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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=RBQ-IoHfimQ
  2. I have recently married and some ladies gave me advice on what I should do when need to have wajib ghusl. They said married couple should better to sleep the night and wake extra early ie before fajr, bath then pray. I asked why not bath at night first and then sleep and wake up at fajr time to pray the fajr instead- they all said its makruh to bath at night - be it man or woman. Then I asked what if I need to take bath in morning or afternoon - they said its ok. Why do many say its makruh to bath at dark / night?
  3. I like musakka but not with burnt aubergines. Its also nice if cooked with meat or minced meat and sliced potatoes.
  4. Salaam Alaikum sister A woman's hijab = modesty. Beauty or no has nothing to do with it, that's her Islamic code of dress. Harassment is environmental. I was always harassed by pervy men when I had no hijab and now I have hijab its still the same.
  5. The lady reciter in majlis said that time between maghrib and abit before fajr, and especially Isha till midnight bathing should not be allowed as makruh but not haram.
  6. Salaam Alaikum. Recently someone told me that having a bath or taking a shower, or even a sponge / flannel wash at night is very makruh. I asked why because if this is true I have done this almost every day of my life ie had a wash every evening before going to bed. I was told that it is makruh to bath in any form at night and even if a bath is compulsory then one must wait till morning or daytime to bath because one can become possessed by demons / jinn if exposed in bathroom. I spoke to a pharmacist about this in regards to health issues and she replied that bathing at night before bedtime has many health benefits whereas bathing in the morning is not so good for the health especially for some with certain conditions eg hayfever, asthma, colds etc. Also using common sense is it not better to sleep clean? Please can someone shed some light in this as I am hoping its not true because firstly I like to sleep clean, secondly bathing in the morning I quickly catch cold and last I don't always have that extra half an hour of time in the mornings ie not practical either.
  7. Salaam Sisters Thanks for your replies. I personally think earrings sticking out of the hijab looks ridiculous... but that's my view. Obviously many think it looks good that's why they do it. But atleast I now know Im not the only one.... thanks all. Afsaanah xx
  8. Thank you for your replies - much appreciated. After I started this topic I met a lady from Pakistan and asked her the same Q. She replied they were 6 maids / female servants of the household respectively, who somehow made there way down south Asia ie Hind at the time. Allah knows best. Also why can only ladies take her tabarruk?
  9. Salaam Alaikum sisters Hijab and chunky earrings, usually extra long and dangling.... what are your views please?
  10. Salaam Alaikum Bibi Paak Daaman or Bibi Ruqayyah (In Lahore Pakistan) is a shrine dedicated to a lady with some history relating far back to the Ahlalbait (as). Along with her are also buried a few other ladies. Please can someone shed some light in this matter, ie who was she and also the other ladies who were they? Is someone here in SC from Pakistan and knows about this... Im keen to know please.
  11. That is a very good answer! One should check my gender in the profile before posting as I do not appreciate being referred to as a 'he' ie people thinking Im a boy when Im clearly not! Please make sure of this in the future. And no I did not drink any form of alcohol nor take drugs, the only thing I drank while starting this topic of discussion was a glass of Ribena which is a berry drink. And for your information I am very very anti-drug! Afsaanah xx
  12. I like mine topped with olives and then the rest I don't mind whatever it is... aslong as theres nothing fishy or onion-like smelly on it then Im not fussed. And certainly no chillies, I like to finish my pizza without crying my eyes out! For herbs/spice I like the good old oregano (wild thyme). sprinkled at the end.
  13. Nothing beats a good fresh cuppa (I mean cup of tea)... I take it in all forms and as it comes - Im not fussed! With the exception of that Indian boiled tea stuff no offence but a don't like stewed tea. However recently I tried a cup of coffee for a change, I didn't like it much but gave it a try, then I had a headache for the rest of the day till late at night. So Im sticking to tea! To sweeten it a take a spoonful of sugar, a sugar cube or a piece of sugar candy/rock. Simplicity at its best. Non of that spice stuff... well maybe occasionally a hint of cardamom or cinnamon. Maybe ginger when its cold. Makes a change. And that's it.
  14. Pizza.............. a dough / bread spread with a delicious tomato sauce, covered with cheese with an optional addition of some veg, meat or even fruit. Can be finished with herbs and spice for flavour. What is your favourite pizza topping?
  15. Alawites are similar to Esmailis ie they have faith in Allah, they say Muhammad is the final prophet which makes them Muslim, then they say Ali is their Imam so they become Shiite. But along the Imaamat they split similarly like the Esmailis. However Esmaili is more common in south Asian countries and Alawite is common in Mideast. But similar as they both need not take prayer seriously nor women take account to modesty. But to say things like they call Imam Ali as God is absurd - I have never heard this from even a Alawite!
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