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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 1) how do you feel when you wear the hijab? I feel safe, no men looking and checking me out. I can find the perfect friends the ones that love you because of your personality and not because of your beauty. 2) Would you still wear it if it was not obligatory in islam? if the rule was not created or if I did not hear of such thing then I would not wear it 3) do you feel oppressed? there was a time, but I am over it now. it was something in my imagination that I felt slightly oppressed because there are many things that others my age can do that I cant. but looking back at it, the things that others did that I couldn't do were unnecessary. 4) for those who live in the west, is it hard to maintain hijab while living in the west? has anyone ever been rude to you just because you wear hijab? actually I feel more comforable wearing it in the west than the middle east. In the west they give you much greater respect than in the West and I feel comfortable wearing it here In England than when I used to wear it in the middle east as people used to miss judge me. I remember when i was in the middle east and started wearing it, all of my friends dumped me on the day, however i found much better people. the friends that dumped me were muslim and arabic, the new friends I found were not arabic and they gave me much more respect and loved me because of my personality than my beauty.
  2. salam alakum sister. my reply to your question is that you should not make anything stop you from wearing the scarf, if you want to wear it then wear it. As for your sister, she should accept the fact that her little sister wants to wear the scarf and that your mother should not force her to wear it. Hijjab should never be forced on someone, it's wrong, the hijab should be worn as a commitment to Allah and it should come from the heart . If you want her to wear it then you can try to talk to her and maybe persuade her to wear it(but don't force her). My mum started to wear the scarf when she was 15, my grandfather used to be a party animal (used to drink and go out to bars) and he used to think that people who wear the scarf are insane, however my mum insisted on wearing it. alhamdulla my mum wore it and never took it off. As for my granmother, she wore it after my mum wore it as she was scared that my grandfather doesn't want her to wear it however after some months she started wearing it. My grandfather did go mad and tried to presuade them out of it, but they didn't let him stop them even though they loved him alot. however after six years my grandfather slowly started to accept them wearing it and soon he decided to join in and quit the clubbing and drinking alhamdulla so after listening to my mum's story, just wear it and soon they will get use to you wearing it and they might change their mind and want to wear it because their heart tells them to. don't let anything stop you:)
  3. congratulations sister on wearing the Hijab, mashalla. in reply to your question, it is not haram to acessorize the hijab but in my opinion that the hijab should be a symbol of not attracting people. The hijab in my opinion should not be a fashion trend to to make the woman look beautiful, it's meant to represent you as a muslima so I don't accesorize. However if you really feel like accesorizing try not to throw everything on your head and use glittery objects and pumpkins as it brings attraction and at times makes you look strange and it can give out a wrong message about Hijabis. I've tried accesorizing once but i kept it basic and simple like using a pin that has a small flower on it, some muslimas accesorize heavily because they might feel ugly, but true beauty comes from the inside and not with flashing colours and makeup. that's one reasons why we wear the scarf. good luck sister :) I wish you the best inshalla.
  4. salam alakum sisters. Today I came to school and a friend of mine came to me and said "do you know that girl with the head scarf?" I replied "yes" then she told me "she took her headscarf off in school!" i was surprised, I did not believe it at first until she took took me to see her and I was very shocked that she actually took her headscarf off. she was sitting there with her friends normally. I actually inside of me felt very insulted because why would someone wear it and take it off it's just wrong. However another part of me said that probably her parents forced her to wear it and hijab should never be forced. But deep inside of me something is telling me to talk to her and persuade this girl to come back to the hijab. So my question is, is it my duty and is it wajib to talk to her? because i feel guilty from the inside. However i don't really know this person as a friend, she's just someone in school. should I just leave her and mind my own business or should i get into her business?
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