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  1. Salam, Please deactivate my account. Thank-you.
  2. Hello, I only just saw your reply now(as I wasn't following the topic and hence had not recieved any notifications concerning this thread), Thank-you for your contribution and I couldn't agree more with the conclusion you have drawn. Such absurdities(like rape etc) do cause me to question Why?, but at the end of day God has a reason for everything, and he is Most Just, Most High. However,you may agree that even in these extreme circumstances, people can draw closer to God, and even speak out and increase awareness upon these issues, that may have been neglegted in the community or society. But that is a personal choice, and that is why Allah bestowed on mankind the abilibty of free will; they have the choice of turning to God, or denying his very existance.
  3. What is your favourtie quote? Islamic or not, This is one of my favourites: The Messenger of Allah said,'The truest words that the Bedouins spoke are the words of Labid when he said, 'Indeed everything but Allah is false and every blessing is most certainly ephemeral'
  4. I heard that you do stay with your partner from this life in Jannah, If you wish to. I think you'll get what ever you wish in Paradise, after all, it is Paradise.
  5. I heard a quote from Imam Ali(as), that says 'not every beautiful person is good, but every good person is beautiful'
  6. Thank-you for your reply Yeah that makes sense, as in overlook the bad in them, for the sake of God, and love them because they are a good person. Please do. :) salam, Yes, I could see how that would make the relationship last, because of the will to please Allah, through loving his devotees on earth. Thank-you for your reply ! ;)
  7. Salam, Yes ofcourse it is, I wasn't directing it to anyone in particular.
  8. A relative of mines is in one of the episodes, :P
  9. What does it mean to love someone for the sake of God? I've heard people say that if you love someone for the sake of God, your relationship will last. I've never really understood this though. Does that mean, you actually love someone because you should, rather than because you want to?
  10. Salam. Great project. InshAllah all runs smoothly. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions. :) 1) how do you feel when you wear the hijab? Happy. One word summarises how I feel when I wear the hijab and that is Happy. Happy that I am respected. Happy that I am following the footsteps of Fatimah' Alzahraa(as) and Lady Mary. Happy that I am obeying my Lord. Happy that I have chosen to be liberated from society's idea of beauty. Happy that I can walk down the street and people will know what religion I follow and what I preach. It is the best feeling in the world. 2) Would you still wear it if it was not obligatory in islam? Ofcourse! The hijab is a headcovering which can help me not get too preoccupied with this life, and work for the next. It is something which symbolises my faith and grants me a means of self-respect and happiness to some extent. 3) do you feel oppressed? Not at all. I feel it to be a blessing to women rather than a burden. After all how can I be opressed if I have taken it for myself to chose to wear the hijab? How can I be opressed if It grants me my rights and human dignity. 4) for those who live in the west, is it hard to maintain hijab while living in the west? has anyone ever been rude to you just because you wear hijab? Living in the UK, I have been fortunate enough not to have experienced any extreme sort of hate, prejudice or even violence. Sometimes I recieve the odd look or stare, comment or criticism, which I have learnt the overlook, however I do try to explain my decision and the benefits of wearing the hijab to those who are willing to listen. Batool.
  11. Come on now, one must use their logic. I agree we must remember the ahlulbayt(as) all the time in our hearts,and most importantly remember Allah every hour of every day and worship him and work to seek his pleasure. We should be sad about the martydom of Imam Hussain(as), no doubt about it. and we should mourn for him in the prescribed periods, but their is a wide gap between being sad in our hearts and being sad in our actions(if that makes sense) all the time. Now, in 'RoAcHy's post she mentioned that these people do nothing but wait for the Imam. Now is that what the prophet ordered them to do? Is that what Allah ordered us to do? Like I said at the begininng of the post, the most important thing is to remember Allah frequently, so are these people forsaking the rembrance of God the Almighty by doing nothing but waiting for the Imam? Why don't they ever hold majalis that consist of Qur'an reciations and supplications? or Qur'an classes for young kids. I will end with the saying of the Ahlulbayt(as), which I am right in saying some of you have already mentioned, which says "Our followers are happy when we are happy, and sad when we are sad", this is to say that there are days when we should be happy, and we musn't spend our whole life mourning, otherwise surely we would be in some error.
  12. It's interesting you should say that, and I can see why you or anyone may think that, This was posted on Zahra Al-Alawi's blog: "Since appearing on Channel 4?s, 4thought I have been flooded with emails, tweets, Facebook messages and comments and I am highly appreciative and honored to have received every single one. First of all thank you for taking time out to let me know your views on my filming for Channel 4 (both the positive feedback and the criticism) and secondly I would love to reply to each one but simply time and my work commitments do not allow me to. So I decided to write a quick blog. Im glad this video has created such a heated debate as I had already assumed the topic of modesty/Hijab still remains to be a controversial one and I had wanted people to discuss this so we can iron out some misconceptions surrounding Hijab and create some sort of dialogue. Regarding my filming. The filming took around 30mins to an hour long, yet the final production was only 1 min and 56sec (so you can imagine how this was edited down). I had mentioned allot of points which unfortunately did not make it to the final edit. I had mentioned what the Quran has said about HIjab (mentioning the specific verses and quotations). I also mentioned that the Quran tells men FIRST to cover up and guard their modesty then refers to the females (So the responsibility falls on both). I spoke about how guarding your modesty applies BOTH for men and women and when both parties guard their modesty then we would have a decent society. I spoke about modesty NOT only being about the physical but also the social and one can not coexist without the other. Theres no point covering up if your actions and behavior is not respectful and vice versa. I spoke about how God is beautiful and he loves beauty. I spoke about fashion and how we Muslim woman are not alienated from the fashion of this world. In fact we still shop in your popular retail stores e.g River Island, TopShop, Zara, John Lewis etc… But theres a time and place where we wear it. I spoke about how we should all respect one another. I spoke about the virgin Mary and how she has been my role model and inspiration in life both in the way I dress and in my conduct. I spoke about us integrating within society and that the hijab does not limit me in communicating and interacting within society. I spoke about the niqab and that I personally DO NOT agree with wearing the niqab in Britain as it creates a barrier between us and the British society and within my research I have found that my religion advises me not to wear the niqab if it creates more attraction and attention to ones self. I spoke about why I wear the hijab, the benefits I have found in wearing it. I spoke about how rape, adultery happens in the east too not only the west and the reasons for it. Yet all of which did not make it in the final cut and my content and speech was edited down to what you all watched on TV. Regarding my comment on the woman in the street. Before I went to film for Channel 4, the producers had watched the shows I had presented for the TV channel I work for (Channel Sky 842). They had also read some blogs I had written online so their questions were very specific and geared towards that. One question was “You had wrote a blog about walking on the street on a hot summers day, could you just narrate that”. They were referring to this blog post: http://zahraalalawi.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/its-summer-where-is-your-hijab-2/ To answer this I narrated what I had written. If you take some time out to read the blog I had written in May 2012 you would see I was referring to Muslim woman who cover up. It was not centered around the Non-Muslim I had seen on the street. But only a sentence or two of the story was put in. I personally believe Hijab is a beautiful thing and I am proud of wearing it and not afraid of showing it. People will always make assumptions of their own understanding of what they think I mean, but that just portrays the diversity in our society and thats the beauty of it. I have many very close non Muslim friends from different backgrounds and cultures which I can say are the closest to me. I believe despite our differences we can all coexist and live in harmony with one another. I certainly do not claim to be more honorable or modest then other women. Sometimes because I talk with so much passion and conviction people may think otherwise, but I am really a down to earth person who respects everyones right to dress and act as they please. This is not the first time I appear on mainstream television and i have had previously appeared on Channel 4, BBC and on other shows and programs which have been broadcasted on mainstream channels. I have also been presenting shows on Sky Channel 842 for 3 years now and been giving speeches/lectures and appearing in public for over 6 years. I fully understand that when one comes in public they open themselves up for criticism and public opinion and i personally do not mind as I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. Its called freedom of speech. I believe strongly in what I preach and am not weak enough to express it. I have seen great benefits in wearing the Hijab and it has helped me alot in the path I have chosen to take and the career I have chosen. I will continue with my public service and speaking out with what I believe is the truth. So did anything good come out of this video? Yes its opened up the floor for discussion. Its allowed everyone to express their opinion on what they feel modesty equals to. Its allowed me to see what people think of modesty and covering up and its allowed others to see my views. Its allowed me to get my voice out to a wider audience. Perhaps the video did not fully portray what I wanted to say but it has certainly raised a question mark. And those who wish to know more would go on to research my interviews/work and will find out what I really believe in covering up and the headscarf and the reasons why I do. Surprisingly already I have received many emails from people wanting to know more about the headscarf and my views on Hijab and with that I think its all worth it. I would like to thank all those who commented on the video and expressed their opinions. I would like to thank Channel 4 for their generous hospitality while I was at the studio and their fantastic work. Its a beautiful world we live in and if everyone saw the positives to every situation and respect one another we would all live in peace and harmony amongst each other. Peace to you all. Warm Regards Zahra Al-Alawi"
  13. Congratulations sister! Wish you all the best.
  14. Really nice poem Mash'Allah! It certainly does make you think.
  15. Personally I think Allah makes us experience hardship in order to help us find ourselves and draw nearer to him. Usually after someone comes out of a dilema, they usually come out a stronger better person; in most cases I believe.
  16. Ok both problems solved/ Thanks :)
  17. I fixed that problem a few minutes ago. Have you tried changing your settings>
  18. What happened to the topic I posted on the main forum (The thinkers discourse), it said a moderator must approve first, but it has not been posted, bare in mind I created it a while ago. Does that mean it was unapproved? Also, what is the point of having notifications, if it does not notify me of any replies to my posts or comments made to my profile feed? Thank-You.
  19. Yes. Though temporary marriage is seriously misused and taken advantage of in this day and age. People rush to it and do not try to beat their desires, and here I see a problem. Also, I think we can all agree permanent marriage is better than temporary marriage, so why go into muta'a in the first place, why not just get married. After all, does Allah not tell us in the Qur'an he well provide for us? If you look at it from a sister's perspective, she would want a 'clean' man.The only times I think mut'aa should be used is if the couple intend to get married to each other and keep it on a non-physical level or in circumstances where that is the only option(and rare cases they are!). Furthermore, keeping in mind all these factors, it should only be considered as a last resort.
  20. I should be eating dinner but im on Shiachat :P
  21. Thank-you for your reply. I understand what you mean(for the first part anyway) and I acknowledge that men and women's bodies are different and also I personally believe that God trys men with the difficulty of lust or self control and with women the dilema of being over emotional or sensitive and I dont think men should go on medication to prevent this. However, when I spoke about solving the issue in terms of fasting, I mean the 40 day fast that has been spoken of on this forum which is meant to solve this problem and I highlighted upon this as stating I would respect a man for doing this. So before you speak of it being impossible, reconsider.
  22. When calamity hits, what do you do? Do you turn to the Qur'an after having forsaken it? or perhaps you approach sin after abstaining from it(for a while,anyway). But more importantly, do you think that Allah puts us in difficulties in a means of drawing nearer to him and is it a blessing in disguise? What do you all think. Share your thoughts.
  23. Yes I've heard that too. Yeah as far as I know it should be referring to tech, so t.vs, radios etc... I guess that means day of Judgement is not too far away!
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