemorating the martyrdom of the prophet Muhammad's A.S family and started firing killing 300+ and injuring over 1000. Not a single damn news organization even brought it up. Truly absurd! We Shias, at least on this website should be proactive and continuously make such world issues prevalent to at least the internet by making threads about such tragic events. Forgive me if someone actually created a thread about this, but I have not seen it. Not only does boko savages target shias but now the govt. My God...
  11. Please keep us students in your prayers. Final exam week has come upon us >_< wasalaam
  12. Thank you very much brother! It means alot. So far this semester has been beyond difficult... Just keep me in your prayers please
  13. Project due tomorrow and havnt even started >_< and finals are next week. Keep all us students and non students alike in your prayers. Eltimas e dua wasalaam
  14. subhanallah! Already feeling much better! Thanks for the prayers everyone! Now I just hope to do well in school inshAllah. If only we all continue to pray for mankind like we do with our community here...please dont stop brothers and sisters. Your prayers are special!
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