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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi, may I please know the story of the people who have been deported from Dubai? I am writing a news story to create awareness and any input on this topic would be great. Thanks!

    1. Hameedeh


      @Samanah Salam. You posted on the profile of a member who left ShiaChat in 2014. To ask a question of members who are active and can reply to you, please see how to create a topic here:


  2. Asa Is Dajjal a person or just a system? I remember watching one of Sayed Ammar's lecture where he had said that us Shias believe Dajjal to be a system rather than a person, is this true? Ws
  3. Why would you want to curse Prophet's (saws) wife?? If there's anything that she did that was wrong then that's between her and Allah (swt) There's a saying that Urdu-Hindi speaking parents usually tell their kids "Baro ke maamlo mei nahi bolna chahiye" (kids/youngsters should keep away from elders business). That's my opinion on the matter. Channel this energy instead on doing good rather than cursing & hatred. Ws
  4. That makes no sense ,then after it being estabilished, why would Allah (swt) let His Prophet (saws) be in such a marriage?
  5. But then, if Abu talib was a kafir, is there any proof that the Prophet (saws) did the nikah again, the 'muslim' way after he became a Prophet?
  6. Asa, Whats the point of this thread? Also, what makes you think Shia Islam would have anything on Hindu Gods? If you have anything on it then do share. ws.
  7. Asa, How can we prove Imamat from the following verse from Surah Aal e Imran. Verse / Ayat 33 Allah chose Adam, Nooh (Noah), the family of Ibrahim (Abraham) and the family of Imran above the Alameen (mankind and jinns) (of their times). Also, to those who say that the Prophet (sawws) was just a 'normal' human being like us? Because it clearly says that certain families are above us and jinns in grade.
  8. If Mutah was allowed by Prophet Muhammad (saws) and not made illegal by Abu Bakr, then on what basis did Umar forbid it?
  9. Consider this, an ant inside a photo frame..the ant can move freely anywhere but only inside the confines of the frame..the same applies to us.
  10. The best way would be for the husband to take the drug from the druggist as a loan of sorts & give him the money he has already collected & pay the balance as installments.
  11. I dont need to, because I dont beleive it anyways & neither do I have to concern myself with such information because this does not do any good to anyone, it only causes more hatred. Also, brother, if you are really sincere about your research, you should'nt be relying on SC for your information. Go and ask a good Shia maulana.
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