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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I actually do not think that the company compromises on accounting practices just to keep the client. Netherland is known for its good accounting and auditing practice and I do think the company upholds the standards quite well..But the firm I work for also has clients that are not so ethical in their other practices, like some sports brands (their financial reporting might be "ethical" but we all know how inhumane their labour condition is in the developing countries) or some large banks or other big companies that have huge environmental impact... as an auditor we do not audit these kinds o
  2. I agree. its very difficult to work in these kind of companies with the intention of being a helper to the Imam (AJ)...I don’t see how me studying all these is any help for the Muslim community or society as a whole..
  3. Salam, I hope everyone is well! I am a female and currently pursuing my career as an auditor in the Netherlands (for those of you who are familiar, I work in one of the big 4s). I am required by the company to continue my studies and get my registered accountant title and the company pays for my studies. I am struggling very much mentally to work hard and give it my best, as it is requiring me to give up a lot of my personal time (full time work plus full time studies). Although if I push I can do it, I do not feel motivated anymore. I feel like I am wasting my life on worldl
  4. Salam, I hope everyone is doing well I have a questions to the sisters living in Iran. My brother is 22 years old and studies in Qom in Almustafa University and has been trying to get married for the past 2 years but has been unsuccessful in finding a suitable spouse because of how strict the division is between males and females in Iran. My brother is planning to stay another 7 years or so in Iran before he returns back to Europe and would like so find someone who is also studying in Qom or would like to go there. Our family has no connection to any one in Iran so it
  5. AOA, Is there any female from Qom here that I can message for some help regarding getting in contact with some English speaking female scholars in Qom? Thank you.
  6. AssalamuAlaikum, I hope you are doing well. I have am question regarding a very sensitive issue. I was engaged 2 years ago (engaged meaning the parents of the guy and my parents met and agreed on Marriage later on) 2 years ago during all this I have expressed very clearly to my parents that I wanted to marry and delaying it is not a good option, at that time no one listened to me. I being the girl have been expressing this over and over again for the past two years. The boy have the same view and would like to get married but is afraid to discuss it openly with his parents as they a
  7. AOA, I recently moved to Rotterdam for my Master year and will therefore be doing Muharram here. Does anyone know of an Islamic center here where lectures are held in English? Much appreciated WS
  8. Yes i have tried all of these but unfortunately I am no Good in any of those
  9. AOA everyone I hope everyone is doing well, From the past year or so I have this feeling of uselessness, I know that everyone has a purpose in life etc but it seems like I cannot find mine. I try to read books, I wish I could get myself to spend more time reading, but because I have dyslexia I tend to loose focus very fast and continue reading without understanding the text. I want to do something positive, I thought of starting a blog but I don't know about what. I am a really shy introvert, I dont have friends and rarely go out. I want to volunteer and do charitable work but the
  10. lilibolt


    AOA, I was just wondering what people on SC do in their free time? I really want to develop a nice hobby or something but I cannot find anything that interests me or something that I am talented in... I want to polish a skill and be really good at it but I honestly don't know what... before I use to do long distance running and really enjoyed it i was getting better at it and setting new goals but after I started wearing the hijab running is such a challenge, its just too suffocating..I have tried but it just doesn't work, and there is no women only gym near my home.. I usual
  11. AOA, I hope everyone is doing well. My elder sister is going through a phase in her life that she can’t seem to overcome. A few years ago she suffered from an eating disorder called 'binge eating' this went on for about year, then slowly she stopped binged eating but went onto the other extreme and was diagnosed with anorexia 2 years later. Along with all this she slowly went into severe depression and developed anxiety disorder. It’s been over a year since she is fighting anorexia, depression and anxiety. She has seen nutritionists, psychiatrists, psychologists but none seem to
  12. AOA, I have done some research on it but have failed to find a satisfactory answer. A lot of products these days contain alcohol, it is either written in code form like E number or explicitly. Can someone please post a fatwa on the permissibility of alcohol in food? does a chemical reaction occur, does it not, what if we dont know? also what if we dont know the percentage of it? for example I was looking to buy fermented hot pepper past and the ingredients are as follow: Corn syrup, water, wheat flour, red pepper powder, wheat grain, salt, ethyl alcohol, garlic, onion, rice powder, s
  13. salam;

    do you mean that you want to go there with a Muslim on order not to be alone going to a restaurant or other places?!


    1. lilibolt



      I am already in Seoul..I dont mean going to drinking places with another Muslim, but just sightseeing, halal retaurants or vegetarian Korean authentic dishes..etc. Just travel around without any haram stuff..;



      ohh yes, I've got it. sorry I am not in South Korea. i'm Iran. have a nice time. keep me inn your prayer.

      God be with you

  14. AOA everyone, I hope you all are doing well Its been less then a week since I arrived in Seoul South Korea. Seoul is a great city with lots of amazing things to do and I love it so far. However it is extremely difficult if not impossible to avoid alcohol on the table when being with friends, its part of their culture and alcohol being so cheap other foreigners do the same. I have completely avoided gatherings or even having lunch with friends or other girls i am sharing the place with, but being a Muslim Hijabi with no understanding of the language its not easy to go sightseeing alone, go
  15. Asalamu Alaikum, . I hope you all are doing Well I have been in a conversation with an atheist and would like your input on it, if possible. The person based his argument on the philosophy of Albert Camus. "The essential paradox arising in Camus's philosophy concerns his central notion of absurdity. Accepting the Aristotelian idea that philosophy begins in wonder, Camus argues that human beings cannot escape asking the question, “What is the meaning of existence?” Camus, however, denies that there is an answer to
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