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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @Muslimaaah Salam. I saw that you returned to ShiaChat last week. I sent you a PM. Please check your message inbox (the little envelope at the top of the ShiaChat homepage). :) 

  2. Salam, how are you sister? I hope better now...

    1. Muslimaaah


      Salam, Alhamdulallah, I'm trying to take one day at a time.. thanks. I wish you all the best inshaAllah

    2. momo_113


      inshallah i wish u the best for the new year!

      You must be strong and full with hope!

      Where are u living?

  3. I’m writing this while I'm crying. I'm so tired.. I have always been this hopeful person, that always saw the good things in people, in situations, in everything, all that because of my faith. I believed that I had a strong faith, making always due, prays, doing my thing. Lately I’m just tired of everthing and everyone. I feel like im lost and doesn’t know what to do. Everything is just, blank.. The problems that I prayed for before (last years and the years before) aren’t gone. Things are just the same and even worse. I’m afraid of myself.. Afraid of losing my faith. Afraid of losing hope.. Feel like I don't have any hope anymore in life.. I'm hating myself for thinking like that. I feel guilty.. I shouldn’t think like that. But then I think about my life and my timeline, and wallah, I’m trying very hard to think about good things that happened in my life (for my family, sisters, brother, school, friends).. NOTHING! seriously nothing.. Is this life? Should it be like that, when every Islam always talks about happiness. Wallah I'm trying to be content with all the problems, and everything.. But.. I even tried to speak to the local sheikh here, but he wasn't of much help.. I hate the "why me", but always wondering, why is life so hard on me. And I know some of you will blame me and tell me to be patient. I've been patient since I was 13 years old, and now I'm 25 years old.. It’s so hard.
  4. Thank you all for your fast responses! This helps a lot! May Allah bless you all! Thank you so much, everyone! I don’t know how to ”like” all of your posts, but I really really appreciate your help!! Skanderbeg: Indeed, she has a very great influence on her. Before, she did get attention, but I think that because of our home-problems, she didn’t feel good.. Starlight: She was engaged to a cousin, but things didn’t turn good, and the engagement broke about a couple of years.. She gets some proposals but she rejects them all and says all the time, that she isn’t ready.. One time I told her to take some courses or anything, so she could keep herself busy, and she just said, that she’s lazy.. but I’m gonna take your advice into consideration, and make some time for her. Bakir: Thank you for your advice and I’m gonna be more patient with her. May Allah guide her and help her. I will change my attitude towards her and hope it does change anything! Be1a1: I did play the Azan today. I’m gonna play it every day from now on. Apofomysback: The problem is that even when we tell her to go out with us to a family picnic she always say that she doesn’t have time and wants to go with her friend. But I will be more patient with her and minimize the criticism. I will definitely take all of your advice! Again, thank you all! JazakumAllah kol khair.
  5. Salam aleykom sisters and brothers, Please, excuse my English, i'm not quite good at it. Writing this post needs a lot of courage of me, because it’s really personal. I'm confused, distressed, irritated and really really mad! I need help. I'm gonna do it short, and I hope I don't ramble a lot. My family is big and I have four older sisters and one little and two younger brothers. But even though I have older sisters, everyone in my family (my parents and sisters), everyone depends on me, "I'm the wise and clever one" – that’s why everyone comes to me. My family is very dysfunctional and disconnected. I have a big burden on my shoulders and I don't even have time for my studying or myself. It’s actually about my second older sister. I need help because I kind of giving up on her. I feel like I have tried everything with her, but it’s not gonna help anymore. Before, she was a very softhearted, great, sweet, INNOCENT, protectable of everyone, and just a very sweet person. She didn't have a lot of friends in school and she preferred to be alone. She also hates studying that’s why she always feels that she’s a failure and quit school. She didn't go out a lot. Her best friend was my oldest sister, but after she got married (my oldest sister), she didn't have some. Anyway, she became friends with a Moroccan girl. Please don't misunderstand me, but this girl is the devil itself. I've never hated anyone, never but this girl, OMG, I can't even express my feelings. I'm writing right now and the tears don’t stop, and I feel like the anger raging inside me! Ya Allah give me sabr. But anyway, when she became friends with this girl, she was changing in a bad way. Staying out till midnight, she threatened my parents to run away from home, so my parents don't say anything, and they don't want to create problems. My sisters tried talking to her, and whenever we ramble her friend’s name, she becomes furious and defends her. And that girl is even making her hate us and always tells her that "your family doesn't treat you well. Just ignore them, blablabla.". I can’t understand, that my sweet, devoted muslim, innocent older sister, is becoming someone I don’t even recognize. I don’t know her anymore. I feel like she(her moroccan friend) did make black magic on my sister, because she isn’t normal. She is different. It’s like living with a stranger. OMG, she is a grown up woman, almost 27 years old, how come, she doesn’t see, that she is going on a wrong path… She goes out with her to shisha-places (hookah's) which is very bad in our culture. Actually it's fine if it is with women, but that Moroccan girl is really a bad influence on her. My sister isn't like that. I feel that my heart is torned and burning! I can't anymore. I can't. I'm drained. I don't trust her anymore. I don't even want to know what she has done or doing. She even stopped praying. What should I do? No one respects her anymore. Not my sisters or my parents. She is like an outcast. The most hurtful part is that, whenever that girl travels to morocco (she travels back and forth, every 2-3 months) my sister ‘wakes up’ and regrets a lot, cries and even hates herself, and says that she doesn't want her lifestyle and she is tired of everything. But when that girl comes back, she's back to her routine, comes late home and everything. She even defends her all the time. Last week she was in the living room, and we were discussing a really irrelevant subject, but then she got mad at me and began screaming (my parents and my sisters were all there). Everyone stopped and it was just me and her, that was screaming. I know what I did was wrong, and that I shouldn’t have made her embarrass herself in front everyone, but I couldn’t keep my mouth shut anymore. I just said some hints and she understood them and got even mad and was on her way to her room. Someone needed to tell her, that she is wrong. Even though I really feel guilty. But seriously, isn’t it my parents role to teach her, why should it be me? Why is it always me, one of the youngest, that gives her a lesson?! Where are my parents!? I know they are afraid of her, but... Every prayer I mention her name and hope that may Allah gives her hidaya and that she goes back to her old self. What should I do? I feel like I did what I can do and can’t anymore. The only people that speaks to her at home, is me and one of my older sister. I feel bad for her because she lost herself. She is lost and confused.. I’m not the kind of person, to write about my personal life, it’s very hard. But it hurts me seeing her like this. My family says that I should leave her alone and she will come back. But I feel guilty, I don’t want her to regret so many things after and lets be honest, no one knows when will be our last day. I’m just afraid for her well being. I love my sister and I feel like giving up on her..
  6. Salam aleykom, I don't know if you can still see the post.. and I hope some of the posts here did help you.. But seriously, I'm so angry and disgusted! 1. Your sister is young and thinks that "it's just marriage", but it's more than that, it's a life-long commitment. 2. She is saying yes, because of the pressure. She feels pressured and not because she wants this. (she even cried!!!!) 3. As her wali and her older brother you should take that into account, instead of thinking about the Imams status in the society. It's gonna be hard but at least you’ll know that you didn’t force your sister into a loveless marriage and have a good conscience about it. He is a man, who is using his power wrong and that is between him and Allah. Though you should take the high road and do what is right for her. If the Imam doesn't take a no, and is blackmailing you, then you already have an answer, that you did the right thing. This imam is trying to take advantage of your family! Brother, you are doing the right thing!! 4. Let me give an example: If I was in the same position (as your sister), I will think that sacrificing myself for my family is better than being selfish. So please, you need to fight for her and stand behind her. She's gonna regret it sooner or later. I've seen this from someone close to me and she hates herself and her family for forcing her (psychologically/mentally). Don't listen to what the people are saying, try asking them, if they give there own daughters to that Imam!!!!! Brother, try to convince your sister to refuse the offer. I wish you and your family all the best and khair and may Allah give you sabr.
  7. Thank you so much. Now i understand. About the last part of my question, I meant fasting in another country, because I'll be away less than 10 days. But I do understand now. JazakAllah khair.
  8. Assalamu'aleykom, I was reading things online and heard a lot about it, but I'm confused. It is about the rules of traveling during the month of Ramadan I'm gonna travel in the morning at 6, and come back 5 days after, also in the morning. I've heard a lot say that I can't fast during traveling.. But my question is, am I not allowed even though I want to fast during those days? And If i'm not allowed to fast during the traveling days, is it allowed to fast the days I'm in the other country?
  9. Alsalam aleykom, I used some of the night of 19'th, to do some a'amals for laylat alqadr. But I planned to pray the 100 rakaat the 21-night, but unfortunately, I couldn't because of my period. Is it okay to pray the 100-rakaat in the night of 27'th or just in those last days? Please - I need answer asap. And I'm very sad and mad at myself because of that! I really wish I could pray the 100-rakaat.. Is there some way? Or is it just those three nights, 19, 21 and 23? JazakumAllah khair
  10. Alsalam aleykom, I used some of the night of 19'th, to do some a'amals for laylat alqadr. But I planned to pray the 100 rakaat the 21-night, but unfortunately, I couldn't because of my period. Is it okay to pray the 100-rakaat in the night of 27'th or just in those last days? Please - I need answer asap. And I'm very sad and mad at myself because of that! I really wish I could pray the 100-rakaat.. Is there some way? Or is it just those three nights, 19, 21 and 23? JazakumAllah khair
  11. Brother Sadegh: Ameen and thank you. Her name was, Fatima Al-Zahraa and she was a great fighter. Brother Ali-F and Herenow477: What do you mean by that? Because from what I've found on the internet, the death of a child is a test for the parents - so how can there be a test for the child anyway? A child doesn't know wrong from right yet..
  12. This is what I was looking for. Jazakum Allah alf khair.
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