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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Neocon, for your information: 1) Jordan is a secular Monarchy. 2) Jordan has a 92% Sunni Muslim population. Therefore, I suggest you either a) go complain to the Jordanian authorities, or b ) go complain on a Sunni forum.
  2. The United States has a 78% Christian population. Should we call it a Christian state?
  3. What a totally rediculous comment. The Sunnis in the minority have always had power in Iraq, while the rest of the Iraqis suffered under Saddam's decades of tyranny. Do you really think the Iraqi people would be able to overthrow Saddam, with all his security and armed forces? The Shi'ites and the Kurds were promised help by the senior Bush Administration in the first Gulf War to rise up against Saddam - was the promise ever fulfilled? No, they were left to be tortured and slaughtered.
  4. Having non-muslims on the board is great. Discussion leads to understanding, and understanding is key to peace. What bothers me though, is that majority of people (both muslims and non-muslims) who come to this board do not aim for a mature discussion - It's ironic, you'd think that on a board to do with religion, there will be peaceful discussions all around - but many threads end up full of incessant, ignorant bickering from both sides. And it's not because there are a lot of kids on this board; in fact most of the adult members are responsible for the harsh arguments that go on. Also may I
  5. Hmm...would Ancient Briton kindly tell us who is the man on the bottom left of this picture?
  6. Thanks for posting this message. :)
  7. And those comments are...? What?! I can see that you don't want to acknowledge that Zarqawi exists. But I never said you support him. Talk about warped logic. :-/ Why did you take out the smilie? Maybe I should write it in tags - [sARCASM] [/sARCASM] for you? :P
  8. WHAT?! What mujahideen? I didn't claim to support any "mujahideen" in Iraq!
  9. I was referring to what I've seen in general on this board and especially in the current issues board. I never said claiming that Zarqawi doesn't exist makes you a terrorist. Your comprehension skills arn't too bright, are they? Yes I can see that. :D
  10. This is beyond rediculous now. I still don't know what the hell you're on about. WHAT TRUTH? If you have anything truthful to say, go learn how to write in proper English because I can't comprehend what exactly you're saying. And you still havn't answered any of my questions. Just the same rhetoric. If you can't answer then say so.
  11. Sistani is a Shia and I don't justify the "moqawama" either! This is rediculous. You still have not answered ANY of my questions, and not only are you the worst ignormaus I have ever seen, I don't know WHAT ON EARTH YOU ARE SAYING because you havn't even heard of GRAMMAR, SPELLING, AND PUNCTUATION.
  12. Actually there are no more Iranian F-14s in service. Because Iran wasn't a member of the WTO, spare parts were hard to find, so the F-14s still flying around by the mid-80s were only used for reconnaissance. In fact, the only thing flying around for Iran now is the F-5B, but the Iranian version has absolutely no electronic countermeasures...so if you send one of these over to an enemy base that has surface-to-air launchers, it'll last maybe 30 seconds. It doesn't help with all this rhetoric like "the muslims shall defend the islamic republic against its enemies" and "iran has already one!". In
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