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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam everyone is there any islamic counsellor in India? who can guide me to follow islam through the westernised ways of life. wassalam
  2. no irani brother here? who cd help us find?
  3. Thank you all for your answers. Now dat u people have guided me well, i must read some books. One last request to u guys; Please provide me d pdf of the book which imam khomenei ra wrote or the link to it. Thank you all.
  4. Thanks brother i think that is sufficient to understand any book. But why other arab nations aren't supporting hizbullah or taking direct stand against israel wdout hizbullah?
  5. Salaam every body. I want to ask few questions About israel and palestine that what is their history and which sects lived there? Why hizbullah is fighting there ? ? And why saudi arabia did not take stand against establishment of israel? Please dont send any links or videos. I saw many videos on YouTube but those aren't very clear. Thank u.
  6. Shias have won d debates for centuries now and dey dont need to. The need of the hour is to practice the ways of our imams a.s. rather than enjoying the victorious debates. In d past whenever the new messenger came his followers started thinking about victories and positions, same happened wd our beloved. People rushed towards positions as He saww left leaving the religion and enjoying its victory. Whole world, if not whole that many nations know that shias are being killed by sunnis for generations, what more is needed to prove em?
  7. Negative thoughts can be derived from anywhere. Under the influence of satan one can derive it from "U should not kill when u r performing hajj"" That we can kill when not performing hajj!!
  8. I tjink The only shia power left is becoming more nd more pro west. Soon it will be all over and our imam atfs will arrive.
  9. I heard from someone that maqtal al hussain by abu mikhnaf is one of the most authentic works on karbala
  10. salaam everybody. i m going through the same phase and m tryng hard to see the positive things but everyday its same; lost in despair kind of thng. i read quran almost everyday, duas, prayers but its like i m just a robot , no feelings, no emotions, cant even describe what it is? i know that HE swt is merciful, just, fair, and he might have better plans for me(only if it is not a pumsihment for something) but still its blank in my head, nill, zero, i dont know if any of u has experienced it and den recovered but it will b great help if there is one!
  11. thanks for the reference. it seems to be a nice platform but we must cross check.
  12. Yes i feel it very often. Whenever i see dat sunnis live dere lives wd ease and deduce religion in suitable manner i feel.like converting. Starting wd caliphate; Caliph said now prophet is no more nd dat we are victorious, we must stretch our legs, we must expand, and suppress the inner revolt. While Ali as never focused on expansions, annexations,etc instead he was more nd more concerned about the next neighbors first. Lately sunnis have become the father of islam wd all the riches; oil, america, selling dubai to everyone. So yes i want to convert. I want dat kind of life Who doesn't?
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