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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Neither with ***** **** links. It goes to the video. None of the nude images are shown unless you dig around and click on those video links.
  2. “You know the rules of this site” if that link is against rules, ALL YouTube and twitter links would also have to be banned. Elon Musk called twitter a war zone. Some of the most vial speech and visuals happen there. And in YouTube comments. Yet those I don’t like double standards. this is a legit topic that should happen in the open for everyone to see. If my links get removed, stay consistent and also ban every youtube and twitter link. The same logic applied should apply everywhere else here also. I don't like double or triple standards.
  3. Yeah right. I remember the homepage of YouTube having thumbnails of women in bikinis even after clearing the browser. Look at this censorship here now. I can’t even mention the name. Sad. Congrats on having something in common with the atheist Chinese communists. Twitter itself has came out in favor of allowing porn. Meaning, if Iranian officials post something to twitter, ppl with porn in their profile pic can click like and comment on the post. It probably happens often. Yet no one would have problem posting a tweet from Iranian officials here. Knowin
  4. Salaam. I was given a warning for posting a coronvirus relevant link from *** to the coronavirus thread. It said something like “this website has profanity, haram music, nudity, etc and has no educational value.” The problem is every reason listed also applies to YouTube, which has music, women teaching breastfeeding, etc. Literally every reason given applies to YouTube and Twitter. The music videos with women dancing. All sorts of haram. Yet, *** gets singled out. 1) it is a website that users generate the content. Many times, when no other source will publish
  5. What’s crazy is this is like his day job lol. Maybe he can start an academy and give diplomas.
  6. China billionaire said 50k dead. He’s risking taking a lengthy a lengthy camping session by saying so.
  7. Cats ruin natural habitats and kill off wild life. as obligate carnivores, other animals die for cats to live.
  8. I’ve been wanting to get a shelter cat and keep it in a small cat house. My thought is to never have it enter our house. after a few weeks, I would let it out and let it roam. My father said it’s bad luck and don’t do it. He says I have no idea. I think freeing the cat from the tiny cage is better.
  9. Marshall’s has discount led clothing. And try Men’s fashion depot for a suit.
  10. Why would anyone believe the official numbers when China silenced the first doctor and kept a lid on information.
  11. Yes, cats use water to clean their anus hole like Muslims do. There’s a small cup of water for this that owners place next to the litter box. You cannot be this dense.
  12. You as a Muslim properly clean your privates after going to restroom. Cat does no such thing. And rubs itself all over furniture etc.
  13. You don’t see how nasty that is. cat hair everywhere.
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