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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. the blessed Prophet said: " I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the BAB[GATE]. Whoever so wishes or desires to obtain knowledge should come via the GATE i.e. Ali." our good friends can add whatever they wish to this Hadith-e-Mubarika but the fact remains that the Prophet commanded the seekers [talibs] to enter via the GATE. In other words, he said that to reach him they must come through Ali and not through the foundation [abu bakr] or the walls [umar] or the roof [uthman]. In any case, the Quran commands that whenever thou approach a dwelling/place/house enter via the gate/door. Civiliz
  2. There as so many dimensions of Ali's unique personality that if one chooses to he may write an exhaustive treatise on him and still feel that justice has not been done and so much more still could be wrote about Ali. Ali is relevant to every age and espeically in our age when Islam is under siege and Muslims are being subjected to insult and subjugation, Ali is even more relevant. If Muslims wish to end the political, economical, cultural and military dominance of America and the West, then they will have to adopt the path which Ali has shown because this path leads to salvation and victory.
  3. it is so great to be among brothers and friends. true every child born is born on 'deen-e-fitrat' but later in life is influenced by the prevailing circumstances i.e. family, society, culture etc. the beauty of ali's life is that he was born in a society that was totally opposite and contrary to the teachings and beliefs that islam was to introduce. yet, ali from his childhood was [like the prophet] already living a life that was in total accordance with islam. ali was titled 'KARAM Allah HO WAJHU' because he never prostrated before idols. this single fact says a great deal about the iman and
  4. my dear orion, i completely agree with your post. harnam
  5. debate in itself is not a bad thing if the purpose is to search for the truth and accept it when it becomes evident. however, where the intention is to simply to malign, threaten, abuse and insult, then debate has a negative result. although i do not agree with everything that the shia say or do but it is always pleasant to exchange views with them because they will debate with 'dalil' and logic. and in event of disagreement will part with a prayer for guidance. in contrast my experience with wahabis and deobandi sunnis is very bitter. they become abusive and threatening. for example i had
  6. dear all, this is my first contribution on this forum. i am not a follower of any particular religion but from the little knowledge that i have managed to get over the years, my view is that the prophet of islam mohammad and his ahle bayt are the truly the greatest of all mankind. the achievements of the prophet and his contribution towards the welfare of mankind are unique and unequalled. without any shadow of doubt, i say that he is the greatest of all the great men that have ever lived or shall ever live. the prophet's ahle bayt who according to my humble understanding are ali, fatima, has
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