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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam All does anyone know the benefits in this duniya of istagfar ? i recall hearing it removes problems from your life etc but cannot find the lecture any hadiths would help too Thanks
  2. Jazakallah appreciate it - keep me in ur Duas ❤️
  3. For anyone interested in resolution - I emailed a scholar. to get married - recite 100x astagfar after isha salah For patience etc recite Salawat as much as possible
  4. What if I’m ok with my sexual desires ? I’ve never been with a woman, I still got some patience left... but I’m longing for a emotional connection? How do I remain patient then ? In the emotional aspect ?
  5. Ok - thanks makes sense in regards to a halal relationship. But what if someone did zina ? Or kissed etc ? In a haram relationship. i don’t think I’ll be ok with that as I haven’t.
  6. Salam - hope you are doing well ? just wanted to ask if anyone one has any advice ? Or experience they wanted to share in regards to finding someone to get married too ? any Amal’s ? And preparations on how find someone and how to know more importantly the person is the correct person for you ? I have started working out, reading, growing etc. Alhamduillah I have a decent career and am ready to take on this new responsibility... and a intellectual companionship doesn’t sound too bad either haha Just wanted any advice on someone who has been in my shoes ? Any Amal’
  7. What is the contact details/Email for Sayed Baqir al Qazwini ?
  8. Salam - How do you know if Allah actually likes you ? Allah makes a few promises to his believers too, but how do you know you are amongst those? When you go through a trail or tribulation, it brings me comfort knowing Allah is with me, but how do I know he is with me ? I’m not question Allah, I am question myself. When times get tough, I tell Allah.. “I still have more patience” but how do I know if he cares or loves me ? How do I know he’s looking after me ? Are my sins greater than is mercy ? NO... but do I deserve his mercy? NO. I have so much more pati
  9. Salam, I just wanted to verify if the following list is reliable or not: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_casualties_in_Husayn%27s_army_at_the_Battle_of_Karbala thanks, syed
  10. Salam, I want to ask If anyone has seen a video I saw a while back, where it depecits the return of Imam mehdi Atfs from the news stand point. If you watch the movie 313 in the end it shows the news saying "someone got killed" by the kaba. However I have seen a video where it shows the whole news, ( only the depicting the return of our imam ) if anyone has a link to the video please share thanks
  11. Salam, I used to talk to Imam Mehdi AS a lot before. (Talking meaning, I talk in my room and believe he can hear me, even tho I can neither see him or neither hear a response from my Imam) I have recently decided to do the practice again, talking about how my day, my shortcoming etc, sometimes even how my day went in general. However I keep thinking I can not talk to the imam for an extended period of time as I feel like I am wasting his time, or maybe he does not care in context to, why are you telling me your finding your degree hard ? ( religious matters I feel comftable talkin
  12. Salam, if one has performed umrah, and then in Mekkah he wishes to perform umrah again, can he put on the ihram in the hotel room or does he have to leave the city once again? also how is umrah performed.
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