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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. He is an Islamophobic Zionist far-right crook and a pseudo-historian who is apparently fascinated by the Bahai, hence interested to some degree in Shia Islam. Exactly a crook. There are honest Zionists who really believe in their ideology, but this guy is full of [blocked by SC].
  2. Yoel

    Talmud and Zionism

    Not at all! You greatly entertained my blog entry. As for 'Isa the son of Maryam - who is, let me repeat again, not the prophet Joshua bin Nun, but an entirely different person - please define in some meaningful way what do you mean by "accepting" 'Isa the son of Maryam. Who is, let me repeat again, again and again, not the prophet Joshua bin Nun, but an entirely different person? Which type of Christian missionary are you, by the way? Never heard of this particular missionary position.
  3. Yoel

    Talmud and Zionism

    Once again, I am not talking about Isa/Jesus, the son of Maryam, but about Joshua (يوشع بن نون‎‎). His father's name was Nun. His father was from the tribe of Ephraim. He lived in Moses' time. His wife was Rahab. His tomb is usually believed to be located in Palestine. Thousands of Muslims go there to pray. An entirely different person who name is spelled يوشع in Arabic.
  4. Yoel

    Talmud and Zionism

    I am talking not about Jesus, but about Joshua bin Nun, the main disciple of Moses who is recognized by many Muslims as a prophet and successor of Moses, and who is mentioned (not by name though) in the Quran 5:22-23. The lines about Moses' death are also recorded in the Greek translation of the Torah (Septuagint) written long before Jesus, around the 3rd century BCE. Regarding hatred, Muhammad encountered a number of Jews and Jewish group who exhibited hatred toward him and plotted against him. It was a fact of 7th century reality, but it does not mean that the Talmudic sages somehow hated
  5. Yoel

    Talmud and Zionism

    The Talmud does contains many sayings that seem identical to supposedly canonical or apocryphical teachings of Jesus. Even more interesting is the fact that they appear here and there is Jewish traditions recorded much later. The real historical picture is much more complicated. Christianity started largely as a movement within Judaism up until the 4th century, when the Roman Empire adopted its own acceptable narrow range of versions of Christianity as its own official religion and gave the Jewish followers of Jesus the choice either to abolish the law of Moses or exactly to reject Jesus outri
  6. Yoel

    Talmud and Zionism

    This article, as you, unfortunately, misunderstood, is just trying to explain how the Talmud is related - or rather unrelated - to Zionism, its place in the tradition of Judaism and some basic examples of traditional Jewish interpretation of the Talmud. The Talmud serves exactly the same role in Judaism as the Hadith in Islam. It's not scripture, but a compendium of narrations and discussions. It contains prophetic traditions narrated by Moses and other prophets. It also contains various historical rulings made by scholars who used the internal logic of these prophetic traditions, their per
  7. Yoel

    Talmud and Zionism

    Neturei Karta has two meanings: 1) A traditional Orthodox community of Lithuanian and Hungarian origin centered in Jerusalem, which existed already in the 18th century or earlier and which was strongly opposed to the establishment of the Zionist state and always aligned with its Palestinian neighbors. 2) An international movement of anti-Zionist activists representing various trends in Hasidic and non-Hasidic Judaism. I am more familiar with this group, because I never lived in Palestine. In both cases, there is nothing cultish or sectarian about this groups. They just try to pr
  8. Yoel

    Talmud and Zionism

    1) The Torah is by definition composed of verses revealed to Moses, although there is a discussion, whether some verses at the ending part were added by Joshua who was also a prophet. The Talmud contains many narrations transmitted from Moses and other prophets, very much Ahadith, although it's full of hypothetical conjectures and dubious traditions that are rejected after careful analysis, but preserved, because they may have esoteric meaning or some other useful information. 2) The Torah is a part of the Old Testament, which contains a collection of other prophetic books. 3) New Ag
  9. Yoel

    Talmud and Zionism

    Reposting my old post and summarizing some comments to it. Quite a few Christians, especially Protestants, claim the following combination of beliefs that I find highly disturbing: 1) That “pharisaic” Judaism and its central text, Talmud, are “satanic” 2) That Islam is similar to Talmudic Judaism and therefore, by extension, is also “satanic” 3) That the entire world must support the state of “Israel” and that Palestinians are bad, because they don't support it. Since I studied in traditional anti-Zionist rabbinical institutio
  10. You shall not kill (Exodus 20:13 and Deuteronomy 5:17) You shall love your neighbor as yourself (Leviticus 18:18)
  11. You just said it yourself. The destruction of the Temple changed many things. Passover sacrifices was permitted to do only inside the Jerusalem Temple in the state of perfect ritual purity. We are not on this level, many original rules of Temple purity were forgotten or are impossible to keep, and the Temple itself has been destroyed. So no more sacrifices, including the lamb. Although, you may eat regular kosher lamb on Passover, but merely as a reminder, not a sacrifice.
  12. We don't kill lambs for Passover for the last 2000 years. Actually it's forbidden now. Learn the basics of authentic Orthodox Judaism.
  13. Of course he did! The commandment not to kill innocent people and to love your neighbors as yourself comes directly from the Torah. But he did wage wars against those idolaters (non non-Jews, exactly idolaters) who refused to cooperate peacefully with the Jews. Christians also conquered the world by sword and, unlike David, did not bother to sort out idolaters and monotheists,
  14. Kalischer was born in 1795. In 1862, long after those Jesuits and Puritans, he wrote a book, which advocated building a network of agricultural colonies in Palestine and believed that doing so would hasten the Messianic Redemption. He did not advocate creating a full-fledged state. Other rabbis of this time period almost unanimously declared that Kalischer's idea was still border-line heretical.
  15. Did you look into the Wikipedia article? John Owen was born in 1616 and died in 1683. Theodor Herzl was born in 1860 and wrote Der Judenstaat in 1895, over two centuries after this Puritan guy who was not the first to come up with Christian proto-Zionism.
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