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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam Azizam. Tashakkur. Khaili-mamnun. Yes it is a clean song not a dirty one, but very emotional. Im glad you like it. Khuda Hafiz
  2. Salaam / Peace. Its very difficult to explain how but we are very close, Its either him or alone, I wont be able to accept another man in my life. But I can survive, he on the other hand is beginning to look ill. I don't think anyone will understand and I cant go into it any further. Right now children is the last thing on my mind and I don't think I even want any. Can we both marry and respect eachother's beliefs?
  3. If stoning was just condemned then there would be no excuse to stone anyone in the first place. Because its stated allowed upon such and such reason no matter how the reasons are tough, ignorant minded people misuse it to carry out stoning which is an extremely inhumane and cruel way of treating any human even animal. Its stated in the book but when its carried out wise people condemn it, retards ie sufyanis justify it, someone is killed in a barbaric way of which most likely their crime is nothing compared to millions that get away with much worse. So why did Islam just not condem this cruel
  4. I hope you like our song. I love it but it brings back old memories about my family which I cant explain online. I remember them everyday. Khuda Hafiz
  5. Salaam / Peace Thanks for sharing. I am from Afghanistan so I know how you are feeling too well. These sufyanis/Wahhabis have not spared any good people. Pray... that's all we can do and spread the word of our Imam Husain through goodness Aamin.
  6. I have tried really hard to avoid him believe me, but it has wasted nearly three years of our life. We are still attached - more him than me. I cant break his heart. So please be sure before answering, be certain and not just presume.
  7. Salaam Azeez-e-man. Remember this song... https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=iv-9Z4K1dGA
  8. Salaam Your lucky its JV's knocking on your door to preach... and not sufyanis/Wahhabis banging and demanding money for some devilish cause in the name of Allah. Just be polite and say your busy.
  9. What if your in a situation where you are unable to accept another man in your life, which is better... to marry the Christian man you have loved or remain single?
  10. Salaam / Peace. I appreciate your replies. However are you sure about this I mean if Muslim man can marry a Christian woman then why not other way round? After all he is from a monotheistic religion. I cant ask him about cir... I feel embarrassed about raising such an issue as its personal. From the country he is from its common for Christian men to be circums'd as young so he may or may not be, Iv never asked him. If you love someone you accept them as they are and that's how I feel too, but if it comes to the point Im sure he will agree on that aswell. But he will not change his faith.
  11. Salaam / Peace Can a Muslim girl wed a Christian man. Is it allowed in Islam?
  12. ... This just happened to me literally this morning (I know how you felt)! I thought I was gong to choke to death. It was in the morning but Im still retching now. Its terrible. I think it was one of my own hairs - which in a way is kind of a relief!
  13. Salaam Bani Israeil (Yaqub) / Sons of Israel (Jacob)... Why are they mentioned in a disliked way in the Holy Quran many times, I mean what have they supposed to have done wrong? Please.
  14. Salaam Sufyanis... the most uncivilised, retarded, brutal people on Earth (plus more one can go on), however better known by their nickname Wahaabi (which they dislike and reject) after their founder father Mohd Abdul-Wahaab who believed that Abu-Sufyan should have been the forth Caliph and thus began the spread of hatred of Imam Ali (as) and discrimination and persecution of Shiahs... Why do these people call themselves Salafi since the last half century ago?
  15. Salaam Prophet Eisa (Jesus)... why did he not marry, does anyone know please?
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