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  1. Some say its 26th [Mod Note: The link in the OP shows that the eclipse is on different days depending on your location.]
  2. The one we have is our masjid pesh namaz, easily accessible.
  3. Are you serious? I guess your children should be taking the admission into school at this age.
  4. I mean indian govt has introduced a new tax and traders are opposing it and going for strike which is a dayoff for the employees like us.
  5. Indian shia cleric rejected the honour offered to him by the chief minister, read more maulana kalbe sadiq http://www.abna.ir/data.asp?lang=3&id=411737
  6. They adore ayesha because she was the wife of prophetsaws and daughter of their beloved 1st caliph but they can turn a blind eye on jang e jamal and become aashiqane rasool saws.
  7. By god the growing numbers of akhbaris in my society has made the shia situation worst in the city All are just fighting behind inshali or 3rd testimony or against ayatullahs usulis curse akhbaris and so on actually I believe there are some wierd fatwas of some faqihs which made the root of akhbarism, nevertheless to say hyderabad india is the grass root of akhbarism.
  8. Aren't You logical islam/ rational thinking who had a strong oppose for ya ali madad and tatbir?
  9. No govt service without corruption and the govt has invented a new tax something called as local body text because of which the city is close today, Day off mumbai.
  10. You will get this in every house in india, writing with safron is something which is very usual basically if someone is very ill then you have to go to your nearby quran store pick some tray or bowl like 4 quls or sura yaseen pour water on it recite desired sura and drink it Do this for 40 days or as per the situation desires.
  11. Na not to the mods but to the people who suspected him.
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