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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. same situation with me. I am an Electronic engineer and searching for job but :no:
  2. yes, its depend upon niyyah. but this is a topic discuss every where. as girls love to make their hijab beautiful. so they use beautiful large hijab pins, make volume and etc. but i think, doing so makes their purpose of hijab no more.
  3. (salam) I would like to know the Hadith reagrding Hijab with humps and volume. Is it really haram? One of friends is having hard time to maintain hijab as she loves to dressing up with volume and also she have long hair, so her hair bun is also messy. now she is under depression as she heard humps and volume are not allowed. Please enlighten me with quoting hadith with refrence please. Thanks in advance. ^_^
  4. (salam) anyone here is a student of Al Mustafa open university? when will be the admissions open? and what is the procedure of exams?
  5. Thank you, may Allah and Ahlul-Bayt (as) bless you all.
  6. (salam) i saw a dream that someone is showing me an an old big photo album, i was only able to see the hands of that person who was showing that. now that hands opens the album and a pic appeared of the moment when imam Hussein (as) was in the battlefield of Karbala. i saw an arrow, in the side of his (as) neck :cry: then those hands closed the album, and i was promising that person that i will tell people that an arrow was stuck in the side of Imam (as) 's neck. thats y i am sharing this dream...
  7. is the university is UET or agricultural university? as its also depends on university. i think agricultural engineering is better than geology...
  8. why Naeimeh Eshraghi's daughter is in poor Hijab, the answer is.... http://www.irandailybrief.com/2012/07/26/no-to-mandatory-hijab-campaign-growing-khomeinis-granddaughter-vs-hijab/
  9. sis, if you are saying this, that the politicians advice your nation that don't go out of iran to study and we have so many good universities inside of iran and blah blah but when it is about their own kids they ignore their words? so the small and short answer is " YES" this is the main weakness of the people, that they advice others, but not act on their own words. it is just like the example of a mother, who advice and teach her child to fulfill some kind of task, but she herself not to do that task, then what will be the child would learn??? same problem with the politicians. being a Muslim, there should be no contradiction between our saying and acting :no: of course alyatollahs are not Masoom, but it is not the fault of A Khomeini(r.a) , what her great grand daughter had done. it is her own mistake...
  10. i don't know why some people say like this, there is no compulsion in Islam. yes its is not, but only it is said for the people to choose either Islam or any other religion, non Muslim is no forced to come in the religion Islam. but.... if some one has accepted Islam than he has to spend his life according to the desire of Allah. let suppose, one who wants to drink alcohol, there is a compulsion for him that he must stay way from alcohol, other wise he will get punishment by Islamic Government. if a person who is a Muslim,wants to do zanna (just supposing) , he is compelled to not to do so. other wise he will get punishment by Islamic state. so it is the responsibility of Muslim state to govern the country according to the principles of Islam and also they have the right to punish those people who are not obeying that rules. as far as the the topic of Naima Taheri, it is not showing any thing wrong about Ayatollah Khomeini. no doubt he is a great leader. why some people are mixing these two topics. if Naima Taheri had done this, she is responsible for her deeds. of course she is wrong but, it is not the fault of the religious scholars or A. Khomeini for this issue. There were many in history who did not got Hadayat in the companionship of Prophet(saw), then what can we expect from others....!
  11. how to cover a body in hijab, it is not to be decided by us. the rules are made by ISLAM. our role model is the daughter of Rasool(saw), how she had covered herself, is called Hijab. and it can easily seen from the pic that Naima Taheri, is not in proper hijab, as her hairs, arms can be seen easily, and also she is wearing tight pants.
  12. this is just because of the fact that many of us, have made scholars or politicians or other than Ahlebait(AS) as a role model... if they were just following Muhammad(saw) wa All e Muhammad(saw) as a role model, then there may be not happen like this. y iranian youth has lost their trust? its not matter whether others are pretended to wear hijab, their deeds are with them, and they have to questioned about their own deeds.
  13. thnx for information.... :) and in Mashad university, whats about electrical engineering lecturer's job? and what if a person wants to do masters in this subject, then university offer any scholarship for Pakistani student? in this way one can also do ziyarat of Haram e Imam Raza(as) :cry: oh i wish....i would live near the Haram :wub: :cry:
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