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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. And the anti-Assad propaganda keeps raining in. When will the U.S. give up?
  2. USA has more freedom but more ignorance, racism, etc. U.S. health care system runs virtually entirely on private insurance, but Canada has free government health insurance. Products in the U.S. are also usually cheaper, and the weather is better in most parts. I don't really have too much info on how to obtain citizenship, but it would also depend on what country you're coming from. (wasalam) No problem, brother. Yeah, there is a relatively large Shia community and Toronto is easily the most diverse city in the world. I would definitely recommend visiting there first to see if you like it before you move there.
  3. He is obviously some Wahhabi troll that does nothing but commit blasphemy and spam posts, so I'm wondering why this user is immune to ban? There are trolls who are banned almost on a daily basis for far less, but this clown seems to have something on the mods to be blackmailing them into not banning him. That's the only explanation I can think of, because he has almost 1,000 posts, virtually all of them nonsensical kufr preaching and blasphemy and has been reported multiple times by multiple users but is still free to troll as much as he wants. I normally wouldn't make a thread about banning a user, but this has gotten far beyond ridiculous and it doesn't look like the mods are planning on doing anything about it soon.
  4. Prove that Abu Bakr wasn't a transsexual dinosaur. You can't prove anything unless your god Abu Bakr comes back to the physical world, until then you will keep relying on guess work. How does it feel without a true leader, the 12th imam? Very painful, right? No success in the material world at least? What's the matter? More empty words? :D
  5. Brother AllahAkbar you should have added three more things to the OP: Proving the Opposite: When the Sunni fails, he will say to prove something in the impossible backwards way. Examples: - Imam Mahdi (AF) washed his whole foot! Prove he didn't! - Imam Askari (as) said the Abu Bakr was the true Caliph! Prove he didn't! Respond to truths from the Quran with personal rambling: When the Sunni sees he can't refute the Quran and Sunnah using the same, he will instead opt to argue conjectures and filibuster posts containing no evidence from the Quran or Sunnah. Example: Guy 1: The Quran says only Allah can appiont our leaders. Sunni: My dad works at an ice cream shop and told me you're wrong! Guy 1: Can you use the Quran or Sunnah to back your statement? Sunni: My dad works at an ice cream shop and told me you're wrong! Guy 1: ...... Sunni: What's the matter can't prove me wrong?! Disregard the Sunnah: When a Sunni sees that the Sunnah, the very thing they name themselves after, proves them wrong, they will say to stop believing it. Example: Guy 1: The Sunnah states that there will only be 12 Muslim rulers, all of them from Quraysh. Sunni: STOP BELIEVING IN AUTHENTICATED SAHIH SUNNAH! REJECT THE SUNNAH! FORGET ABOUT IT! LORD ABU BAKR WOULD NOT BE PLEASED WITH THE SUNNAH!
  6. Prove that Abu Bakr wasn't a transsexual dinosaur. You can't prove anything unless your god Abu Bakr comes back to the physical world, until then you will keep relying on guess work.
  7. Defense for what? Your desperate attempt saying "ZOMG GUYS STOP BELIEVING IN THE SUNNAH AND QURAN! IT CONTRADICTS LORD ABU BAKR!" The fact is all of those parts of the Sunnah are Sahih and 100% authenticated. The Quran also clearly talks about Ali (as) and Ahlul Bayt using masculine plural form, so that would at least have to include Imam Hasan (as) and Imam Hussain (as). The Quran also state only Allah can choose our leaders, so you can go and elect your new Caliph now you najis munafiqun.
  8. lol This kaffir rejects Quran left and right and says 'Jazakallah'? Do you ever get tired of being a munafiqun?
  9. Here we go with more Autistic Sunni rebuttals. 'Twelve' is how we spell out the number 12 using letters btw, in case you weren't aware. Now let's count the Shia Imams/Caliphs: 1 Ali ibn Abu Talib 2 Hasan ibn Ali 3 Hussain ibn Ali 4 Ali ibn Husayn 5 Muhammad ibn Ali 6 Ja'far ibn Muhammad 7 Musa ibn Ja'far 8 Ali ibn Musa 9 Muhammad ibn Ali 10 Ali ibn Muhammad 11 Hasan ibn Ali ibn Muhammad 12 Muhammad al-Mahdi 12 Shia Imams/Caliphs in total Now let's see if you can still count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Imams = Khalifa Sunnis = Deviators of Islam If you went to math class more often you could have become a real Muslim (Shia) by now and wouldn't have committed so many sins by cursing real Islam. Here's a learning tool for you: Once you get that down, and it may take you awhile but don't give up, you can use this to learn how to count up to 20:
  10. There's not much else the munafiqun (hypocrites) can do but fabricate lies against Allah. If they were truly Muslim they would care what's in the Quran and Sunnah. Instead they toss it behind them and continue worshipping apostate Sahabah.
  11. He can't, his gods Umar and Abu Bakr forbid him such a thing. The only thing that they permit for him is to blame others using fabrications to justify his being munafiqun.
  12. In my experience they put their hands over their ears and scream "LALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALALALA! ABU BAKR AND UMAR ARE GODS! LALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"
  13. If you're from the West then you should know exactly what is being talked about. It's not necessarily about literally being gay (although most gay males from my experience have had earrings), but being feminine or a 'girly pretty boy'. To OP: I don't think it's haraam as long as you're not doing to to seek attention and just like it personally.
  14. lol The sole reason for the death of Shia (i.e. real Muslims) in Pakistan is because of shaitani munafiqun (i.e. Bakris/Sunnis and Wahhabis) and America/Israeli elements.
  15. Has Abather Al-Halwaji recited any Surahs of the Quran? I have only seen duas and Azan from him. If not, does anyone know the reason why?
  16. From what I've seen, yes it is easy to get a job in an IT field. I also think the prices listed on that site are slightly exaggerated. For example, a meal for one at an inexpensive restaurant usually only costs about $5 - $9.
  17. I'm kind of a convert to Shia. I was born and raised Christian but converted to Islam and was Sunni by default. I then did more research and found that Shia was the truth.
  18. Just because he was like that doesn't mean it wasn't in reflection of his people or that he made his people like that. From what I've read the Persian people have been the most civilized in history, and the credit for that is not due to their kings, but rather their whole society.
  19. 9/11 was nothing more than the propagandistic big bang the U.S. used to declare war on Islam and put their imperialistic conquest in full swing.
  20. lol Black magic does exist, but Chris Angel does not use it for his act. Black magic is more to hurt others (i.e. make someone go insane or something) or get help from jinns rather than make yourself fly or something like that. Also, the black magic is not really a honed ability these days, it was more of a thing during old time, like the era of Pharaoh for example.
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