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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. من مات ولم يعرف إمام زمانه مات ميتة جاهلية
  2. you could even try " woodland bakery " for cake videos .. its a great channel for cake lovers. aashpazi.com for iranian food.
  3. ita great to know ur exprerience :) .. thnx
  4. Baked fish: Ingredients: Whole fish or fish fillet Tomato paste Haldi Lemon juice Salt Chillies Garlic paste Tandoori masala - a tsp Oil Sliced tomatoes, onions nd potatoes. Method : Rub the fish with some salt nd lemon and let it rest for an hour or 30 mins. Wash the fish with water. Mix the above ingredients in a bowl including lemon nd salt except sliced onions, tomatoes nd potatoes. Apply the paste on both sides of the fish and bake in a pre heated oven till about to get cooked. Place the sliced tomatoes, onions and potatoes on the sides of the fish nd bake again till the fish gets cooked.
  5. yeah .. have tried tht before but my mum prefers rose essence instead. both taste great :)
  6. salaams .. i hv got some recipes tht i wud like to share it with u all :) Veg noodle soup: Ingredients: Oil- 1 or 2 tbsp 1 potato - cut in cubes 1 carrot- cut in cubes 1 capsicum- cut in cubes 1 tomato- chopped 1 onion - chopped Method: 1. Heat some oil , add in onions nd fry till transparent. 2. Add in your veggies and stir .. add some salt nd leave it for 5 mins. Add in 1 chopped tomato nd stir.. add blackpepper powd nd water. 3. Once it gets hot add the powd that comes with the noodles and mix well. 4. Cover the pan and let the veggies cook. 5. Once they are about to be done, add the cr
  7. well .. this is something that umar had changed . and maybe to justify his change he said all this about the romans. sunnis started praying this way from that time i.e after the Holy Prophet's death. i have bevrt heard anyone pray this way in the time of the Holy Prophet(s.a.w.w) and anyways , why would we muslims start arguing about something that is not even important?! folding hands or keeping the hands straight; none of tyese validate the namaaz .. so why even discuss??! there are so many other things that a person vould discuss about other than this. and anyways , why would we muslims s
  8. salaams sis.. there is a thread in this forum called : buying a chador .. u ll get some websites there that sell chadors online. hope it helps.. thnks
  9. well .. this is what i know abt this.. the romans had once come to umar nd they folded their hands to their chest or stomach out of respect. he really liked this way of respect nd thus ordering the muslims to do the same during namaaz.. this is not the only thing in which umar had made changes as per his taste and likes. he made many many changes in the religion. the Holy Prophet who had all the powers didn't do anythng to make changes in islam and umar who was just like a normal human being started making changes .. strange !! its not wajib thou.. plus the maalikis keep their hands straight
  10. oowwh i see .. well..m rlly sorry but i dnt noe any online stores tht sell good chador. sorry.
  11. salaam alaykum sis .. wer r u? r u in iran? if yes , thn r u in Qum?
  12. mashAllah mashAllah !! oh my ! this ws soooo sweet.. it actually melted my heart . u are a very lucky lady indeed .. i wish we too could get someone so warm and religious who supports us for lifetime and respects us. i would like to ask Allah to always keep u happy and smilling. may you get closer and closer to Him day by day.. ameen .. it's amazing to see such nice human beings like you .. mash.. :)
  13. great mash... may Allah grant u success in this world nd the Hereafter insh..
  14. salaam alaykum , congrats to u .. thts great mash.. may Allah always help you and guide you insh.. may you get more and more close to Allah and Aimmah (s.a) .. ameen you can always ask any questions u want anytym :)
  15. salaamun alaykum well.. i hv been to hawza in qum.. the hawza bane is jameat uz zahra.. its the best hawza in qum compared to bintul huda. i wud suggest you to go to jamiat uz zahra. its huge nd just amazing. the time i spent there was amazing .. nthng can replace those moments. u learn alot abt religion, social life nd much more. u actually start appreciating the tiniest things tht we never even think abt them usually. my only advise wud be: plz be carefull while choosing friends. first get to know different girls thn start making friendship. you can search in google : jameat uz zahra hawza.
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