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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. this is kinda why we need Imam Mahdi a.s. here. We all argue about imams here to guide us and to remove mistakes and flaws yet we have no imam removing our mistakes and flaws very confusing indeed
  2. What do you mean by how God wanted it to be ? Half of the people here support evolution , which is totally against the idea of what 'God' wants it to be. Half state that the system right now is unfair. the 'essence' of life ? what? allow people to be born and live a loveless life of discrimination, or do we level the playing field? life isn't fair, but it does not mean we sit silently. People are rejected of jobs, girls BULLIED and i have seen it myself because the class thought they were ugly. if i can't change it, i'll give a voice for them.
  3. HOW DARE U P0ST ON OUR THREAD!!! HARRAM1! HARRAM1111 wait. why can i not post here ? you are accusing us brothers of something that is directly connected to us. why can we not post and give you our take on it ? a similar thread can be made with the same accusations for sisters. i will however, leave this thread, though i do not understand your intolerance towards me. sorry if i have offended you in anyway
  4. exactly. you sisters don't post on threads that are sensitive to us, and we don't to you. we BOTH (proof can be given) post on uni-sex threads. this thread demonises the brothers falsely tbh. good idea, great for a private forum, wrong to demonise us. if there is a thread on perfume or beards in the brothers forum and sisters comment on it, why would we stop them? maybe we need a female perspective of what smells good or what type of beard size is best ?
  5. ofcourse, we don't all have to look the same , but thank you for acknowledging it is unfair that humans innately prefer beauty, and not everyone is beautiful. so there is no real justification , apart that it's part of a test.
  6. i agree with Yoda on the fact women need their own private thread. but demonising brothers who have posted here, and asserting the women are faultless is a lie. come to the brothers forum and you will see it for yourself. good idea, wrong to accuse.
  7. please come onto the brothers forum and you will see they comment all over here. i have commented on generic threads, where it's not a sensitive issue or a personal issue women discuss. if someone makes a thread dry cough, i don't care if their male or female, i have advise to give to them, and unless otherwise specified so, why can i not?
  8. we have all across the brothers forum sisters posting on our threads. take a look yourself. however, i made this thread to say thank you to the sisters who know which threads NOT to post in. We brothers have never really had a problem with you, and you have conducted yourself well here. There are MANY brother issues which are not unique to us which we would be grateful to receive your female input on, or your perspective on. so ahsant.
  9. so basically we are all reciting a FAKE dua ?
  10. we can't assume because intepretation may make some of us believe the Mahdi a.s. will appear soon, that we leave our world to chaos. + We can create designer babies there are surgical options, we can make these cheaper and more widely availble we can also bolster the non surgical things for skin perfection and so and so. there are many things we can do, vertically or horizontaly.
  11. these sisters seem pretty angry brother. i think they would impose the death penalty. go to our thread and see their posts all over it lol. we know which threads to talk on and which to keep out. + yoda, i invite you on the brothers section. many sisters have posted here, asked questions ect. sisters know which threads not to post, and which ones they can post in lol
  12. why do women go for looks ? why is it 'creepy' when an ugly guy proposes and 'cute' when a handsome guy does the same thing ? why do tsunami's exist? please take your rehetroical questions to Allah swt.
  13. what are all the muslima's doing in the brothers thread ? hypocricy my sisters! hypocrisy!
  14. lol'd. the fact that society see's the parents as 'ugly' or 'inferior' in the first place is my issue. it's not fair and unjust. it's discrimination. a brother suggested i stop posting here, i will respect you guys also were part and parcel of me discussing and rebutting to your posts, and i thank you for your input. i will leave this thread, and ahsant. if i have offended anyone i apologise.
  15. the issue is, so many of these threads arent even related to sisters. make up should be harram - men can comment surely ? how many sisters were on the brothers forum commenting about beards! + you had things such as female circumcision, which BROTHERS gave hadiths on, posted on, and gave their expert insight. if anyone is being innapropriate or rude, report them, simples. we're acting like men have invaded a female washroom here lol.
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