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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sheikh Abbas Panju, Sayed Ammar Nakshawani, Shaikh Tawhidi, Islam Muhammad and Brother Muntather Al Karbalaei.
  2. Thank you brother for this info i realy appreciate it, Im sorry but im sort of confused when you said how you pray you said praying with the hands at the hip doesnt seem like humble etc. Jaafaris hands arent at their hips brother their straight down usually on your front thigh etc. So is that how you salat? Personally i think hand crossed like your mad seems alot more arrogant than hands down. I mean how would you stand before god? lol.
  3. Wow that is some very interesting stuff, Do you mind if i ask some more questions brother? In my book it said Rashid Sinan believed in Reincarnation that basically anyone who does not follow the Ismaili will keep being reincarnated until he does find Ismaili? is this true brother? Also why during salat do women pray right besides the men ive always heard you pray different than us? Do you pray with hands down and Turbah(clay tablet) on the floor? Also you recommend any books i can read to learn more about Ismaili?
  4. Very interesting brother, It sounds alot like us Jaafari. Also brother like is there any hadith or evidence that Proves Imam sadiq(as) son Ismail was the Imam instead of al kazim(as) ? Also brother in my book im reading it said the Ismaili used to have alot of missionaries who would go out and talk about their school of thought etc. Why do you guys not do that today? When i tried to find your Mosques online etc i couldnt really find any. I also live really close to Dearborn michigan which is full of Muslims but i dont think i have ever met a Ismaili.
  5. Thank you for replying brother your school of thought is very interesting to me, So you are a nizari Ismaili i assume? so my question if after Imam sadiq(as) where did you guys divide from us to now even having a open living Imam?
  6. Salaam ALYKUM, Im very interested in the Ismaili sect ive been reading about the People of alamut Hassan Saba etc, Is their any Ismailis on here to clarify some of their beliefs no offense to my Jaafari brothers i just want to hear where they get their evidence from some things like the Succesorship of the 7th Imam etc. Heres a few questions for any Ismaili on here. 1. Why can you pray in any direction not just towards the kaabah? 2. Do Ismailis believe drinking is Halal? 3. Go to hajj? 4. hijab? 5. Ashoura? 6. Pilgrimage to ahlulbayt? (ziyarat). Thank you.
  7. No sorry brother i mean how many americans have went to syria to support the rebels? do we know?
  8. What knowledgable people have always told me is that they have souls, But they do not go to Jannah, Unless you want a specific pet or animal to come to jannah with you when your their if you ask Allah(swt).
  9. Ill make dua brother, you guys should rise against their government in anyway you can..
  10. They blow up innocent shia... When hezbollah blew up the embassy with all those U.S troops they were not innocent they were invaders, thats all im saying.
  11. "And whoever does this aggressively and unjustly" Last i checked when you blow up invaders and occupiers thats not unjust? Second isnt everything in Islam about your intention? Like i said if your intent is you hate your life and want to die then surely it is suicide. But dying a SHAHEED taking hundreds of kuffar with you that is not suicide.
  12. When you martryr yourself killing military targets that is not suicide, Suicide is when you hate your life and want your life to end for no reason. Martrys who take out hundreds of kuffar military targets is a shaheed not a suicide. Brother thats not suicide Hezbollah has done such things when the americans invaded Lebanon nobody debates who blew up the embassy. Its not suicide, Your a shaheed.
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