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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. "Whenever you drink water, remember me and my family's thirst" ~ Imam Hussain a.s.

  2. Allah ma'ak akhi. Love is not easy. And it cannot be willed. I know this. You must stay patient, Allah rewards the patient....but not the lazy. I am not sure where you live but al hamdulillah there are Muslims EVERYWHERE. You can easily find Muslims in a nearby area, but if you prefer to be with only Shia people than there are online resources for that. I have heard good things about a dating site called arablounge and I had a couple of friends find Shia spouses from all over the world there. You may need to reform your thinking too; like, if you are Arab Shia and only want a wife that is Arab Shia...like Lebanese from THIS town but not Iraqi from there. Or if you would not be interested in a revert or an Iranian or Desi....these things are a marker of discrimination and have no place in Islam. To find love, true love, you must be truly open to love. Love knows no boundaries. And who knows, maybe you meet a great inspiring woman, and your deen fuels her to find Islam in her own heart and she reverts! Miracles happen. We all have a true love out there, but, wallahi, it does not always come in the package we expect...or even, initially, want... Do not wallow in self pity. Depression is far too easy to fall into. Fall in love with love, with Allah, and watch true love fall upon you like a waterfall!!!!
  3. Ok wow...loooooooooooooool I live in a city in the USA where wearing black is the MOST chic and fashionable thing possible. There is no "fear" of violence or black magic hahaha...where do you people live?!?!?! I feel like I am reading posts from some book from the 1950s hehehe... Not making fun...wallah it's just silly to see that there are still places in America that are that backward haha. We are in mourning dear brothers and sisters. Do NOT change your ways to satisfy whatever silly demands of fools and of a corrupt society. All people in mourning, be they Jews, Eastern Christians, Roma, have their customs, and they do NOT stop them for anyone. Why should the Muslims?!?!
  4. InshAllah akhi :D ...For me, it is not even the world becoming Muslim...la...it is about reading, LEARNING and sythesizing information, stories and scriptures, and recognizing the progression of truth through time. That is what Islam is to me...the final truth in a long line of progressive truth which includes Judaism and Christianity, Paganism and the like. Imam Hussain a.s., the loss of this seed, is like the loss of Issa, Jesus Christ a.s.; for what Jesus was, a human inspiration, a revolutionary, the most courageous of men at his time, Imam Hussain was a noble defender, a courageous fighter for truth, liberty and justice in a region and at a time that had witnessed so many transitions; from this faith to that, from this leader to that, this empire to that...what I mean to say is, if we can all agree that the MURDER of Issa a.s. was to be lamented and remembered...the fact that it happened AGAIN in the most tragic way (because it was the second time a blessed man was slaughtered by a tyrant)...that should awaken the entire WORLD to the FACT that "Yazid" (tyranny, abuse of power, etc.) and Yazidi ways ALWAYS LIVE ON. Shaytan has many hands, many wills...he lives everywhere and can come into any heart. The LESSON of Karbala, as given by ALMIGHTY Allah, is for us to remember that history repeats itself and that if WE, the good, righteous people of the world do not stand up and fight oppression and injustice EVERYWHERE (not just when it comes into power, but do everything BEFORE so we can PREVENT it) we will continue to see the deaths of innocent peoples....look at Palestine, look at Iraq, look at Syria, Bahrain, etc. This bloodshed will continue until Muslims and the world, humanity in general, stands up, recognizes these DIVINE ROLE MODELS, as such and marches TOGETHER to stop this. LABAYYYYYYYYYYK YA HUSSAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I absolutely believe that Shami people (of the Levant, Libnan through Palestine, Jordan, etc) are absolutely being punished for not embracing the reality of 1. what happened at Karbala and 2. Not reading the Qur'an and hadith that stipulates adherence to Ahlul Bayt. NOW! When I say this, I mean...Yazid of our days comes in many forms. We must be wise enough to not establish teams and embrace generalizations. As much as we can rail on Sunni kings and queens here, we also must be able to point fingers at the false Shia "leaders" that bring no good either. The fact is, greed and lust are too alluring in these times, and they ensnare people easily, especially Arab men. I am sorry but it is true. Arab men...ha! It is far too easy to sell an Arab man's soul...but ya Allah, when you inspire him, when you remind him, when he is awakened, my he is the strongest of men, the strongest of fighters.... I ask fellow Palestinians...tell me, please, what have the Sunni rulers given you? Please....please tell me. They usually fall silent. Mankind does not like being told that everything that he believes in is a lie, or that the people he trusts are liars...that is why the reversion to Shia is slow..but wallahi it is there. They are coming. And with stronger, more compassionate, honest voices, they must come.
  6. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I do this! I say to people, la I am Shia Muslim..and they say, but you have family in al Quds, not Beirut...and I say yes, and Imam Hussain was killed in Karbala, but he lives in my heart, and in the hearts of all us!!!!
  7. Agreed 100000000% with the last two posts :)
  8. Don't misunderstand me, I do not wish to just bring them in and forget about everything. No! I mean educate them, do not force it down their throats, be of light and educate them. Dear brothers and sisters, I have seen Sunni turn to Shia...and it is happening more and more. It is happening in Palestine, in Egypt...they are awakening. And these revolutions, PRAISE Allah, they are divine...they will remember Imam Hussain now! He is the one who taught them how to fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Ohhhh I had a "mental disorder" ohhhh yea...that sounds right...wait wait, I feel it coming back, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa salem!!!! :sick: :wacko: :sick: :wacko:
  10. Shukran, khayli mamnoun, thank you!!!!!!! And yes Allah be with us all! Allah ma'ana!!!
  11. Well, I just fully embraced Shia Islam. I was not Sunni before, but I didn't have a complete path, I just now chose during Ramadan. And I also just joined ShiaChat because I needed friends, a community, and hopefully I can make friends in real life on here, because I am very isolated now. There are Shia in Palestine, but it is a very small number, and they do practice taqqiyah fully because of the ferocity at times of the Sunni there. With mention to Hezbollah...EXACTLY. That's what I say to them, and they fall silent. Yea right, Hezbollah protects Israel LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL yea yea, right (sarcasm). My brothers and sisters, there is a reason why Shia Muslims, we, are fought and hated on, killed from within and outside our communities. And it's not because we are kuffar or wrong. It's because we are the true defenders of justice, our people, and the deen. EID MUBARAK TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I said my circumstance is not important and that I know life is hard for them. And no I did not know. There was no red flag. There was only a problem when I came out as my true self.
  13. I am a huge advocate for Palestine. I have family from there. I am Shia. This is a problem apparently. I got publicly called out today, the first day of Eid, on all days...and was personally blamed, me, and all Shia, as the #1 reason why the Ummah will never come back. Yes that's right. We, WE ARE TO BLAME, for the entire whole of the Muslim world not being united. I .... I am speechless. But I will not abandon Ahlul Bayt. :)
  14. Oh, if things were as simple as the mindless plots of these attempts at art, called film. Romance, more true to form, can be found in epic poetry, age old collections of stories like the Shahnameh...not the manufactured, repetitive filth of Hollywood. I agree these films destroy not only relationships between people, but also that relationship that we must have with ourselves. We all know how to behave, but we either choose to be that way or to be rude. We all know how to love, what is right and what is abuse, and we choose. We are all aware that reality is how it is, chaotically beautiful and more of a riddle than a rhyme. These films pollute women especially into buying into the ultimate fantasy idea; that some prince (literally) is going to sweep poor little you off of your feet and whisk you away to some majestic castle. NO! Our lives are set based on the choices we make. If you want a "prince" literally or figuratively, you have to work for him. You cannot just expect some rich handsome man to come bounding along. And men? The beautiful enchantress IS a prize, and you have to earn her. The movies that bother me the most are those that have condoned infidelity, or abuse or other misconduct...and the (usually the) woman always comes running back or the man "changes" just in a blink of an eye. NO NO NO NO NO!!!! :no: :no: :no: :no: :no:
  15. You know, even when I was not at the stage of spirituality that I am at now, I never filled in that field. Why? Because I knew it would attract attention - of any kind, no matter what. I always had my religion, and politicals values...but never that. Haram? Mmmmm yea I guess you could argue that based on context and the person's actions, but even then who knows. I do think it is a silly field to have. Same as an income field I suppose.
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