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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, I just wanted to verify if the following list is reliable or not: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_casualties_in_Husayn%27s_army_at_the_Battle_of_Karbala thanks, syed
  2. Salam, I want to ask If anyone has seen a video I saw a while back, where it depecits the return of Imam mehdi Atfs from the news stand point. If you watch the movie 313 in the end it shows the news saying "someone got killed" by the kaba. However I have seen a video where it shows the whole news, ( only the depicting the return of our imam ) if anyone has a link to the video please share thanks
  3. Salam, I used to talk to Imam Mehdi AS a lot before. (Talking meaning, I talk in my room and believe he can hear me, even tho I can neither see him or neither hear a response from my Imam) I have recently decided to do the practice again, talking about how my day, my shortcoming etc, sometimes even how my day went in general. However I keep thinking I can not talk to the imam for an extended period of time as I feel like I am wasting his time, or maybe he does not care in context to, why are you telling me your finding your degree hard ? ( religious matters I feel comftable talkin
  4. thank you so much, any other differences anyone knows?
  5. salam, i will be going hajj, however the group im going with is a sunni group. what are the differences of hajj between shiias and sunnis.
  6. Salam, if one has performed umrah, and then in Mekkah he wishes to perform umrah again, can he put on the ihram in the hotel room or does he have to leave the city once again? also how is umrah performed.
  7. Salam, inshallah I will be going hajj 2017 however, I still haven't received hajj visas yet, the tour group has said, they are in the saudi embassy along with my passports and when I asked for e tickets he said, he can't send them as they are group tickets, bearing in mind I am leaving in 9 days. Is this normal, or should I be more concerned ?
  8. salam, does anyone know any good shia lectures on hajj.
  9. thank you very much Tawheed313... very helpfull
  10. Salam everyone, can anyone please point me towards a website or something where I can find many hadiths from the ahlulbayt (as) along with REFENCES. Note Refences are very important. Thanks
  11. Salam, I was wondering if anyone has been to Iraq, najaf or could inform me of the prices to buy rings like Dur-e-Najaf or Ferozia from that region. Thanks
  12. Salam, does anyone know about this travel group that takes you to ziyarat? has anyone been with them? im looking to go with them inshallah. :yaali: alavi travels
  13. does anyone know any sources online that give hadiths of imams (as) and saying with references. Thanks
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