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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I would like to make it a money making operation. What’s the smallest most expensive fish to breed and sell
  2. I would want them. I think I could train it right.
  3. I was thinking of raising fish. Maybe goldfish. Eventually eating it, perhaps. I just don’t want it to be such that I’m “imprisoning” or oppressing the animals. I see some fish are very aggressive to the owner. They try to bite the hand and rampage in the tank.
  4. So this guy: He mentions many ancient beliefs, but he does not really speak of Islam beliefs. Unless it’s unrelated and attacking Islam.
  5. I think Indians know about Islam. I mean, that whole partition thing. Did happen. I saw this Vietnamese guy returning an item to a store. Apparently, he bought one a while ago, and returned it under the warranty for a new one. The new one would not have the warranty, and he was trying to return the new one, which broke down. He thought the warranty applied to the new one, too. So, in his mind, he can just perpetually bring in and exchange the product for a new one because the warranty starts fresh with each exchange. Later on, they found out the product was going bad because of bad electric lines at his house, not because the product was defective. I felt bad for the employees trying to explain this to him. His daughter got it and tried to explain it. But he must have lived through the carpet bombings and/or after effects. I think that may have affected his logic. Imagine walking outside and everyone in the country is like this guy. It's kinda hard to convince such a person about anything, let alone why we are here. I feel bad for the North Koreans. Such a desperate situation. The defectors might as well be from another realm. No religion, other than dear leader being God. There are also the uncontacted tribes. One of them haven't even discovered the fire yet. The one that killed that Christian missionary, I believe.
  6. I saw this Indian family today. Two parents, two kids. I felt kinda bad that they are the ones who worship statues. They look like nice people. I felt bad that they're going to burn in hell. Especially the ones who don't eat meat due to ethics. I also see Vietnamese and others from the Orient. I feel bad that they don't even have a religion because of communist governments they were under.
  7. Yeah, I’m not trying to lie or give false info to the customer. They come in, pick up product A from the shelf, and go to make a purchase. It could be argued that I’m simply doing what they want. Is it mandatory to inform them of the special? I thought that the idea is to get as much as possible in the transaction. Being a good businessman is ethical and encouraged right? If I offer my used shoes on eBay for $50K and it gets sold, that’s good business, right? I’m not lying about any short comings or withholding info about the product’s reliability, etc; I’m simply trying to get the most money for the product. The price is listed on the shelf; they pick it up and head towards the register to pay. Past couple days, I’ve been trying to inform ppl of the promotions, but the line gets backed up, meaning it not only costs the business money by the sale not having as high profit margin, but ppl may decide to leave and shop elsewhere as they wait in line for much longer. The promos are advertised and available online. If they don’t bother looking at them before walking in, they may not care for saving some cash. Until it’s time to hand over cash. It hurts our dollars per transaction goals and overall profits to inform ppl of the specials. I want to help ppl save a few bucks, but I’m trying to make money for the store.
  8. Salaam I have a job where we offer products. Product A may cost x price. When product A is purchased with product B, the total price is x-18 dollars US. If a customer walks in and tries to purchase product A by itself, is it ethical for me to inform them of the discount? Or is it good business and ethical to simply allow the sale to happen without product B? I heard a certain someone was a really good salesman pbuh & hf
  9. Salaam all, So I saw one they was crawling bc a leg or two was disabled from perhaps a car hitting it. It was alive and moving itself and tris to hide in some leaves. what should I have done? Ignore it? I thought they I should let nature just be and walked away.
  10. So there’s a trade school program, and I’m looking for a student loan. Where is a good source
  11. Salaam all at 10:11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAhHZ1Gi9Kk How does it compare to Zulfiqar
  12. Kids can be cruel. I'm talking about living in an area that is full of illegals. Like, everyone would k now the school is full of them. Not to say I can tell them all apart. But you can tell if the person speaks no English at age 12 and acts all hard. Like I said above, it's the hypocrisy that kinda bothers me.
  13. I didn't assume they all are. It's a hunch. When someone doesn't speak English well at all and does the cholo routine, it's a guess that they are illegal. Ask Mexicans if they can tell when someone is illegal. It's not like go around with a stick and hit them. Mexicans who have family in Mexico can tell you that many (many) of their people get deported for being stupid [edit] criminals. I'm not talking about gardeners sweating all day in the heat to make a buck. A Mexican told me that in Tijuana, Mexico is where they dump most illegals for deportation, a border city and that they have kids and grand kids there, so it's generation after generation of trouble makers. So the whole city is full of not-so-classy people. It's not so much of me wanting to be nosy. It's the fact that on their south border they beef up the security to prevent their "illegals" from coming. And They would not tolerate a foreigner, even gringo, going into Mexico and being disrespectful to Mexicans.
  14. Salaam Years ago I had beef with some Mexican guy. Should I have snitched on him to the boarder patrol? Keep in mind that in Mexico they have no problem snitching on their illegal immigrants from south of their boarder. I know of someone who went to Mexico, and his Spanish accent was different than the norm, causing people there to immediately question his status. Their southern boarder is heavily protected. I recall years ago in middle school being harassed by Mexican kids. It was pretty bad. Now that I think about it, many of them were probably illegal immigrants. Would it have been wrong of me then to report them?
  15. Salaam so by my job a homeless guy set up his residence in a busy shopping center, perfectly hidden by some bushes in plane sight. I feel bad to snitch, but there might be shadiness going on there. A lot of "homeless" are heroin addicts. Should I do something about this guy? IF it was the winter, I would feel bad to get him to move on. I met a homeless guy who wanted to wash my windows for $1 at a gas station. I tried to convince him of a better way to live. He said that people spend most of their time working to pay for an apartment than actually living in one,and he preferred homelessness. He made a conscious decision. So what am I to do.
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