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  1. السلام علیکم جمیعا This Ramadan I am planning to work out right before Iftar. Its the best way to lose weight :)
  2. Salam Welcome to true Islam. Would you like to share your conversion store for ShiaWisdom.com in a blog post? Also I agree with earlier comments about books. The Duas and Munajats of Imams are full of wisdom.
  3. Wasalam Brother If you take a look at the website you will see we have a diversified type of content. As long as they are positive and informative and give Shia Islam a good image, we can welcome it. It doesn't necessarily have to be about Islam it can be about human rights, comparative philosophy, science, technology, etc. You can send articles to my private message if you like. Thank you Wasalam
  4. Salam Our staff follower different marajehs and we welcome good articles from all sources. All we ask that it is positive and constructive. It doesn't necessarily have to be political or religious we welcome other topics too.
  5. (bismillah) (salam) We are looking brothers and sisters who are willing to contribute content to a new website launched last November called Shia Wisdom. The purpose of this website is to promote Shia Islam and protect Shia Islam image by writing scholarly articles on various religious topics and even non-religious topics including science, technology and even politics. We are a little picky on politics as we are trying to avoid any misunderstanding or division among Shias. If interested please send me a message or you can also contact us on the website. Thank you (wasalam)
  6. Salam We published an article regarding Imam Mahdi (as) on Shia Wisdom called Savior – Liberator of mankind; Imam Al-Mahdi and Concept of Messiah in Traditional Texts I like to bring to your attention and see what you think. It is the first part of many articles to come about our beloved Imam (as) I did not write this article but I can always convey the feedback to the writer and since I also write on that site, I can learn a few things. Your constructive scholarly feedback is much apprecaited. Duas Wasalam
  7. Salam Alaikom I just wanted to share with you the article about reviewing the major events in Islamic world and Aspirations and Expectations of 2015. I did not write the article but I maintain the site and write occasionally too. Any constructive feedback regarding that article or the site is deeply appreciated. Wasalam
  8. Jews got it from us (Shias) and incorporated some of their own beliefs in it. The hand are the first member of Ahlulbayt in hadith al-kisa and it is not in Quran in fact it is in there. Allah (swt) asked Adam (a) to name them after he created them. It is Salafis\Wahabis\Sunnis who have one eye and see things on the surface!
  9. I believe it is matter of self purification of submission to will of God. One who overcomes his desires for sake of God, will not be forsaken by God. Hence it is very important we continue to self purify, have constant remembrance of God, and ask him for guidance through Imam of our time, Imam Mahdi (aj) and follow and implement teachings of Ahlulbayt to best of our ability,earn Halal income, consume Halal food, and continue giving and serving Ahlulbayt for sake of God.
  10. Good point but a Sunni reading this wouldn't simply get it. The whole idea is concept of Imams being infallible. Sunni sources are just too corrupt anyway. Their hadith books were written way after Prophet's departure from this world (just like Christian Bible) were are most Shia ahadith were confirmed by succeeding Imam.
  11. Most Christians consider Mormons outside Christianity just like how we Muslims consider Bahais and Ahmadis outside of Islam. But nice article thank you anyways.
  12. Salam Alaikom I am helping grow an intellectual Shia site called Shia wisdom. The site is in early days hence there will be a lot of changes coming soon in terms of design, logo, etc. Here's the site: http://www.shiawisdom.com The site is completely non-partisan non-political site that is dedicated to focus on Shia teachings and Shia affairs in the west. We are in need of unique content and content ideas. If interested let me know via private message and I will be more than happy to explain details. Thank you Ws
  13. Imam?! Interesting we accuse Sunnis of making things up Shias def. need to do some soul searching. There are only 12 Imams, thats what Prophet and Quran say so choose your Imams wisely!
  14. According to Shia Waves, the managing director of the holy shrine of Imam Ali (as) in holy city of Najaf said that the 3rd international festival for holiest Eid in Islam, Eid Ghadir, is expected to be hosted in Najaf. According to him, a number of most eminent scholars and intellectuals from a various sects and school of thoughts have been invited. Learn More: http://www.newvisionfnd.org/index.php/features/item/53-city-of-najaf-to-host-3rd-ghadir-international-festival
  15. I hardly login to ShiaChat but I thought bring to fellow brothers and sisters as it is not getting any converge or attention. The news is an attempt of execution of a Shia scholar by Iranian Regime. Here are two credible sources: http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/4731/breaking-news-iran-executing-iran-mandela#.VCSnXMS918C.twitter http://www.newvisionfnd.org/index.php/features/item/42-iran-to-execute-shia-religious-scholar-ayatollah-boroujerdi To the Admins: I know there is a lot of love and soft spot for the Iranian regime here but true Shias are fair so please keep these news\discussion.
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