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  1. didnt knew you were still alive.... on SC i mean... May you live long and prosper... :D

  2. The reason of my disappearance was Dubai too.. the site was banned. And then ofcourse as we age the responsibilties keep on piling up alhamdulillah. Ali Imran ..mashaAllah you are studying in Qum.. thats really awesome. Thanks for the reunion thread.. feels good to be connected.. we have seen the ups and downs of life while on the forum and lot of people were supportive at times when there was no way out.. cant thank enough.. Phoenix ..wub ;)
  3. Salam Alaikum all, It has been ages and today somebody sent a Morgan Freeman msg that brought me to the forum just to see I am tagged and kinda remembered. Life has taken me to all sorts of places, alhamdulillah.. So glad to have been here and now back after so long.. Thanks HR and Ali Imran.. hope you guys are doing good, iA Zulji..so proud of you, big hug.. I have grown really old I cant even tag correctly :/
  4. Salam, I read this hadith by Imam Reza a.s .. "Satan does not visit for forty days a person who applies olive oil to his head or uses it in food." Any clue why olive oil.. And why it keeps satan away.. Thanks in advance
  5. Ws good - lol still remember me?

    1. Friend of All

      Friend of All

      yep! hehe yes!!!!! u were the youngest back then!! long long time!!!

  6. salam brother!!! long time.. where u? dubai? hows life??? :) Ramadhan ka maheena mubarak ho!!! lots to tell :P

    1. HR


      w'salam!! i m good...how is u? i m in Dubai yes :D lots to tell?

    2. Fatima Waliyatullah

      Fatima Waliyatullah

      cross-dressing hijabi brown princess

  7. Sowwie. Ya ur ryte..

    Prayers fr u n bhabi :)

    N long time.. Time flies real fast

  8. actually, prayers should be WITH US... sheesh he is already with God, a much better place, why would he need prayers, :P Loool.

    but thanks anyway,

  9. Salams, our prayers r with ur lil angel, really shocked to knw abt it. God bless..

  10. Salam, whereee u lostt?? :) hope alls good, iA

  11. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  12. The best poem of Faraz for me atleasT!! love the concept!! enjoy! Khwaab martay nahiN Khwaab dil hai na aaNkhaiN na saaNs k jo Raiza-raiza huay to bikhar jaiNgay Jism ki maut say yeh bhi mar jaiNgay Khwaab martay nahiN Khwaab to raushni haiN,nawa haiN,hawa haiN Jo kaalay pahaaroN say ruktay nahiN Zulm kay daur-khooN say bhi phuktay nahiN Raushni aur nawa aur hawa kay alum MaqtaloN maiN pahuNchkar bhi jhuktay nahiN Khwaab to harf haiN Khwaab to noor hain Khwaab suqraat haiN Khwaab maNsoor haiN --Ahmed Faraz
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