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  1. Salam, Is there any hadiths/posts/content anyone has regarding the topic of waking up early and the benefits of it from the Islamic perspective. Thanks
  2. Salam, I have a question regarding the mercy of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). There is a narration attributed to ISTEGHFAR-E-MAUJIZ-E-AASA where Imam Ali AS advice’s someone to repent, as he was facing a lot of difficulties in life to which he said The Arab man replied http://www.duas.org/pdfs/iseghfarmaujiz.pdf “o commander of the faithfuls, I have done too much penance, but there is no change in my life.” Imam Ali AS then advices him to recite a ISTEGHFAR-E-MAUJIZ-E-AASA and within a year the man’s life changes. Question 1) what is the difference between a specific type of repentance/dua, compared to excessive repentance from the heart. For example say Someone has been repenting for a long time from the bottom of their heart(and fulfilling the conditions), but nothing changed… but one dua/certain words hold more weight and value in the eyes of Allah then a sorrowful heart and sincere repentance such as the narration above, as the man in question told imam Ali AS “I have done too much penance” - but his situation only changed after the amal. Question 2) It was a lot easier for people to get specific spiritual remedies, as they had contact with the Imams AS. But what about us, I know if I could talk to Imam Zaman AS, he could easily tell me exactly what to do and what to recite/do/think - But in todays day and age, when I cannot…. We are missing out of this blessing, that judging by the narration mentioned above, has the power to change ur life, and akhira due to Allah accepting ur forgiveness. Does that mean, because we don’t have access to Allahs Hujjah AS directly, certain people have the potential to miss out ? The reason I ask both questions is because, if the man…. Carried on repenting, without Imam AS’s advice, no matter how much he meant it, it indicates it would have not worked (at least this is what I was able to derive, but correct me if I’m wrong) Thanks
  3. Jazakallah makes sense - if due the blindness of my heart I don’t see these signs, could it mean I can lose the blessings and destiny (better than my plan because Allah planned it) - because of my focus elsewhere or are you saying realising them will speed up the process, as opposed to having numerous doors closed untill I find the one Allah has for me.
  4. Salam - does anyone have a collection of hadiths attributed to Syeda Fatima SA? with referees ? or anywhere I can find a collections of hadiths etc jazkallah
  5. Yeah I’m a guy - and I totally agree it’s probably way harder for girls And I know what you mean to - everyone says carrer, looks, personality and deen wise I’m really good, but for some straggly odd reason can’t seem to be finding anyone compatible with me
  6. Salam, I had a few questions, Allah mentioned in the Quran… and we created you in pairs. What does this mean, as I’m sure you can choose you spouse as opposed to it being written? or is your spouse already written? also can Allah test you through spouse selection? By delayed response. has anyone found it difficult to find a spouse, then everything worked out in the end? I wouldn’t say I’m stressing, but I’m basically am because it’s taking a lot longer than I presumed it would have. No idea what’s blocking the blessing, might be my sins so have started to do a lot of istagfar and giving sadqa + reading thajjud and ziyarat Ashura can anyone share any experience maybe?
  7. Jazakallah - good timing as things just got worse LOOOL guess this is a deeper level of tawakkul I have to cultivate now. just got to keep begging and crying he will work everything out eventually.
  8. Salam - Recently every action and plan I make, has been hit with a brick wall. Like literally one after the other, nothing seems to be changing at all. But it’s ok because I have a lot more patience and trust left in me so I don’t mind, but I worry one day I’ll just be even more tired. It all started off from a trail, something that couldn’t be changed.. so I was forced to change internally. I made sure to always repent, and do as much istagfar as possible, incase any of my sins closed doors, or altered blessings. But the deafening silence from Allah is very loud. But again, there might be wisdom in what Allah is doing and maybe he does still love me. Over time I’m seeing people get that which I want, and am able to make dua for them and feel happy for them from my heart genuinely, ensuring I have no envy for people. As envy tried to creep into my heart but Alhamduillah I noticed it before it did any Damage. I’m thanking Allah for the difficulty’s I face, as Alhamduillah it has increased my eman, faith and trust in Allah by 10 folds. My connection with the IMAMs AS has also increased a lot more as Allah has stripped all hopes, dreams, plans and self reliance from me until I became exhausted and I had nothing left internally to help myself but Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). Usually when I ask, Allah would grant me and my Duas get answered. So this new level of eman I have attained was only from this period of hardship, So Alhamduillah. I have no idea if Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) is content/happy with me, and I understand I can never know as I think personally, if I knew it would do more harm then good (I’d definitely get lazy in pleasing him, because I know he’s happy with me the and would repent less and do dua less etc). All I can do is be sincere for guidance and closeness to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى), uphold my wajibat and just keep repenting as much as possible ensuring I cry in repentance of my sins and for the tragedy of the Ahlulbayt AS My question is - Do I just go about my life, upholding Islamic practical principals and hope for the best….. or should I be actively finding answers on what is going on spiritually ? My main concern is I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong? or if Allah is building me right now with silence to build more yaqeen/submission in me? Or if I have been hit a spiritual roadblock ? I’m clueless on my next step to Allah ? And it stems from silence of Allah. (Silence in terms of my Duas don’t get answered anymore TO MY KNOWLEDGE. I also haven’t had a dream/mukasifaf In 4 years, and my situation has been the exact same for 1 and a half year now BUT the sweetness of eman is still there, hence the confusion if weather I’m doing something wrong or a test from Allah ? Any idea ? Or advice ? Any next steps I should be doing. ?
  9. Maybe god is putting you through this, to change the lenses from which you see. Remember if the situation cannot be changed, you will be forced to change internally. And this will grow you up to spiritual maturity. Your focusing on achievement (I presume) and Allah is focusing on your character. Because your character is what you will take to you after life. Trust Allah. Two very simple words, but over time you realise it is very difficult. And it’s even more difficult when you hear a deafening silence after your hardship, but understand Allah is breaking down your heart and mind till you yourself exhaust your own strengths and have nothing left inside you except Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)…. Thus forcing you to increase your faith and trust in Allah … allowing you to reach your per destined status infront of Allah. I have realised, for me personally the state of my hardships are usually internal factors and the state of mind you carry and the thoughts you water and harbour, and reality in itself isn’t that bad. The hardship only lasted a few moments, it was one moment of bad news… but then I spend 1/2/3 years beating myself up about it. That’s more on me then god… don’t you think ? Your situation might be different, so sorry if this isn’t applicable. But Allah has promised to give ease after hardship in the Quran, so you will 100% get ease. Just When will you allow it to enter is up to you. sometimes he changes the situation, but you mentioned your situation will always be the same - then you need to change yourself. Reality will be the same today and in 3 years … gods waiting on you now to accept the ease but a shift of your internal outlook and mindset. And this can take some time, once he breaks you down and purifies you. But it’s out of love (sorry!) Try to identify the cause of your pain and tackle it. It will be very hard, but the promise of Allah is true. After hardship there is ease. And many a time the ease has been delivered, I.e. a door closed… but your mental state is blocking you from viewing it from the eyes of Allah. How ironic is it, many a times you grieve over that which you know could cause you harm ? You deep down sometimes know it’s for the best…. But you still wanted it the way you wanted it. If you resist the will of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)… it will obviously hurt. God loved his prophets, and they had it worse. God loved imam Hussain AS and he had it way way worse. Love doesn’t mean he’s going be easy, love means it will be hard. The promise of Allah is true, and believers face hardship. Over time - you could be a whole new human with a whole new outlook, trust me. Recite salawat, complain/talk to Allah about your problem and then work on submission to the will of god and work on practical ways to help you get your mindset to where Allah wants it to be, spiritual maturity. Seek counselling if necessary, or even open up on shiachat… who knows people could relate and help you out a lot more than you think. Watch YouTube videos of people who where on similar situations as you and see what steps they took to help themselves. This could help immensely. Get ready, for once you tackle this, something beautiful will happen inside of you. You will be free, free from this world and it’s despair. What you may be going through… in 10/20 years you could see it as a honour from Allah. Nobody said trusting Allah is easy, but ONCE do it… you will be thankful for this inshallah. Yes the past sticks, and every time you are “confronted” it will hurt….. but as weird as it sounds… it will become a part of YOU and depending on what it is… who knows once you truly accept it and the opinion of Allah is above the opinion of people…. It might not hurt. It’s ok to be sad, and distressed, just make sure you pick yourself up after, and keep your constant communication with Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and use counsellors or therapists if needed. Watch YouTube videos or read blogs of people in same situation as you. Allah loves you. He sustains you every single day because he loves. He’s a kind god, He’s a loving god, he’s a caring god. You are no exception to his mercy. He is there watching, he’s your supporter. He loves everyone he created. He loves you more than your family. Wallahi if I had words to tell you about the love of Allah, I would… but I can’t articulate how MUCH he loves you. You are really really precious to God. he created you did he nurtured you, he lead you this far and trust me… if your STILL BREATHING it’s because he’s got a plan, and the plan of Allah is the best.. because he plans with the knowledge of the unseen. It might be very difficult to truly help you or give you some ease without knowing what’s going on but I pray everything works out.
  10. @sirat-al-nur jazakhallah - I once heard, three things have no side effects. The holy Quran, Istagfar and salawat. Wouldn’t this Ayat be from the Quran thus have no side effects ? Thanks for the information you gave, very useful
  11. Salam hope you all are well. I was just wondering if anyone has any information, or hadiths or lists of benefits of reciting the dua in surah 21 verse 87. also how many times it should be recited ? For certain effects etc ? jazkallah
  12. Salam - I heard a tradition, that when imam Hussain AS purchased the land of karbala, he also asked the tribe… to take care of the guest of his zawars who visit him. has anyone heard of this before ? Or know the source etc ? the reason I’m asking is because I’m just so mesmerised that Imam Hussain AS thought about/catered for people who would visit him.. so if anyone knows of any relation hadiths about this then I would love to hear it. jazkallah.
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