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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I was listening to Ted Radio Hour, the episode called How It All Began. In it, a paleontologist said about 70k years ago, human population dwindled to maybe below 2k and we had a lot of inbreeding and modern humans have very little genetic differences. https://www.npr.org/programs/ted-radio-hour/357837221/how-it-all-began
  2. If I launch a business for such meats, will the Muslims support it or not?
  3. Salaam I’m thinking of buying the Wagyu cow and breeding it to sell meat and what not. Does anyone here know anything about such a venture how much it would cost?
  4. Salam I came across these three meats. Not halaal. Where can I get such meats halaal?
  5. That scribe angel writes down everything. Everything in it will be read back. So, yes, everything should involve DoJ. Do you tho.
  6. They are capsules. And take reservations in advance. Jealous.
  7. How would you handle guests coming over? Or if you have kids? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0b9UHSr8ck [Mod Note: Video contains woman without hijab.]
  8. They have it at Yoshinoya, and I thought that even the lowest Japanese would have a good base of standards. The thought of it is not bad (fish on the menu), but they chose Tilapia. It's like they chose the lowest price fish out there. It just tastes earthy. This is a different earthy than bell peppers. This is nasty. I read online that they sometimes put the fish in a different and clean body of water before selling to clean out the flesh of this earthy taste. Maybe this step adds to the cost too much.
  9. Salaam The answer is simple. You can kill two birds with one stoning. You should try to court gay men to save them from the hell fire. The gay will have feminine mannerisms so you will feel comfortable as if you are around friends doing make up together. Doing make up, he will appear beautiful in your eyes. JFK did make up for the televised debate, and Nixon did not. People watching said Nixon lost the debate. People listening on radio said Nixon won.
  10. One of the latest Spider Man movies had a Muslim girl wearing the head scarf and pants that really hugged the rear end. At one point, they had a camera shot that started from behind her and backed out slowly. Reminds me of how Mexicans kill a pig and eat it for Christmas to honor Jesus as.
  11. "Treat men like clothes. Throw on floor and move on." Nice mindset. Raised very well. Maybe the OP should think about the other person instead of being so self centered. Having zero sense of making effort to see the other person happy. It's all about what you want. If you both believe in the Day of Judgement, and take the People of the House AS as leaders, you would never have hostile disagreements. The problem is that you kinda lost before you even meet the man. Your general mindset should be focused on that Day of Judgement. Once that is at the base of your decision making and opinions, everything else falls into place. Like the morning prayer happens when you are still sleepy. So, even in your semi conscious state, you are focused on pleasing the Most Merciful. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. Your opinions on what to look for that you think are uncontrollable are actually controllable.
  12. What is with the obsession to put alcohol in everything. I would have used the turkey dripping fat to make the rue.
  13. Apparently they breed like rabbits. Would you capture one on your street?
  14. The screen is pixels that turn a certain colour each. The inappropriate is seeing it live in person. Watching pixels is something else. That’s why virtual reality is not real.
  15. The part about inappropriate media.
  16. Why is it not acceptable to look at a screen if is playing a recording
  17. Salaam So, music is when they sing and make noise with instruments, like a live band playing. BUT when it is being played as a recording coming from speakers, it is no longer the instruments making the noise. It is the speakers making the noise. So, it is not really music?
  18. There has to be a Hindu snake charmer somewhere there. You can use this as a way to make better relations with the infidels and bring them towards the Most Merciful. https://www.travelblog.org/Photos/2559964
  19. All that fresh mountain air, locally grown tea, sleeping under the stars, mugs and pillows designed by indigenous folks slaughtered by the white conquestadors, toilets that send the waste "down somewhere," what's not to like?
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