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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, what about shias who live in countries that are 99% sunni or west Africa (lot of shias in east africa)?
  2. (salam) Merci frère je me suis inscris sur Al-imane sous le même pseudo. I guess on devrait créer un nouveau topic pour les francophones, peut-être que ça changerait la dynamique.... :D
  3. Wa aleykumu salam frère, Je n'ai pas disparu, je me cache dans les forums mais je suis présent :D Ghareeb je ne sais vraiment pas ou il est passe, j'espere que tout va bien pour lui Eid Mubarak en avance car chez nous c'est vendredi incha Allah Notre sous-section francophone a vraiment besoin de réanimation, c'est presque mort ici -_- Ton surnom sur al imane c'est cendrillonM?
  4. Cendrillon qu'est ce qui est arrivé à ton pseudo? lolll :D T'aimais plus ça? :D Il y a des écoles shia ici au Canada mais pas au Québec je pense
  5. Yeah I've been there but for some reason other Shiane Haideri (which is downtown) there`s not many shias mosques with an english program.... Does the imam Hussein foundation have a website? Can`t find it on youtube either only the one from Windsor... and the address that you gave is not working on google maps for some reason
  6. You should do Jet-Kun-Do which is a mix of many disciplines and basically the ancestor of MMA
  7. I pratice Pradal Serey which is the Khmer ancestor of Muay Thai, more violent ( more knees n elbows :shifty: ) and BJJ Very effective in the real life even though I avoid using it
  8. I'll be going there tomorrow incha Allah, first time in a Shia mosque in Mtl
  9. Cendrillon, je voudrais savoir si tu pouvais me donner les duas que l'on récite durant le qunoot pour les 5 prieres ainsi que celle du Vendredi si possible? :D :D :D
  10. RIP Hugo Chavez, one of the very few leaders of this world who actually loved his people and loved muslims
  11. IOC just proved they are retarted with that kind of decision, wrestling is probably the only sport that existed in every culture no matter the region.... SMH
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