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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I also have known people who have been to myanmar and worked there, that'd how i know about ethnic groups there and history, and i know some burmese too.
  2. I posted my views here because alot of people like salafists are lying in order to initiate jihad against non muslims. When umar ibn al khattab attacked the byzantines, he didn't give bull[Edited Out] justifications like "the levant is arab muslim land and we owned it first", he made it a war of conquest and didn't lie about it. According to salafis, first sunnis are supposed to give dawah to non muslims and invite them to islam. Then if they reject, declared jihad until their land is conquered or they pay jizya, this way, the entire world is to become muslim by force. They aren't supposed to
  3. There are many non muslims in this forum, its the forum's policy to allow it and until it changes i don't need to explain why i am posting here. Most of the media is pro rohingya, and why would you debate people you agree with? That defeats the point of it.
  4. Most kurds are ahlul-sunnah and that didn't stop Saddam from killing them. Iran and Syria do not agree 100% on everything. iran supported shia mujahideen against the soviet union in afghanistan, while Syria was always a soviet ally and supported the kabul communist government. Iran also called the soviet union "little satan", while syria always were allies to the soviets.
  5. Um, you already accuses me of being a bamar so why are you asking about my religion now? I'm not burmese, muslim, or buddhist. The anti chinese pogroms were done because of political tensions with china with the burmese government. They attacked mostly non muslim chinese because chinese muslims are not politically tied to any government. They may not like the junta, since burma was restricted and they could not do alot of trade, but they are not being mass murdered or having their mosques torched. Right now burma wants to open up ties to the west, and if they are seen as committing mass murde
  6. A. If there is a systematic crackdown on all muslims, how come you are still posting from your computer? B. Everytime i go to the saudi or UAE funded gulf news or khaleejtimes, i find the same lies posted about mrauk u (not mentioned by that name but its obvious what they are referring to ) being a rohingya kingdom, and used as justification to claim that arakan is supposed to be an independent rohingya state. i even saw them boasting about how in 1948 some rohingya set up mujahideen outfits to create an islamic state in arakan when burma became independent, and they kept claiming that arakan
  7. Why should minority ethnic groups be running private armies?
  8. This is what i said Rohingya are claiming the kings of mrauk u were rohingya muslims, and that they were in arakan sincethe beginning of time. These are both lies. They try to deny that they were descendants of bengalis who moved into mrauk u 500 years ago and claim they were always native to the area. The rakhine king of mrauk u brought back bengalis after his stay in bangladesh. They ran the mint and thats why the shahada appeara on one side of their coins. There are white spaniards living in mexico, where their ancestors moved hundreds of years ago, no one said they should leave. But if th
  9. Except rakhine aren't illegally crossing borders into other countries and claiming that it was their land from the beginning of time and that they are natives of the area. There are rakhine in chittagong in bangladesh because that area used to be part of mrauk u, not because of illegal immigration. The rohingya got a high birthrate because they keep siphoning aid from NGOs so they can raise large families without working. Thats why the area of arakan near bangladesh is rohingya majority. Less than 100 people have been killed because its mostly villagers attacking each other, most of the "victi
  10. This is the video link with an excerpt from nasrallah's interview with assange http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/51021964 He said the usual bla blah about the need for one democratic state in palestine for muslims, christians, and jews, then said indirect channels of communication to israel were established in 1993 to avoid civilian casulaties.
  11. LOL, now you are claiming the having the shahadah on your coins make you a muslim. This was the coin of king offa of mercia, and anglo saxon king in medieval britain. It clearly says "la ilaha ila Allah" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Offa_king_of_Mercia_757_793_gold_dinar_copy_of_dinar_of_the_Abassid_Caliphate_774.jpg Now let the bull[Edited Out] flow about anglo saxon britain being a muslim state LOL. http://books.google.com/books?id=xP1pK8kA-ekC&pg=PA57&dq=mrauk+u+buddhists&hl=en&sa=X&ei=USOfUI3SNIeB0AG-t4CYBw&ved=0CEEQ6AEwBjgK#v=onepage&q&f=false Mrauk u
  12. There are two separate things nasrallah said. He apologized for hitting an arab israeli house which killed two arab israeli children in the 2006 war. During his interview with julian assange, he said that hezbollah and israel had secret agreements not to target each others civilians dating from the 1990s. He never said anything about a jews house.
  13. Its one thing to ask for international help and for citizenship in the country you were born in. Its another thing to start a serial lying campaign in order to attract sympathisers to your cause. Many rohingya are lying and claiming that the rakhine buddhist mrauk-u state in arakan was a rohingya muslim state ruled by a rohingya. They are also claiming arakan was "indian land" for 1,000 years. This bull[Edited Out] was repeated by saudi and pakistani islamists, about mrauk-u being rohingya. The rohingya ARE descendants of bengalis who moved into mrauk-u when it was independent and during briti
  14. Heterotrophs (like cows) which feed on edible autotrophs (like corn or grain) are nothing but competitors to humans trying to produce more food, because ten pounds of corn going into feeding one cow only produces one pound of beef in that cow. Only when the heterotroph (cow) feeds on a non edible autotroph (grass, not edible to humans) is it serving a useful purpose, and only then if the grass is growing in an environment where we can't grow edible crops like wheat. Unfortunately, due to the rising demand for meat, farmers especially in western countries have taken to feeding perfectly edible
  15. There are holocaust denial laws in the european union, there is none in the usa because of the first amendment.
  16. Abiotic mass is also limited. The minerals mined on earth like iron, gold, silver, copper, zinc will run out eventually. The majority of biomass now has stabilized in nature (the factor of human population growth taken out) and most biomass is recycled through the soil. We do not eat iron bars or copper bars to get iron or copper, we don't eat graphite to get carbon, and as I just said, when availible biomass runs out, the abiotic mass will also run out until the earth is stripped of at least one of the essential elements needed for life. The human body cannot digest raw iron, carbon or copper
  17. Most people in the usa are using birth control, have you seen the fertility rate of america? Big population just means your country is either large and has alot of people or is small with lots of people crowded in a tiny space. It has nothing to do with fertility rate. If a woman went to antarctica and has 20 children, antarctica will now have a fertility rate of 20, ten times larger than the USA despite barely being a fraction of a percentage of the USA's population.
  18. Malthusianism is not the reason why unchecked population growth is dangerous. The universe was created with a fixed amount of mass and energy. On earth, the amount of biomass is fixed. When a human eats an animal or a plant, that animal's molecules are digested and go into the human, some is absorbed into the human (thats why humans grow), some of it comes out again as the **** back into the environment, the molecules of **** go back into the soil and get absorbed by plants, which are eaten by animals, and the cycle goes on. The more humans there are, the less non human biomass (plant and anim
  19. The homeless man is jewish http://newyork.newsday.com/news/new-york/nypd-probes-beating-of-homeless-man-in-brooklyn-1.4121114
  20. In assam in india, there are alot of illegal bengalis from bangladesh moving into the bodo lands. When people see bengalis in assam and rohingya in myanmar, they think its the same thing and wonder where bengalis will move into next. This is a one way expansion, there are no bodos moving into bangladesh and bangladesh has a higher birthrate.
  21. I am more familiar with thailand but you still have not explain firstly, what you mean by recognized as "ethics". And if this is a general attack on all muslims, you have not explained why you are still able to live in burma right now, because you say alot of burmese buddhists hate islam, the logic is that since you are in burma right now it shouldn't very safe for you either if they are not just attacking rohingya. Because the rohingya are not legal citizens, thats why under international law little was done to complain to the myanmar government, you are a muslim and a citizen of myanmar, so
  22. Also in thailand, chinese muslims don't have any problems with thai buddhists in north thailand, the malay insurgency in pattani and the malay salafi terrorism doesn't affect chinese muslims and thai relations. Chinese muslims in the golden triangle area of myanmar, thailand, and the chinese province of yunnan were sometimes involved in the drug trade in heroin along with non muslim chinese. Some became rich through the trade, some of the others are merchants (alot of the reason why they migrated into burma and thailand is because of trade). The drugs used to be opium in the 20th century and n
  23. I am also not a fan of the ottoman empire since they committed genocide on minorities and especially not of the young turk pan turanist fascists who wanted a turkic supremacist empire stretching across asia.
  24. The history of the arakan region is that it used to be a rakhine buddhist kingdom called "mrauk-u" Arakan was an independent rakhine state until the burmese invaded it in 1404. Then the rakhine buddhist kingdom of mrauk-u was established by a rakhine buddhist named Min Saw Mun who obtained help from a bengali sultan to reconquer rakhine and he founded the kingdom of mrauk-u. The rakhine king used both rakhine and islamic titles and even inscribed coins with the kalima despite being buddhist. Min saw mun has brought some bengalis back to arakan with him at his court and these became the first r
  25. Keep this on the myanmar thread and i will discuss it with you and jafar.
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