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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Who is ur best pakistani cricket Player eva
  2. Zuljenah If Palestinians Stop martyrdom operations how do u expect them to defend themselves By 'Peece Talks"
  3. As i Understand Al Hasan And Al Husain RA defended Hadrat Uthman so how can companions kill him
  4. At Tabari lies a lot HE puts a false accusation on Harun al-RAshid about why he killed the burmughs somewhere this weirdo quotes that he only writes what he hears without any referance il find out where <_< Can u tell from any other sources that Aisha RA killed Uthman
  5. IT IS REALLY AN ACT OF STUPIDITY TO RITE LA Azadhar (cum out , cum out , where ever u r ) I never cus Abu Bakr duz this mean that i hate Ali And his family
  6. Well look at the brite side We were occupyed by the kafirs in the beginin f last century Now most of us are powerful nations(Pakistan , Syria , Iran , Iraq)
  7. The Prophet made this dua to Allah to teach us This Dua
  8. Azahar cuses Abu Bakr more than praizing Allah my point was that if Ali was omar's enemy why did oar appoint Ali as his deputy whan he went to Jerusalem (This accordin to "HISTORY OF ISLAM" VOL. 1 by Shah Najeebabadi and Khulafaa ar-Rashideen by Ahmed Zidan)
  9. Zainabia just think about it Will Allah punish me for directly asking for his help ] why do i have to intercede with some one
  10. first of all i wanna ask will i ever make my enemy my deputy
  11. Shia of ali donot disclose ur nature(cant help it) SORRY :cry: Munajjad is from SAUDI ARABIA take the hint
  12. Azadhar are u a wahhabi posing as a shia coz u give every one a bad impression of shias :D :lol:
  13. what did Allah do to Abraha when he tried to invade Mecca Allah is with us dont forget him Israel is not god
  14. Ali=according to us he is pre informed of Paradise he is a symbol of courage strong will and truthfulness to sunnies he is not god hasan and husain=martyrs , leaders of youths in paradise Fatimah = one of the 4 most blessed women ever to be born we refuse to cuss anyone that is why we are enemys of ahlul bait :shaytan:
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