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  1. Aww this is very sweet, thank you alot, I would like to this but wouldnt want to put pressure on people? Yes i already read this.
  2. Ohh nice and unique names there :) and no im sorry i dont know what laqab is I like the name Zulfiquar, the sword?
  3. Wow, thats horrible.. I have heard of backward-thinking people but did not think it was that backward?? Lol For the people twisting this topic into a religious debate could you please kindly take you discussion elsewhere and for the ones who have helped me, I appreciate it alot :)
  4. AsalaamOLaikum. First of all could you all please read surah Fatiha for my beloved Grandad who has passed away. My Grandad (Father's Father) whom I was very very very close too passed away five years ago, however all the memories live on and I still feel so close to him but all connection to him in reality has been cut off this makes me really upset and sometimes ill just sit there and cry. I do know that this does not help at all and dua is the best thing to do. I will just casually read Surah Fatihah and Surah Ikhlas whenever I do think of him. However, I feel this is not enough and want to increase my knowledge in this aspect. What can I do for the Dead - my Grandad? I really want him to go Jannah insha'Allah and for Allah to forgive all his sins (if any) How do I ask of this? And is reading Surah Ikhlas/Fatiha casually with him in mind helping him at all?? I truly love him to bits and wish he would come back alive, which is obviously impossible so I want to instead help him as much as I can. Please post your advice. :) Also could you increase my knowledge in can the Dead see us, hear us etc? Thank-you! Hope you are all well insha'Allah and enjoying Ramadhan as it comes to an end.
  5. Lol, funny! Ive never heard of a marriage where you dont meet and talk, how on earth do you get married? LOL!
  6. Oh lol.. My badd.. Lovely names :) I very muh like the girl names you have chosen :) Lol! Lets hope they wont be yolo'ing things ha Ah yes Meesam is a sweet name I like the boy names :) and how do you pronounce Ulya?.. Sorry but i am saying it and it reminds me of the way you sick in urdu lol Aww you have a lovely choice :) The feeling is mutual! Ooo Jawadain is a very unique name, I like :) Haha yeah I dont like it when names are too common, like goin for unique ones too
  7. You have a really nice name :) Leah is very nice.. and yes I agree prophet names are lovely! Just a thought - Would you prevent calling your child a name due to a negative encounter you had with somebody with that name?
  8. Thank-you Sister for the kind words, I appreiate it alot :) I think you are defonetley right, its best to leave it into Allah hands, Allah knows best :) and insha'Allah all will go well when the time comes
  9. Haydar and Abbas are lovely names :) Yes, I have also heard that quote that Imam Ali woud name his children like that. And yes I do agree, they should defonetley have a good name with a good arabic meaning behind them. What is your name? Mahdi is a nice name, I do agree. & Lol, thats horrible, he shouldnt have been embarrased though I know a few Osamas, who like their name.. Lool! That is quite funny if it is true
  10. I am not saying I would not marry someone who is non-Syed and to be honest I am far from one who cares about status or class. This whole concept of marrying a Syed has nothing to do with status or class for me it it purely my preference but if there is a man who I find who is non-Syed and I am compatible with him then by all means I would want to marry him. Thank-you for explaining, it just to be comfortable and maybe have some simiarites with the one I was to marry. Not that this is a huge essential but a preference indeed. My family is very multi-cultural and there is marriages within my family to many different ethnicitys/cultures which I am fond of due to the fact you get to experience new things with different cultures and meet new people of different backgrounds etc and also my dad married a non-syed so this is not at all a problem but just my particular preference. :) Yes insha'Allah I am looking for a practicing man who will bring me deeper into faith too. And I suppose money is something to think about but I know of marriages that have started with nothing and are living happy and earned money along the way, money is not so much of an important issue to me :)
  11. I used to want to call my boy Danial but not now due to it being too mainstream, I do still like it though.. I prefer unique names, althogh I like Sakina, I love the name Sukayna due to its uniqueness :) I like the names Habib and Jalaal
  12. Maybe this is just your perspective. But also different casts such as Raja.. prefer to marry within their Raja bloodline.. so it is just in general tbh. It is just like preferred just as some for example "Rajas" prefer to marry "Rajas". Simple.
  13. Asaalam-O-Laikum, Hope you are all well :) Which baby boy/girl names do you like?
  14. Which would mean a female Syeds kids would not be syed.. I would just prefer to marry a Syed. Im sure he/she meant the bloodline in general, not just blood.
  15. Thank-you :) Lol! Maybe he meant like once you get to know them
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