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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Short biography of Imam Al-Hadi (as) on occasion of his Martyrdom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfufFIQPVIE&feature=youtu.be
  2. I look upon the stars ... And I see a head Hussein has been martyred ... And the lands are red Your mother weeps for you ... she looks upon your head Hussein has been martyred ... And the lands are red *** Hussein I am Fatima, and today I come to see you I come now to Karbala, the Sky is Red instead of blue I walk towards your body, I cannot believe this is true I break a Tear, O' Hussein my heart cannot see this view * The Sky cries out for you, and so Does the Land Nothing is left of you, on this Bloody Land My eyes cannot take this … lay on the ground you
  3. As Salamu Alaykum. Happy birthday ! May Allah bless you

  4. Haters will hate :P I want a phone that works not open source laggy android :P
  5. Salam Yes, as sister mentioned and I forgot especially since you are going to be moving there are probably many scholarships you can obtain if you move to Ontario, or anywhere else in Canada. It is all about communication, sometimes even the highschool you might attend can give you scholarships, I know my high school when I graduated provided with so much chances for scholarships, so keep up the communication, you need to develop a network and ask teachers to provide you with good references, and people to conversate with in order to live a good life and study, and insh'Allah if you do decide
  6. Since anything goes :D and I am a big technology freak, today Apple released the iPhone 5, finally a boost in the screen, slimmer, and lighter design, just thought I would share. http://www.apple.com/ca/iphone/
  7. :( Ine Le Allah ina Elee7i Raj3oon.. May the Rest in Peace
  8. In Commeration of Marydrom of Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq, which is coming up soon: Ya Ja’far Ya Sadiq…O’ My sixth Imam I want you I miss you, O’ My sixth Imam My tears flow down my eyes, and I cry out for you Ya Ja’far Ya Sadiq …O’ My Sixth Imam You are the son of Al-Baqir, your grandfather is Mohammad The children shout your name today, in their hearts your rooted Today we all shed our tears for you, your death has left our heart wounded The day when the Mahdi will come, and the enemies exploited We wait for you Mahdi…O’ My Sixth Imam To show us the Truth, O’ My Sixth Imam My tears flow down my
  9. Ontario has good colleges, we have Algonquin College, also other small colleges and Universities, we have a Hawza in windsor so you can do some introductory studies before u even get to Qom :) Pharmacy technician is not bad as well is a 3 year-4 year program actually Pharmacists takes around 8 years we have Pharmacy schools in Toronto which is the best I think in the Country, and some in Montreal if am not mistaken :) I myself study at OttawaUniversity is a great University recommended as well highly, Carelton has good Human Resources programs, any assistance please do ask! Insh'Allah everythi
  10. Salam Alakom, Soory I haven't had time but Number 12 is done, insh'Allah as soon as I have time I will do the 12th. Femanallah
  11. Salam Alakom, soory for the late reply Jizo Numbers 10/11 are complete, I wil be taking 12/13
  12. Still bro I tried JPEG, PNG, GIF lol nothing...working
  13. This is a big issue, and I am really disappointed how are communities dont give it the status it deserves....graves of the Imams are just like that on the grounds and not alot is being said, we should have an international Al-Baqee day. Someone should speak against these tyrant ruling in Saudia Arabia, how much longer till the Imam (aj) free's us, and builds a wonderful shrine for these Imams (as), just recently there was news that the maqam of Muhsin son of Imam Hussien (as) in Haleb (Appelo) Syria was destroyed by the rebels...whats next? Our Imams Ali Hadi, and Hassan Askari, i find that no
  14. A nice picture I found of Marhoom Al-Sayed Muhammad Al-Hussani al-Shirazi, beautiful :)
  15. O never though of that -_- lol thanks! let me try
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