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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No, because you're asking him to help you by Allah. Case closed.
  2. Next they'll be offering $5 friend requests that automatically adds people without it being their choice.
  3. LOL Obviously you've never even been the Palestine/Israel. I've been there and Israeli kids are brainwashed and want to kill Palestinians more than the adults do. Israelis are the enemies of humanity as they've displayed over and over again by attacking anyone, Muslim, Jew, Christian or otherwise, who stands in their way.
  4. You can still remain married, but remember that the most important thing to consider in marriage is religion, and if your husband is a munafiqun then he should either come to the straight path your you should find someone is already on the right path.
  5. So they say naaths and praise his Shahadat but follow and are loyal to the kaffirs that killed him. Makes sense.
  6. There are no Shia Rafidah beliefs, only delusional Sunnis.
  7. I only saw those in Mashad, Iran. I suppose you could try looking online.
  8. Well Khalifa means successor, and succession means one after another or in subsequent order so that's impossible. Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, etc. did not give each other caliphate all at the same time. Also, if they were to all have existed all at the same time then the world would have ended already because it says the world will be destroyed after the 12th one.
  9. Good to see Sunnis are so desperate they have to back each other up on their blatant fabrications to justify their shirk religion. :D
  10. I've never listened to a word Yassir Habib has said or read a word he's written, but I have read multiple Sahih hadiths that confirm he did engaged in anal sex. Whether he was taking it or giving it is still up for debate. Ah, the who cares card. You're right. Who cares if one of the most major figures in Sunnism committed major sins and was a munafiqun. It's not like he's the leading figure of nearly a billion people whom he's led astray or anything. Who cares if Abu Bakr claimed right to the caliphate even though it's a fact it was Ali (as) whom Allah and his messenger (pbuh) gave right to. That's between them, right? Who cares if Uthman used to burn Qurans, that's between him and God, right? Battle of Karbala? Is that none of our business either? It was just between Imam Hussain (as) and Yazid right? Do you even know what being a Muslim means?
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