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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Many of the shia imams were not pure bred, they were half-Persians.
  2. Romans and Hitlers were not fighting for Allah, so wrong analogy. Yazid is also a wrong analogy because his personality is controversial. Muhammad s.a.w's personality is not controversial, he got success. Shia imams didn't get success, they were all killed!
  3. They were 72 in Karbala; that saved shi'ism. 313 is the number of companions (and not shias) in Badr.
  4. No Success for Shias This is my basic argument against shias. Allah didn't give them success in the material world. Allah killed all their imams and didn't grant them khilafah on earth.
  5. How does it feel without a true leader, the 12th imam? Very painful, right? No success in the material world at least?
  6. The way Zoroastrians' last saviour is in occultation? Throw the fabricated hadiths of shias into the garbage. Oh really? Do any such parts exist? By the way Quran was compiled by our Khulafa and our sahabah. Don't mess with our Quran, get yours from the last Imam. We don't have to believe in Abu Bakr or Umar in order to be Muslims. We accept their khilafah because it's Ijma' (consensus) of Ummah. Says who? Why should someone accept the testimony of a shia who believes in taqiyyah? Why to believe that the 12 imams guided people? After Siffeen (war under Imam Ali) many of his shias became
  7. Show a youtube video to prove that the 12th Imam also wipes his feet and he doesn't wash them in wudhu. You can't prove anything unless your Infallible imam comes back to the physical world, until then you will keep relying on guess work.
  8. Why do I have to hate Ali ra, he didn't hold any such beliefs that shias have embraced. He ra didn't even do takfir on any sahabi including Muawiyah. He didn't believe in mutah or chest beating rituals. The Quran says that Allah will grant those succession on earth who do the good deeds.. Since the sahabah did good deeds, so Allah granted khilafah to Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and the rest. I'm sorry no khilafah for shias!
  9. At the end of the day there will be less than 72 true shias, so whether someone converts to shia or not, it doesn't matter. Imam Mahdi is still in occultation because he doesn't see any 72 true shias in the world. Majority of the shias today will betray the 12th imam when he comes back. This has been a tradition, by the way!
  10. Stop being desperate! Quran uses masculine or feminine gender, it never talks about your imams. Quran talks about Muhammad's (s.a.w) family; which has men and women both. Quran doesn't talk about Ali's family. Quran doesn't talk about the cousin, or son in law of the Prophet s.a.w.
  11. Videos and volumes of shias' holy books don't prove anything. Prove something with actions. Umar ra ruled the world, Ali ra couldn't get success when he wished to rule. In other words, Allah didn't give success to the first shia imam when he wished that.
  12. You shouldn't lie on a person in his presence. Prophet Isa a.s is not our infallible imam. His existence is proven by Quran. The existence of shias' 12th imam is controversial. Strong evidence is that the 11th shia imam never had a child. Practically shias lost hope and faith in the 12th Imam, so they invented the idea of Wilayat-al-Faqih. Ahl-as-Sunnah don't have to know those 12 caliphs by name. They would be Ahl-as-Sunnah even if they didn't know who those 12 rulers were. Hadiths about 12 caliphs were compiled in the Abbasid era, people in the Omaiyad times didn't know of any such hadith
  13. Shia'ism - the Religion of History and Hadith? You know everything of your ideology comes from history and hadith and not from Quran. 1. No names or explicit mention of the infallible imams in Quran, so all about imams is NOT in Quran. 2. Imams are ahl-al-Bayt is also 'explained' in hadith and not in Quran. 3. Mubahila of imams is also in hadith. 4. Ghadir khum's tales in hadith 5. Thousands of virtues of imams in hadith In short all about shia faith comes from hadith and not Quran. And you know that history and hadith both are not infallible, they maybe corrupted! 12 caliphs under whom Islam
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