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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Short biography of Imam Al-Hadi (as) on occasion of his Martyrdom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfufFIQPVIE&feature=youtu.be
  2. I look upon the stars ... And I see a head Hussein has been martyred ... And the lands are red Your mother weeps for you ... she looks upon your head Hussein has been martyred ... And the lands are red *** Hussein I am Fatima, and today I come to see you I come now to Karbala, the Sky is Red instead of blue I walk towards your body, I cannot believe this is true I break a Tear, O' Hussein my heart cannot see this view * The Sky cries out for you, and so Does the Land Nothing is left of you, on this Bloody Land My eyes cannot take this … lay on the ground your head Hussein has been martyred ... And the lands are red ** I enter Karbala searching, searching for that shining Star I see many shining lights, which one is yours its so far I see Abbas, your brother, he has no hands and he's afar The death of my son Abbas, O' Hussein has left me a scar * You have left a Deep scar, in my heart you have You are my shining star, and your all I have I cry for your daily ... tears of blood I now shed Hussein has been martyred ... And the lands are red ** On the hot sands you were killed, and on there now you than lay They will all be Judged my Hussein, that day will come and its Doomsday They have no shame O' Hussein, what is this horrid display Even though you're drenched in blood, you still look like a rose Bouquet * And on the ground you lay… Hussein you’re my rose To God I pray and say … they martyred my rose This bouquet I pick up … why is it drenched in red Hussein has been martyred ... And the lands are red ** They raised your head on a spear, O’ Son this display hurts me Here I am on the hot sands, I cannot describe what I see May Allah curse your killers, O’ Allah please here my plea The prayer of a mother, Allah will accept easily * You recite the Qur’an … with every last breath You call out Fatima … with your final breath The nail and the door … O’ Hussain now your head Hussein has been martyred ... And the lands are red Mountather Al-Karbalai, Ottawa – 11/11/2012 * I wrote this for Muhharam 2012, But I have not had time to post it and here it is *
  3. Haters will hate :P I want a phone that works not open source laggy android :P
  4. Salam Yes, as sister mentioned and I forgot especially since you are going to be moving there are probably many scholarships you can obtain if you move to Ontario, or anywhere else in Canada. It is all about communication, sometimes even the highschool you might attend can give you scholarships, I know my high school when I graduated provided with so much chances for scholarships, so keep up the communication, you need to develop a network and ask teachers to provide you with good references, and people to conversate with in order to live a good life and study, and insh'Allah if you do decide to study in Canada the cities I recommended in order of peacefulness, and easy life are: Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, not sure about Windsor. Montreal has a good Shi'a Community, and Ottawa as well so insh'Allah you will feel at home, according to statistics from what my teacher told me 5 years ago when I graaduated he told me: 60% of Scholarships student's dont get to apply to them, and a lot are waisted and competion is less, so apply!
  5. Since anything goes :D and I am a big technology freak, today Apple released the iPhone 5, finally a boost in the screen, slimmer, and lighter design, just thought I would share. http://www.apple.com/ca/iphone/
  6. :( Ine Le Allah ina Elee7i Raj3oon.. May the Rest in Peace
  7. In Commeration of Marydrom of Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq, which is coming up soon: Ya Ja’far Ya Sadiq…O’ My sixth Imam I want you I miss you, O’ My sixth Imam My tears flow down my eyes, and I cry out for you Ya Ja’far Ya Sadiq …O’ My Sixth Imam You are the son of Al-Baqir, your grandfather is Mohammad The children shout your name today, in their hearts your rooted Today we all shed our tears for you, your death has left our heart wounded The day when the Mahdi will come, and the enemies exploited We wait for you Mahdi…O’ My Sixth Imam To show us the Truth, O’ My Sixth Imam My tears flow down my eyes, and I cry out for you Ya Ja’far Ya Sadiq …O My Sixth Imam Your love is instilled in my heart; my tears flow down my eyes You were my Imam, my teacher, your name is written in the Skye’s. You were the sixth, Imam Ja’far, for you today I sympathize For you I say I’m Shi’a, your enemies I despise I am a Ja’fari…O’ My Sixth Imam I want to come to you, O’ My Sixth Imam My tears flow down my eyes, and I cry out for you Ya Ja’far Ya Sadiq …O’ My Sixth Imam You are buried in Al-Baqee, your grave I want to stand by I want to be beside your grave, but they wont let me even cry They destroyed the graves of 4 moons, 4 moons shining in the sky. What comes next Ja’far Ya Sadiq, for Allah and you I Live By. My heart yearns to see you…O’ My Sixth Imam I beat my chest for you, O’ my Sixth Imam My tears flow down my eyes, and I cry out for you Ya Ja’far Ya Sadiq …O’ My Sixth Imam All the scholars learned from you, and than your blood they than shed. Without my two years with Ja’far, I am nothing Hanifa said. No matter how much one can learn, our knowledge is but of a thread You are our teacher, our master, and for you my pure blood I shed. Today we shout your name…O’ My Sixth Imam These cries will never stop…O’ My Sixth imam My tears flow down my eyes, and I cry out for you Ya Ja’far Ya Sadiq …O’ My Sixth Imam Video of the Recitation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1BysaVtt5A
  8. Ontario has good colleges, we have Algonquin College, also other small colleges and Universities, we have a Hawza in windsor so you can do some introductory studies before u even get to Qom :) Pharmacy technician is not bad as well is a 3 year-4 year program actually Pharmacists takes around 8 years we have Pharmacy schools in Toronto which is the best I think in the Country, and some in Montreal if am not mistaken :) I myself study at OttawaUniversity is a great University recommended as well highly, Carelton has good Human Resources programs, any assistance please do ask! Insh'Allah everything works out bithinAllah!
  9. Salam Alakom, Soory I haven't had time but Number 12 is done, insh'Allah as soon as I have time I will do the 12th. Femanallah
  10. Salam Alakom, soory for the late reply Jizo Numbers 10/11 are complete, I wil be taking 12/13
  11. Still bro I tried JPEG, PNG, GIF lol nothing...working
  12. This is a big issue, and I am really disappointed how are communities dont give it the status it deserves....graves of the Imams are just like that on the grounds and not alot is being said, we should have an international Al-Baqee day. Someone should speak against these tyrant ruling in Saudia Arabia, how much longer till the Imam (aj) free's us, and builds a wonderful shrine for these Imams (as), just recently there was news that the maqam of Muhsin son of Imam Hussien (as) in Haleb (Appelo) Syria was destroyed by the rebels...whats next? Our Imams Ali Hadi, and Hassan Askari, i find that no one is giving them much as well... I just know one thing, the more they destroy the bigger we build the next shrine, hamdallah the shriens of Al-Askarian are being rebuilt now even BIGGER than they used to be :)! hamdallah! isA we be freed when al-Qai'm comes..
  13. A nice picture I found of Marhoom Al-Sayed Muhammad Al-Hussani al-Shirazi, beautiful :)
  14. O never though of that -_- lol thanks! let me try
  15. Salam Alakom, I cant say I read all your posts, so my apologies, but see I respect your views, I really liked what the brother said here: 'Its a touchy subject, but the minimum we can do is try and respect the fact that there are different opinions from the Marjiyaah, and as far as i can tell, none of them are 'intentionally' trying to belittle Imam Hussain (as) or the concept of Azadari' Now that is respect, i really appreciate that someone is showing us respect, and and not just yelling or saying 'haram, haram, this haram', I really like it, thank brother Kazmi_202 appreciate it, it makes me feel good. As for the topic goes, I really do not know wat to say isA when I have time I will write a article on Azadari, but myself cannot do without Azadari, I cannot explain my feelings to anyone, but sometimes i feel it is not me, and like I said before my Fatwa is with Sayeda Zaynab (as), no matter what anyone tells me, some tell me its not real narration, some tell me its weak, aslan our religon we have come to a point everytime you bring something into it people tell u this is weak, just how we have some people telling us that Ziyara't Ashura is all made up, yesturday someone came to from our own people as well and said why do we have to read Ashura its causing is to 'disunite' from others :S, people need to understand that our Shia Deen, or Islam is built on Bara'ya (To stay away from the enemies of Allah & Ahulbayt), or basic Shahda, There is no God but Allah, you to bara'a first than you to shahada, think about it you are stating there is NO god but Allah, so your making sure ur tabar'ing from all other's and there is only one God but Allah, but trust me on this, people will tel you praying makes you look bad, hijab makes you look bad, latom bad, crying bad, majalis bad, like i said before in the Holy Qur'an the Aayah, what did it say? No, one not the Jews or Christians will look upon you until they join you, so why do we even care about others, let us have our Azadari, our mournings, these rituals sometimes help people get closer, not everyone can get closer to thier God, to thier imams just by praying or fasting, some need more, they need a Small pusH! this push is the mathloomeia of Ahilbayt (as), I myself need no fatwa for anything, Abadallah, the infant child is enough for me to sacrifice myself for this family, these days mothers kill themselves over thier children, why cant i do the same for my Imam? Wesalam Alakom, apologies If I offend anyone in this! I do not mean to
  16. So than I guess ever single shiekh and follower of sistani is doing it here and is all haram not just here, in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, dearborne, London. And even on tatbir.org it doesnt even say not permissible, as for Sayed Khomeni, this is what I have heard unless all are liers, thiers no actually fatwa by him, just him saying stay away you shouldnt do it, he never has in anyway said non-Permissble, other than that all the most prominant marag'e we have have deemed it okay. Sayeda zaynab hitting her head? Imam Mahdi crying for 1400 years Stories, dreams of Marag3 Miracles of tatbir Plus arent u the same person who last time was asking why do we need to even Ask or Imams anything just ask Allah, and whats the signifncance of Imam Mahdi? Also read Bihar al-Anwar frok Prophet Adam, Noah, Isa, Abrham all passed by Karbala, and when they did they fell on the ground thier head hit a rock they started to bleed from thier head, when they asked why? Allah! This punshiment? He said no punishment I want to shed ur blood for sake of the son of the final prophet, his name is Hussain, he will be killed by the worst of Creations, yazid, so curse Yazid! May allahs curses be on Yazid, mu'weya and all those that hurt Ahulbayt (as) Wesalam Alakom, excus me I offended anyone Ths tatbir.org website needs to be clearly audited and cited, amazing how people just follow what they read even the narrationa that praise Ahulbayt, u shud check em, find a book an author, scan, ask someone. And God knows best
  17. Summary: The story is as such, forgot the name of the Book, it is written by the Marg'as Son, so he narrate's his father story, I will summarize in my own words quickly: The Marg'a is Ayatallah Zainabadeen Al-Najafi, one day an individual came to the scholars of Najaf and asked as Tatbir permissible, some didnt answer some did, some said okay, Zainabadeen Najafi did not answer, he said I want an answer from my Imam, so if I remember correctly he goes to Samara spends the night at Masgid Al-Sahla? i think, he than see's the Imam (aj) and show's him the question is Tatbir Ja'iz (permissible) the Imam (aj) says, 'yes, it is Jai'z' Short summary of a story from the life of Ayatallah zainabadeen al-Najafi Btw Sayed Khomeni never ever deemed Tatbir is Haram he actually never even gave a straight answer, We even know a Sayed that was present with The Sayed Khomeni and he Khomeni has sone tatbir, he has nevwe said its halal or haram or musthab, this is what my close friends, and scholars in Qom, and Karbala told me, people that are anti-tatbir told me this
  18. I cant now am just about to leave to the Masgid! isA when I come back or someone isA can do it before! Apologies!
  19. Salam Alakom, This tatbi.org website is all fabricated fatwa's 80% of the stuff there is not real, and all they want to do is Attack Tatbir, Zangeel, etc., Go ask Sistani (hf) himself than or read the Fatwa's in arabic, how can someone believe these english posts without proper refernces, or actually signed fatwa's I can easily make a webpage and say this person said this an this, always double check everything you read, every hadith, narration, fatwa, please and thank you, like I said I can either be called al lier, or you guys can believe me here I have friends, and men here that all follow Sayed Sistani and perform it. Btw, apologies I sound rude I dont mean it! So, I am soory
  20. For those that can read arabic, google this "Shiekh Zanabadeen al-Najafi, Tatbir, Imam Al-Mahdi" Or read the story here, very famous great scholar, and marg'a this man was: http://www.tatbir.com/index1/hekayat/hekayat5.htm
  21. From what I know Sayed Ali Sistani allows it, since majority of friends,shiekhs, here in Ottawa do it, even in the Centers, as for the actually fatwa's I cannot find as well
  22. Salam Alakom, Hopefully this is a correct section i follow old posts on here, and am having trouble with signature, and now here i posted this image here: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=39868 Now when I include that on my signature i get this error: You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community. So what do I do? lool Much appreciated thank you!
  23. Imam Mahdi (aj) - Beauty of Jamkaran Mosque May Allah Hasten his Apperance
  24. There goes a superstar, RIP From what I have learned about him from school/books/etc. It is just a man that had a dream, his dream was to be that first person on the moon, which helped in discovering some new scientifically facts about our Moon, really for me everytime I see death from anyone, it reminds me that death is closer than I think, that death is but a second away, so this is kind of remainder to all of us no matter how famous, rich, poor, etc. You are when death comes death comes, plus it wont hurt us as well to recite a Fatiha for this man, no matter if hes muslim or non-muslim. You never knew the man may have been Ja7al in Religion, May he rest in peace. Thank you Sister for Sharing! Wesalam Alakom :) " Everyone is going to taste death, and We shall make a trial of you with evil and with good. And to Us you will be returned " [al-Quran 21:35]
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